Bugclaim presents: 9Bugs

This is the most worst time of the whole 9Dragons history. First, the patch 98, which include the Master&Disciple content and the christmas event, came late. Then, it did not worked. Then, they had to make a rollback to patch 97. Then, they tried again to patch it. Then, the patch brought a bug, which changed all weapons. Then, they brought patch 99 to fix it.

But that’s not all. Now, we got trouble with some maps. Some maps have to be restarted over and over, and especially Shi Zhang, Zhengzhou and The Cave of the Conqueror got a lot trouble. The Cave of the Conqueror, according to Acclaim, need to be avioded by the players until next patch.

But that’s still not all. A lot of players get random disconnects. A lot of players can’t log in and get the famous error code = -1. And a lot of players still got trouble on updating their client to the newest version.

This is a new record, even for Acclaim. I can just repeat myself: This is the most worst time in the whole 9Dragons history. The only thing we can say, is this advice: Avoid Shi Zhang, Zhengzhou and The Cave of the Conqueror, until they fix this.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


20 responses to “Bugclaim presents: 9Bugs

  1. U forgot about the thing when they started x5 event and 4 or 5 five maps were down or people could login ’cause error code -1 🙂 WHY BOTHER?!?!

  2. they changed spawn place, it’s unintentional perhaps

    2nd. trade merchant in LD (near boat) gone, so can’t get GC passes for now

    3rd MY (HD base) also down in Nirv

    4th coin store was down as well

    5th an unknown null item appear in bags, will crash ur game when u hover it

    6th 4th quest for M/D quest is not done yet

    7th (not bug) drop rate changed without annoucement (for old items: BK relics, BE, old wep)

    8th Nirv/Asura got wep change from earlier patch, like on forum u can see OC 4 slot +9 etc

    9th (just info) next patch will be on Monday, till then CC in all server will be down.

    • Maybe intentionally, but you have to run to SRS and pazz the black guards. If you are white maybe you get hit and lose another 6 min to wait for low speed or bleeding.

  3. I hope someone ‘up’ will see all what happens and give this game to another publisher. People can’t stand anymore Acclaim incompetence. I pray that Indy21 see Acclaim mess.

  4. Event is almost over on bardo and can’t log in LD. Forum is flood by the fury of players, Gms don’t want to work, they are pay little and they broke all the holiday for the players who wanted to be on. I am not so busy these days and wanted to grind, I am stuck for some time on same level, but guess what, I can’t.

  5. It is already late and I am tired. I think I will stop to log in 9d and I will stop to play it. I had enough these days for 1 year. Good luck to you all.

  6. For stuck characters they made a list but players deleted all the names, so no use… and I can’t log on Bardo. I was on 2 min than dc.

  7. Merry Christmas all and even if I miss you I can tell you this:
    I am glad that i had no time to log on 9D for the last 7 days 😀 (is the 2nd time that this happened and I am glad that i am not here)
    Have fun ppl and don’t let no one to screw your Christmas joy.

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