Legend reflects over The Historian

The Historian – A stupid, selfish, greedy man, which is unable to use his brain.

David “Historian” DeWald is the Game Manager of 2Moons and 9Dragons. The most 9Dragons players noticed already, that this man don’t have the knowledge to practice this job. That’s no wonder; David “Historian” DeWald is just a webmaster.

As a webmaster, you make websites, and those websites have to work. As a webmaster, if you find an error on your website, you search the problem and delete it or change it, to not be an error anymore. In other words: Search and Eliminate.

As a Game Manager of 9Dragons, Historian does not work on the game code. This means: Acclaim does not work on patches. Everything comes from the developer, Indy21. So Acclaim can’t use David “Historian” DeWald’s strengths of a webmaster.

But the ideology of a webmaster can be seen on his handlings to his players. He do a bad job, while trying to manage 9Dragons, and the 9Dragons players complain. Those complaints, David “Historian” DeWald see as an error which he have to eliminate. The world of a webmaster is simple: It’s technology. If it does not work, you have to bring it to work. But David “Historian” DeWald forgets, and even do not want try to to understand, that Humans are not technically. As a good Game Manager you have to try to understand your players, try to communicate and to solve the problem. David “Historian” DeWald does not that. If he see complaints on the 9Dragons Message Board, he lock the whole Thread or delete the whole Threads or the single Posts. If this does not help, and the “error” is still there, he just ban those players; Problem solved.

But David “Historian” DeWald forget one thing: Technical errors can’t come back. But Humans can make it worse. While he does not understand the 9Dragons players, he act very easily like a noob and insult the other people very fast. For example, take a look on his official website www.thehistorian.org:


New Years Resolution #10 Steal back the #1 spot on Google for the phrase “The Historian”. Suck it Elizabeth Kostova, it was mine first!

Elizabeth Kostova is an author which wrote a book with the name “The Historian”:

I talked with Sedbona about that. She checked if “TheHistorian” is registered on the commercial register. And guess what… It’s not registered:


The one who indeed suck here is David “Historian” DeWald for thinking he can keep a Nickname just for himself. I searched on Google, if David “Historian” DeWald’s website is really on first place… I searched with the words “The Historian” and “TheHistorian“. On both cases neither David DeWald nor Elizabeth Kostova were on first place. But David DeWald’s website came always later than Elizabeth Kostova’s website.

Seriously… What is this guy thinking? I can’t also expect that Google put my websites on first place on the words “Legend“, “The Mystery” or “Vagabond Army“. If an author writes a book, then of corse Google will show you the book first.

The 9Dragons Message Board is full of complaints, and the 9Dragons game full of unstatisfied players… And David “Historian” DeWald care about his no1 name?!

In Romania, so sedbona told me, they have a say…
The dumb is not dumb enough if he is not conceited.

Another issue with David “Historian” DeWald is also that he ban people for poor reasons. For example, how he already stated, he bans always for the word “Fuck” (even if those people, which he likes, always can use it without to get a ban). Even if there’s nothing on the Terms of Use, he think he’s right… However; On the new NPCs of Hefei, we found something interesting… Check it out:


They ban people for using the word “Fuck”, but they got an NPC which say the word?!

David “Historian” DeWald is stupidity on two legs. Unable to count 1+1, he likes to run and jump against the big, high, and fat wall. The less people behind him say “RUN, HISTORIAN! RUN!” – “JUMP HIGHER!” – “YOU CAN DO IT!”
And the many people in front of him say “Uhm… Can somebody help this guy…?” – “I thought that’s our enemy…?” – “Is… Is he mentally damaged or something..?” – “Good question…” – “Bah let’s go… I don’t fight against a mentally unarmed person…” – “Me neither…”

Well… How did you said, Historian? “Suck it“!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


18 responses to “Legend reflects over The Historian

  1. he fights with a lady author over the name and said : “Suck it Elizabeth Kostova, it was mine first!”. he has no manners.we go back to education again.

  2. all this article is an epic failure for Historian. he used his webmaster talents and deleted almost all the forum, he insults an author whose book is abestseller, above all, a women. if you do this thing with some people who have a name and writes books, what you can expect he do with us ?

    his own game revenge on him. that ss is so EPIC that he closed the topic.

  3. 10x for this. to fight over no1 on google at personal and don’t care about so many complaints from players as community manager is stupid.

  4. When I typed in Google “the historian” first link is Wikipedia on that book, 2nd is Amazon about the book, 3rd is some journal with that name, but this Historian is not even on the first page…

  5. How can he compare himself with that book? You think people read more his website than that book one ? Joking. He is retarded.

  6. this is ridiculous, this webmaster is like 5 year old child.

    if you don’t give candy, you get kick, ban and also if use him nickname you get word “suck it” from him. *rolling eyes*

  7. Like Historian can compare Elizabeth Kostova. Since it has not registered, I mean, the nick, as sedbona said, it is too expensive,I don’t understand his fiercely. Historian does not represent anything for game industry, is 0, so I don’t see why is he comparing to a writer popularity, believing The Historian as David DeWald is a register trademark.

  8. This one should be stick on 9dragons boards : Acclaim congratulate Historian for reaching number 1 on google and proudly says that Elizabeth Kostova can suck it. All the people who will make internet traffic for Elizabeth Kostova site “The Historian” will be baned for internet forever.

    A monument of stupidity…

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