“Demonstration, please!”

I’m sure, you people, which read day by day our blog, remember the Demonstration against Acclaim I started some moths ago. Just a few participated, many laughted about us, and almost nobody reflected over the question “Can it be possible, that the demonstration is really needed?

I don’t want to sound like a smart-ass… But I knew something like that would happen, like we have to suffer now. The demonstration was the chance of the players to tell to Acclaim “Be careful what you do, or we will leave“. A chance, which just a few realized.

Now, what a surprise, a lot of people want to protest against Acclaim. It started on this topic:

A simple protest, to not buy and play for 1 day. “But wait, I know that from somewhere” somebody probably said. And voilà, the player humanitaria said it:

Don’t try it unless you want to be banned. Historian will ban you like he did with Legend and many others. Let’s not forget :


The OriginalPoster, azninpo, answered to this:

I dont think Mr. Historian an adult Who live in a democracy country will Bann me for my Liberty of expresion if this happen i will be The first To do a HUGE protest and i will send a latter to the company I will just say this Dont mess with me Im not Kids Im a coustumer who have Spend Money here even this is a F2P they know without IM user they would be never go as far as they do with this Game at least for respect Treat us as an Adult not like a KID , the only ditacdor i know is call Fidel castro , Chavez and the others dont come here to be one too Historian , when acclaim do a good job i aplaud them , but when they do Mistaken like this we can let it go UNDER THE TABLE THIS IS A SERIOUS ISUESS IS A TOP PRIORITY ONE AND U KNOW IT ACCLAIM …

He seems to not read our blog… Haha.
However… A Guest answered to azninpo’s post:

He will search any reason to ban you like he did with lots of veterans who got sick and tired of Acclaim and split it in their face. You will become “Acclaim hater”. Join the club ! Even you are a consumer he will let you like one : only access to the coins part of web…

And also the player daemonruye, a person which I know pretty well, answered to azninpo’s post:

Ah, now the people want to do a demonstration…
Legend, the Vagabond, did it for you, The Land. And The Land did not minded. He let you know that he will participate on a demonstration, but not start one again.

I dont think Mr. Historian an adult Who live in a democracy country will Bann me for my Liberty of expresion (…)

The Legend was also banned for the same reason. The Historian searched a reason, and banned him for a poor one. And even if The Legend tried to help The Land, The Land did not helped him.

The Legend let you all know, that he is still against Acclaim, but not anymore trying to help The Land.

And he is right. I will not lead a demonstration again. How I stated after the demonstration, I was really angry. So many people complain about Acclaim, but just a few got the courage to do something. If somebody want to make a demonstration, then please, feel free. I will be one of those which will participate. But I will not start again one.

What happened these days are your own fault. The fault of the players. I know, I know… Not of you Project AI Blog readers… I know the most of you participated… But every single player, which just had to play because they just needed their drog, or just because they thought “I got money, my problems ingame will be always solved“, or those who even did not helped to tell to other people about this demonstration… This is your fault, that Acclaim brought you this patch with the probably biggest bugs ever, and the most issues for the players. It is your fault that Acclaim did not organisated a testserver where they can test everything before patching. And it is your fault that Acclaim still think, their players are a piece of shit with money, especially the europeans. All of you, which did nothing against Acclaim on the right time, when your help was needed, have to suffer now. Enjoy the bugs, the disconnects, the errorcodes, the map crashed, and everything else what this patch has brought you. Because you are the ones which let that come.

I sound angry? I am angry. I wasted my time on trying to help the players of 9Dragons. I wasted my time on trying to help to make this game better. You want a leader, which leads you against Acclaim? Then search well, because I will not lead you anymore. My time is over for this. Choose your leader between all the thousand Lamers, Noobs, Greedy People and Idiots. Maybe you can even find a good one.

Well… At least, there were always some people which liked what I did, and what I said. The player itsmyid, for example:

I can honestly say that I appreciated many things Legend had to share about Acclaim. Because in general, they apply to ALL MMO companies.

But the discussion about the demonstration did not ended yet. The player Ralfy wrote:

also read this if you really think its a good idea to do this strike i call it this is Legend


And daemonruye again:

The demonstration is old and happened already. Read my previous post in this topic.

As soon I knew that the people were talking about this, I locked this post on the Vagabond Army forum. I really don’t have the patience to talk now about that. The time is over, the demonstration happened, and just a few people participated. That’s all.

For me, it could stay on such a chaos like it is now. This may open the eyes of the players.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


26 responses to ““Demonstration, please!”

  1. You shouldnt babysit anyone through anything legend, if the people dont want to do anything for themselves then you shouldnt either.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. it will still take time before they open their eyes, but all that has happened in the last days is one step ahead. btw where is Historian? is he absent? not present at this? the Game Manager is afraid of the rebellion crowd?

    • I believe he will left some time to pass than will ban azninpo for exhortation to revolt. These are crimes for which you must pay with the account when it comes to Acclaim. After this he will hunt on forum by alternative avatars. We know the movie or not?

  3. somewhere there must be a high point, the boiling point, all that have been accumulated over time and now have exploded. 9d boards look like the French Revolution, in game is World War II.

  4. ~
    no1 ill participate again….and i hope lot people, start quit game for Acclaim open eyes and see bad things they made.

  5. I sow a funy thing going on : now Acclaim complaint that players presure them to release a buggy patch. I can’t stop myself from laugh. It is better that we all quit for couple of days to see how it is and Butterfly is right, Historian must go,w e sow how he do it…

    Legend, they came to your word and you was mad and wanted to stop posting on this blog. I told you back than to don’t do it… see now 🙂

  6. Unbelievable, they came to same conclusion. If they had done it back than, none of the stuff it is going on now would happened.

  7. 9dragons hit the point where you can’t do anything in game without having a bug, a dc, a map crash, dungeons crash, error code, of course players are revolted. It is their fault too, because they could prevent it.

  8. Something will be written soon on Historian face : fired. They gave a bad blow to all players, the heads of the Acclaim sow it on forum, they can log into the game to see what chaos is too. Players have already sent letters to Acclaim with complaints. Two of my friends wrote to Howards Mark.

  9. The hero of deleted topic is back ? I need the Ninja Turtles. I would have bet with you guys that the topic will be deleted.

  10. Thsi time they screw up big time, people are really mad. My character is stuck in coc for 3 days now. I lost all my mood to play so I will not log till next year.This is my demonstration.

  11. If players were not so indulgent with Acclaim, now it would not have this situation. Too bad, the game is great, but not the publisher Acclaim. Even if it is free they mock the players.
    The demonstration… I think already we are in the middle of one. Forum and the game is full of rebellion.

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