Historians stupidity strikes back by AI Project

I love this title. It’s very expressive. In a fit of zeal, today Historian banned my IP from 9Dragons forum.I don’t know why he took him so long and why he did it now, but most certainly that has to do with the title of Legend post from yesterday: “Historians stupidity strikes back”.

Stupidity upsets me most, I don’t have the patience to stay , to talk or to explain something to a stupid person. It pisses me off, especially those who think they are smart and keep on all time their ” words as a letter of law” , even you  explain clearly they still does not understand Acclaim team is full of stupids people, we sow them every day. Few days ago I sow one of them closing the topic of players because he don’t know how to make the difference between personal related stuffs ( discuss in a PM) and community stuffs discuss on forum.I know a fool who said that FC PQ bug is top Acclaim priority but he couldn’t answer what  happened with that issue after 2 weeks than, he deleted the topic. I also know a fool who had no idea what  “Big Bang” is and after we cleared up and I said to him it is related to the general culture, he began to laugh, because his culture is limited to MSN, twitter, myspace, facebook and lies. Is there more to say ? …

Historian does not realize that he acts like a kindergarten child, trying to revenge the anger produced by the words of Legend, which are true.Finally, I’ll  address Historian a few words:

‘You did it for nothing’ … I still can log on … You act like the image of this post….



18 responses to “Historians stupidity strikes back by AI Project

  1. I love onces what you said on 9dragons forum : ‘ intellectual orgasm’, this expression is awesome. That is produced by 9dragons forum to Historian 🙂

  2. Historian never will understand that out there are people more smart than him. He don’t want to accept this reality. Go, go show him, don’t let your guard down! Nice lesson for Historian.Owned.

  3. Like many others said before me in here : this is Historian level, you can’t ask much from him. This world has a scale for everything. Some can’t climb because of the level. That is why some people are mediocres. One of the mediocres is Historian.

  4. The picture of the topic is monumental. It is Historian perfect fit. The only chance of 9D to survive in the future : Historian must resign or be fired. I understand that Mark is liking him, but myths can be destroyed easily when it comes to money.

  5. Howard Marks should read this blog and see how his employees are doing the job…and how much time they spend for a personal revenge. It is a good article to reflect for Christmas. I hope Historian can sleep tight on Christmas night after will hear all players complaints…

    The patch is not on yet…

  6. In life it’s good to be so as sedbona, nothing touch you and after all you answer with the same thing. Keep it up beautifull lady.Historian is trying, in vain … the vast majority are fed up by his bullshit, and don’t believe, are against his ways to do his job. His only power is to erase the posts, but here he has no power … I know life it is not fair.

  7. I guess bonsy can still can buy coins from that IP. One more reason why Historian sucks. He begs and love your money but don’t love you.

  8. Hide my IP… 🙂 a simple soft. Historian dilemma now : he can ban the Ips from many others people not only mine, I am not the only one who use this soft. Others people may have same IP as mine, so let’s see how this will end.

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