New Vagabond Army Event – Word-Collections

How many of you may know, I am the Master of the Vagabond Army – A guild of clanless warriors. We like to do some events sometimes, and so there’s coming a new event to The Land, but sadly just Bardo.

I would like to inform you about this, so you may enjoy it, if you wish.
Here’s the original letter:

Dear Warriors

The time has come to bring a new event from the Vagabond Army to The Land (Sadly just Bardo).
The event will be on 1st January 2010, 1 hour after Acclaim’s Experience Event.

The quest is simple… We will ask you, to bring and show (and just show) us items, which form with their first letter a word. We made already such a quest for The Land on our first event. For those who did not participated or can’t remember anymore, here’s a little example:

If you would need to form the word VAGABOND, then you would need for example those items:









Again: This word was just an example and will not be used on our event. We got already 5 other words prepeared for you, which we will not tell you yet. We will tell you the words just on our event.

Now, the probably best part for you: The reward.
The reward shall be 10 Blood Essences for each right word-collection, since the number 10 is the Vagabonds number.

The rules are simple…
– Vagabonds can’t participate. Otherwise it would be too easy to accuse us for “giving rewards to own members”…
– Each person, who collected a word and won 10 Blood Essences, can’t win a second time. This shall give to other warriors a chance too.
– Tags on the items, like [New], [Collectible], [Tome] etc will not be considered. Just the name of the item, rather the first letter of the real name of the item, is important.
– It is allowed to use more than one time the same item for one word… this time.

A special thanks goes to the Holist Bandit [-Legenda-], which sadly quitted 9Dragons, but gave me some items, like the Blood Essences. So he’s a sponsor of this event.

Enjoy the event and play fair.

Behold the glory of the Nameless One! 10!

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “New Vagabond Army Event – Word-Collections

    • People like Legend will never have a place there because of ‘tongs’ girls and boys, you know that kind of guys who don’t do nothig but say all is good and praised people who don’t do nothing.

  1. Gratz and keep the good work coming. I hope you will fo more of this events. Community leaders should do this to encourage others.

  2. Hmm, I remember well Legend events on Bardo, was a competition in hefei too. Great. I try be on for this event !

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