Dragonica contest- the winner

Time does fly too fast! It seems like it was only yesterday but it’s already been a month since we launched Dragonica contest. Before anything else, we would like to say that this year has really been a good year for us so far, especially in terms of blogging. We received so much blessings from our readers.That’s one of the reason why we decided to hold this contest.

We are pleased to announce that PH3NoM3N with story number 3 has won Dragonica Contest in 2009, PH3NoM3N has won 100 experience cards and 100 drop cards, earning a place in the Hall of Fame of fan fiction writers.

AkiSakura with story number 7 also won a popularity prize of 10 experience cards and 10 drop cards, because her story was the most view one.

Congratulations to the two winners and to all those who participated in the contest ! We really wish we had prizes for everybody but anyways, we really appreciate everyone’s participation and support. Thanks to everyone who joined the contest and those who didn’t but blogged and helped spread the word about the contest.Prizes will be received in game,on January 1, 2010, until then we receive complaints (in case there are) about the two winners. You can submit appeals to the address : storyteller9d@yahoo.com.

You can see here the situation of votes ( the poll on the blog is closed) :

Number of votes


Was a honour for us to host this contest! If you didn’t win the prize or came late for entering  this contest, don’t worry because this won’t be the last contest here.


19 responses to “Dragonica contest- the winner

  1. Thankyou all for the kind words! I’m glad u liked it and I would like to thank all who voted for me. I can only hope to return the favor on the next FF Contest 🙂

  2. Brothers and sisters congratz for the contest and for all who participate! You are the best! Congratz for winning PH3NoM3N.

  3. Thanks all and graz Ph3n. Through my shame I must say that i was away from home (winter holiday) and I left my vote till end (didn’t voted actually, when contest was closed i wasn’t around any PC).Thanks all ans cya in game asap.
    Cheers and Happy New Year *and a better one i hope

    • Try contact me in game, I tried yestarday, but MSN server was down. I asked about you a lot. I will be on after 18.00, Romania hour today, or tomorrow at event.

  4. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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