Merry Christmas

This was a very interesting year, here on the Project AI blog. Just begun with one person, we got now 4 strong willed people here. We are meanwhile the probably biggest enemy of Acclaim. Together we wrote about the deep shit from Acclaim, about their sins and their stupid mistakes.

I talked with Santa Clause today about Historian. He said, he’s very upset about him. He told me, already in his childhood he was such a stupid asshole, which did stupid things over and over again. So one day, Santa Clause forgot him, because Historian never learned, so he never get some presents from our dear Santa. Even Santa himself, so he told me, gived his hope up, to see Historian grow up and get some brain. So one day, he just forgot him.

Every christmas Historian was alone, just with some tangerines and nuts, waiting for Santa Clause, but of corse he never came, because Historian was just stupid in the whole big year and never did something right. One day, Historian sweared to himself “I will destroy christmas to other people!“.

One day, he became the Game Manager of 9Dragons, even if he was just a simple webmaster, and did not have the necessary knowledge. So this was his chance, to destroy all the christmas to everyone which played 9Dragons. While tantalize the people with bugs and unjust bans, he just waited for the one day, where he wanted to give the players a big hard punch in the face: The christmas day! The day came, and he promissed more than 1 time a patch. And more than 1 time he did not hold his word. He made his players suffer, so he could get horny.

He did not know that there was a group of justice fighters, which are watching him already since long time, and just waiting for the right time. “Stupidity”, so said Santa to me, “is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You have my blessing.” And so they went, to attend him, and to bring justice to The Land.

For all who want to celebrate christmas, here’s something very awesome, made by the player eddieed, with the christmas song of Nat King Cole. For the song, check here:

It’s nuts grinding under Nuker fire
All Asurian will tell you so
dual time xp help you level up higher
But for Hermits the Xp just to low.
Everybody knows,

A new map and new quest or so
Will help to make this game more right
Little Noobs with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know the Christmas Patch is on it’s way
It has a lots of little new things
or so they say
And every Dragon child is gonna sigh
if all the new stuff
is not just stuff to buy

And so I’m offering this simple phrase
for LS 1 to PS too
Although it’s been said
many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Legend, Sedbona, Vennus9D, and StoryTeller – Project AI Blog


22 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. this is an impressive post. just awesome. Historian screw up in his personal and in his job too. I hope he will meditate this night and will stop acting like a crazy man with no reason.

    Merry Christmas guys and keep the good work !

  2. Merry X-mas. Love you all! Keep it up and I will always be a your reader. I love all your work. I hope you will keep it.

    Maybe today Santa will go to Historian and give him a kick 🙂

  3. I just come back from my family house, but I bet Historian is alone with his PC reading this blog. I hope Santa will not give him nothing, he don’t deserve, he screw up big time with many people and with us, 9dragons players.this year, Kane is the new Santa, he will give us the pacth. Merry Christmas from my part and may all what you wish for to come true.

    • The new patch – ‘Invalid version’, please reinstall the cleint… nice gift.

      “I will destroy christmas to other people!“.
      Said and done!

  4. Now, when carols, all born under the snow, bring with them the fragrance of Jesus born in a manger, we increasingly feel the festive atmosphere that is very close. Open the door and let the Christmas spirit you enter the house! Project AI, keep the FIGHT SPIRIT.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. In Europe it’s already Christmas day. They tried a new patch deployment, but have failed as-usual. Forum is full with complaints from players waiting for the Historian to hide them, that is to wipe them. TheHermit spoke:

    “Warriors, we are going to patch Christmas and Master & Disciple immediately.

    We are sorry for the delay.

    There may be some technical issues so please bare with us while we attempt to resolve them.

    You cross swords and bracers.

    Okay. It did not work. Indy21 wants more time to figure it out. We have decided to rollback to moments before shut down and restart.

    Expect to repatch again shortly. Please place all posts regarding this in this thread.

    Servers Online Now. Everyone should now be able to login back to patch 97.”

    Oh yea, H-ppy Christmas.

    • Indy21 wants more time… like the last time on Halloween event, when they left for the weekend. Now they will be off in Christmas break. Well, Historian destroy this Christmas too.Cross fingers for the justice fighters!

  6. Historian really screw up our 9D Christmas : “failed connect to an update information server”. Our refined weapons all disappear, the patch is full of bugs, role back on experience.

    • the weapons changed from gloves in braceres, from swords in sabers, from poles in swords. I think will be a role back soon. incompetence .

  7. Merry X-mas Project AI authors, love you all. Take care and keep on writing, I will support you. As Legend said, Historian destroy christmas to other people!, especially to us 9dragons players. These days all are free to play, but guess what, we can’t even log in.

    Where is the real Santa? 🙂

  8. Oh yeah Merry Xmas all, kiss for you all. May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

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