Nukers – The Fallen Gods

Today, we had the patch 100 on Acclaim’s 9Dragons version. Many hoped, there will be something nice, something great, something new on the patch 100. But according to Patch 100 notes there’s nothing special.

But there was indeed something great… The nuker damage cap was lowered, at least on PvP (Player vs Player) mode. For many players, that was the best patch ever, also for me.

While the nukers are crying and calling it a “bug”, some people know exactly that this is not one. You don’t believe me? I thought so. That’s why I made a screenshot of the words of the GM Ravenclaw, of December the 11th 2009, on Bardo. He wanted to spawn 2 True General Wei bosses:

On December the 11th we got that information… On December the 29th we got that patch… Do you notice something? Of corse it’s not a bug!

This will for sure not stay like this… As far as I know, they want to bring the healer and nuker class up too.

The reason, why so many nukers are crying, is easy: Before the patch, nukers just needed the basic stuff to be the gods of PvP. The only reason, why they should buy expencive and good equipment, is to kill other nukers too. While the most nukers did not used their money for better equipment, the most warriors types (warriors, healer-warriors, hybrid-warriors, vagabonds…) used their money for better equipment, to get at least a little chance.

Now, the most warriors got good equipment, the most nuker-types don’t. So the warriors with the good equipment are of corse the winners on a battle.

Even I, as Vagabond, had to laught a lot today, in Bloody Plain. It’s long, very long time ago, when I was last time in BP for PvP. But today, when I heard the nukers are not anymore the gods of PvP, I just had to go and try out. That was really epic… The player Cuba-Libre from Bardo, for example. He’s a nuker and could kill me, a Vagabond, just with KGs (Korean Ginsengs) and ganging (means: many players attacked me on same time). At the end, when I was dead, he called me noob, and said he solo-killed me.

That was a really awesome day on Bloody Plain. As soon the gods fall down and lose their power, they try to win with every dirty trick and try to tell you they did it on a nice way.

The warriors will of corse not be for ever the kings on PvP. As soon the nukers also get good equipment, there will be the real balance. The knowledge of the game seems finally to be relevant on PvP.

This was the best patch, which Acclaim ever brought us, in my opinion. And this patch, patch number 100, just wrote history and will be for a long time on the peoples mind.

Patch 100 – The time when the gods fell down.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


26 responses to “Nukers – The Fallen Gods

  1. well is true, my healer can kill now lot nuker’s at same lvl im CS11 and killed CS9 and GL2 nukers..they said i KGed i have 8k HP and hitted all times. also have CK dodge deco.

    but i can’t kill warrios, warrios now are god’s..since nukes are reduced i can’t nuke warrios and can’t hit with melle because they have lot HP def and this need improve.

  2. IF it is a bug, then it shouldn’t be fixed for the next 2 years, and then we will be even with the nukers. Yesterday i felt like in the beginning of 9d, that’s how good was the gaming experience. I hope Acclaim will stick with this changes as i don’t remember the last time they got a possitive feedback after a patch…

  3. indeed,
    this patch made me to post a comment on your blog, figure out my feelings related to this patch.
    I really want to see how will act now that brave nukers from Bardo.
    They will fight ? They will try to find in game solutions to fight back warriors ? I dont think so…..
    They will cry on forums and thats all…..

    • now you will see the difference between a good nuker and a noob nuker, player who love the role and noobs who play it to revenge or take down the rest of roles easy.

  4. Agreed with every word you said, I thought this might be the best patch i ver ever seen from acclaim. I remeber in the old days [RO]Jady from Np used take me with a a max of 3 hits, I kno he is H but now he needs like a good 15-20 hits to take me out.


  5. Nukes just hide now in safe zone, beeing overpower made them stop using pvp skills and just nuke. That is what I call ‘people who plays this game only to humiliate others roles’, not because they love nuker role. The good part of this bug or if it is not is the fact that bp is full of people again and some of my friends came back.

    I don’t know from where the nuker took the idea of the thing that they should be overpower because they are nukers, but I don’t agree. There must be a balance between roles. They had all in this game. I hope things will adjust from here on.

  6. From my point of view not everyone can play a nuker. Many of them choose nukers to just kill others because they have no skils at all. Now they are are put on warriors place and start to cry. They got used with the fact that nuker should be overpower, but that is not right. Every role should have fait chances in pve and pvp. Now they have to play it and I hope for long.

  7. do you remember who was with the idea that nukers should be overpower in pvp, the cannons of 9d ? BluFlash, Acclaim persisted in that idea and that is why many made nukers. I never sow a game in wich the developer or the publisher to say something like that, except 9dragons. I don’t know why they keep the pvp like this for 2 year, but they were wrong, people made nukers to overpower all others roles and now they don’t know what normal is.

    • Well in fact BluFlash just came with this suggestion because a lot VGMs cryed. The most choosed nuker skills for their VGM char and wanted to make a lot more damage. That’s why they removed the damage cap of the nukers.

  8. 90% from official team have nukers, they will fix this very quick, but pvp balance it is still out there waiting to be fixed, for so long. The others roles will come to extinction.

  9. We actually had some fun yestarday, many from old players logged again, but I guess Acclaim can’t stop from messing up with the good-faith of players all over again.

  10. Bloody Plain was again full of people, what a shame that they can’t ask from Indy21 to balance pvp in Acclaim version. What a shame, this bug would have made people forget about the bugs, but maybe was again a manipulation.

    • What do you expect from a person who marry virtual with a player? How can someone be so lame in his real life to marry another non-lifer in game?

  11. This pvp matter is one of the reason why Asura is so emty, yet Acclaim don’t care. Even lasted 12 hours or more, was good to see some people coming back and so many people in bloody plain. I wish Indy21 take back from Acclaim 9dragons and hire there some english speakers, this is the best way. I am sick of their incompetence.

  12. I thought Kane is different and will not lie to us, but I was wrong. He can’t do much, still my question : if they fix so quick the dmg bug, why they could not balance pvp ? I think they don’t want, I don’t know what they may thing, but if they wanted the pvp would be fix by now and some kids without a life actually would cry out loud in pvp. In this moment, they spoil the kids. In fact, they don’t consume nothing to pvp, just use bad gear, bad weapons and no mall and owns you. I am so pissed out again on Acclaim.

  13. well, i need see that..already fixed dmg bug? so i can’t kill now nukers *cry* with my healer, was so fun, creating 300 damage and nuker missing on me =)

    ill try now with nuker if can create again 4k damage on warrior =P
    anyway..if acclaim change again damage is for get more money, lot people will start create warrios=more premiums, more tigram more HP pills from item mall and more XP cards = Loads of money

  14. I want to swear at Acclaim over and over again. I hope they get buged in real life. They can fix pvp, if this bug with nukers dmg was fixed so quick, why they can’t unlock warrior dmg, it is ridiculous low.

  15. It’s not a bug tho. It was just a test which to see how pvp would be when other roles could get around 2k ck def also. With a simple server patch, it made physical def act like ck def. That was it was simple to reverse only by patching the server side.

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