Acclaim and the cheap american dream

That… I think is the only memory which will ‘remain alive’, from yesterday fun and the only pleasant moment in the whole 2009 year, in this game (for me at least). In, Bloody Plain yesterday, all the people I talked to, felt a new spirit, a new beginning. This was the only day in this year when players didn’t calculated at the last cent what they spent from the mall, for eg. KG. It was what should be this game all about: fun.

Yesterday was the day when the players with no achievement in game, players who don’t help this game to survive spending money in mall, players who only lived on the back of others, but who worked hard to cultivate a state of anxiety in game, forum and among official team ( look how wonderfull I am, I owned you, pwned you…you are just a noob, X class was made to be the best…) remained on the edges  and were forgotten. Bloody Plain was almost full, all day and all the roles really tried, in pvp, theirs ability and skills. Veterans, after long months of absence, logged to test so called “PvP balance”.

The true professionals of those who are called ‘nukers’ were in the middle of events, and players who always  roars with wooden language like : ‘you are pwned’, ‘you suck’, looked from the outside, from safe zone. And there were few … but it looks with big mouth on 9dragons forum and in official team.

Than… in the next morning we found out it was only a dream, a cheap dream, a cheap illusion…

I think we all heard this phrase : “American dream” and maybe we dreamed of the promise  country called America (actually the U.S.). This term was first used by James Truslow Adams in his book “Epic of America” written in 1911. He says that “the American dream is the dream of a country where life should be better, more full, more rich for all the possibilities for each depending on skills and results”. But, he also said that an upper-middle-class European can’t understand this concept … I think he is right, either side I look I can’t understand how Acclaim thinks. What is the dream of these people?

If they fix the pvp ‘dmg’ bug in less than 10 hours, why they need 3 years or maybe more to fix the pvp balance in this game ?

Happy New Year!


22 responses to “Acclaim and the cheap american dream

  1. this article makes you think. i think they don’t want to fix the pvp. you are lucky that you could record those moments.

  2. Acclaim thinks of money, but they don’t have a good management of money. I think 9dragons makes all the money for Acclaim and they cover with 9d money all the losses form others games.

    Was a nice dream and Acclaim sucks again. This is the reality.

    • yeah i think is true just 9dragons and 2 moons give money for Acclaim, and they spent on other game’s.
      dunno why they have lot games..if can’t manage only 1 game-.-

  3. blacks are so beaten up ! I believe Acclaim don’t want to change pvp balance, but keep it like this will kill the otehsr roles, what will happen when the advanced clan will come up ?

    • When those clans will come up, nobody will play the, we will have by then only nukers in 9dragons. Anyway, many quited their main and did nuker. I can’t play that role, I don’t like it…

      • I tried once a nuker… Wanted to give other nukers a payback… I did it until RC9, then I changed the role to a healer.

        I don’t like the nuker role either.

  4. nice,
    this second change made me to make a second post…
    i might start to be an active poster on your blog if Acclaim will continue to play with our brains.
    I don’t know if this is good or bad … 🙂

    to get back on subject … i don’t know why they acted so fast with this “bug” and the most strange is that they solved only by tweeking the server. That get me to the conclusion that PvP system, at least the “bulk” one, can be changed in real time.
    Nice … huh …

    Happy New Year for ALL^^


    • As far as I know, it was a server patch, which Indy made for Acclaim. And Phew patched it, probably without to know what it it.

      Indy21 called it a “bug”. So they fixed a very old bug with a bug, and bugged the bug again…?

      Seems like Indy21 is full of retards either.

  5. well at least you didnt show the part where you pk me (-.-, your hm/lm anyway so w.e.) but about the balance, I think they ll prpbly do some more tweaking with the system, this was probably just a test to see what the reaction will be. I hope Ravenclaw was being truthful when he said all roles will be leveled to a thin red line.


  6. As you said in this article : “The true professionals of those who are called ‘nukers’ were in the middle of events, and players who always roars with wooden language like : ‘you are pwned’, ‘you suck’, looked from the outside, from safe zone.”

    In your video I see a case : adryan. He made a nuker to kill out of revenge and out of depression but when the things change he went back to his main, a hybrid PS1, PS2 ( with the autoleveling) and had no courage to come with the nuker in BP. This is only one of the example. There are many more. Nukers who had big mounth and greef players even in safe zone stood in safe zone and on forum crying. What aout us, the warriors who stays and get abuse for 2 years ?

    Acclaim is the worst game company ever, what a normal company would overpower a role and let it like that for 2 years ? There is none which I know and play their games.

  7. Acclaim people are unbelievable.Acclaim is a cheap company who don’t know how to dream, I agree with you in this, that is why we get cheap dreams and we pay high.Indy21 should have give this game to a better provider for Europe at least.

  8. Acclaim has left to escape a new opportunity to do something for the players and we, to thank them, I am sorry to see they act like an incompetent beginner. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  9. I friend of mine gave the link to this blog and I was wathcing Bones videos on you tube, especially the one after patch 100. I agree with what you say here, that we are not treated as we suppose to be, that we should be treated as much as we pay for this game.
    I don’t understand why Acclaim in the two years they were not able to fix bugs (in other games, after you’ve reported it, the bugs gets repaired within 10 days), but here they can’t fix it in years. I don’t understand why in two years since I play this game they have not been able to change the PvP system. They don’t know to press on some buttons? Now we saw that they can change the pvp in few hours. Why take so long to fix it for god sake? Why they mock us? I am outraged.

  10. If you still remember how they did it with LD, now it is the same. They want to tell us : see, we can fix it so stay with us another year, we will do it someday.

  11. The dream is over, the nightmare began. I will not go bp til they fix pvp, I will not spend any more money on items for pvp till they balance it.

  12. Agree with Ziyi. they show us they can balance pvp and tell us to stay in 2010 too. I don\’t think I can do it anymore. I will not give another $ to this company until they fix this game.

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