The credibility of the People

Some of you know them very well… People, which want to know things and just tell you bullshit. We could write a lot about The credibility of the People, but for today we will write just about the path of Vagabonds.

Our first person for today is mplus_CZ2 from Bardo. Some weeks ago, he told in Hefei, what there will be in the future of 9Dragons. Take a look:

According to Wikipedia, this person is a Lamer. I don’t know this person, and if he’s a real Lamer, but what he told in Hefei was just lame and is not true.

The Vagabond part, for example. According to him, Vagabonds will get a clanbase. I don’t have to tell how stupid this is. The upcoming Vagabond-Path will just be some quests, some techniques, and some more possibilities. But that’s all. Vagabonds will not become an own clan.

Again: Vagabonds will NOT become an own clan! It will just be a path which you can go through.

Since the OpenBeta it was clear, Vagabonds will get one day something. Every Veteran knows that. This brings me to the next point: The newest words of TheHermit about the upcoming Vagabond-Path:

Let me quote what he wrote:

Apparently, Indy has been busy. And now for my next trick… a little something brewing for the much neglected Vagabonds, who were never meant to thrive. But that’s the beauty of our Land, and TRW, sometimes things happen that one could never dare to predict. X

And the second part:

It’s not a patch, it will be a quest of sorts, and those who survive it shall come away with something no Clan Member shall attain…

Both parts are lies. On the first part, the most important line is “a little something brewing for the much neglected Vagabonds, who were never meant to thrive.

That’s a big, fat lie, by the one who told already on the year 2007, there will be benefits for Vagabonds (If it is the real Steven-Elliot Altman…). It taked some weeks to find the relevant line on the forum. Without it as proove, the people would call me lier, like always, even if my words became always right.

However… The line I am talking about was on the first ever-made Vagabond Guide. TheHermit, which was then for sure the real Steven-Elliot Altman, told there, that there will be indeed some benefits for those who remain neutral:

The second part from Hermit’s newest words is also a lie. The line “those who survive it shall come away with something no Clan Member shall attain…” is true… Since 2007 some GMs tell about stuff, which just Vagabonds will get; own techniques, for example. Of corse no Clan Member can get that, if you have to be clanless. It’s the same like a Heavenly Demon can’t get Wu-Tang techniques.

But the line “It’s not a patch, it will be a quest of sorts” is a lie. Seriously… It’s not a patch? What shall it be then? Does it appear ingame through a wonder? Of corse this will be a patch, or at least as part of a patch.

On 2007, the avatar 9D Hermit tell us, there will be benefits for Vagabonds. On 2009, he tell us, Vagabonds were never meant to thrive. This kind of communication was always present in Acclaim, and is not new.

But, and now comes the most important point, you are the ones who choose the person which you believe. There will always be people which try to tell you that they know the facts, but actually know nothing.

A person once said “Choose your leader wisely“. But Buddha, and I think that’s more important, said: “Do not believe me. But go check the facts by yourself.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “The credibility of the People

  1. Well, for these are some words :”When two parties lose trust in one another, even reasonable proposals are met with suspicion.When trust dissolves, suspicion rules. “

  2. some believe they are very important. clan base for vaga was a thing they saw when one player posted on 9d forum a map from the korean server and said it vaga clan base.

  3. >< to be frank, That title of yours is very insulting, if you want someone to represent " The People", please do not pick one that is mentally retarded. i dont view all europeans as money-grubbing idiots, i dont want to be viewed as in the same class as this person

    • I can see what you mean. But this was not meant as insult.

      It’s the same like on Acclaim… If you get a bad service and bad support, and no communication, and a really retarded Game Manager, then you dislike all GMs and every single Acclaim-guy, because he works for Acclaim.

      Please, don’t missunderstand me. I still don’t like Acclaim. But I’m sure there is a good GM somewhere. I’m sure… Maybe… >.<

      However… The point is, it should not instult you, if you are not such a person.

  4. People like mplus_CZ2 wants to give themselves importance, they search the recognition. Will be people who believe, people who doubts, but let’s not forget that we deal with kids.

  5. How come warda copied the guide of that player ? This sucks. I heard some rumors, that warda copied more guides and she erase the guides of players than she re-posted with her name on it.

      • I have couple of examples with guides who were copied or deleted because ‘someone’ re-post the guides. Stealing others stuffs it is not right, soon or later will come to surface. I don’t like people who don’t have integrity.

  6. It is well known that some players stole others players guides, everything it is possible.Some players like mplus_CZ2 makes us look bad.

    • Yes, because they are unable to do it. A guide takes a long time to be finished and need to have some basic notions to make it. I like sedbona’s guides, it is a pity that many of them were removed because of forum dates losts.

  7. some pass by, without being asked, they give the opinion without to know what they are talking, it is like talking the mouth without the head. as for the guides, and I noticed that some guides are copied from others players and reposted.

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