Historians stupidity strikes back

The last few days I was wonder myself, why the person behind the avatar TheHermit is like the real Steven-Elliot Altman, which every veteran player knows and loves. The people asked a question on forum, directly to The Hermit, and this kind person answered with pleasure to The Land.

First of all, that‘s the real person which we all know as The (real) Hermit.
Second, I can understand why the people ask Hermit directly. Many asked on topics for an answer of “the GMs”, but nobody answered. The Hermit is the only one who show interest to the players and which answer in a human and respectful way. Ergo, the people ask directly The Hermit. No point to wait and hope for an answer from somebody else.
And third… Why not ask The Hermit on forum? The last few days, the players had really important questions. Especially today, about the promissed patch, which Acclaim probably can’t release today. Why should The Hermit answer 1000 PMs with the same question, if the most people just can read 1 topic on the forum?

That’s logical, you say? Not for The Historian. He strikes back with his stupidity and just locked all topics which were for The Hermit. Is this jealousy? I don’t know. However, as some examples, here are two topics:


How you can see there, The Hermit talks to the people. He mingle with the players and show us his interest. Here’s a quote from him as example:

Folks, I thank you. It’s a plan I will put to a vote, if Tibet gets delayed too long. Sit tight and lets get this first new piece of content in first.

I only said that because I wanted you to know it was a possibility that was weighing heavily on my mind. Hermit does not wish to dissappoint.

Especially the first and last lines were very humanly. Never heard by an Acclaim-guy. A “thank you” and the line, that he don’t want to dissappoint.

How you know, the authors of this blog don’t believe that behind the avatar The Hermit is the real Steven-Elliot Altman, since our conversation “with him”. But this seems like the real one, so I asked some days ago around about The Hermit… Rumors tell, something happened with him on real life, what was not expected. But now he’s getting better and is back to try to help again.

I don’t know if those rumors are true, but seems like yes. On his words I can see the real respectfully Steven-Elliot Altman. On the words behind “The Hermit” of our conversation I can see Historians arrogance.

If you wish to read our conversation with the fake-Hermit again, here are the links:
The fake Hermit, part 1
The fake Hermit, part 2
The fake Hermit, final part
And of corse my reflect over The Hermit

Personally, I hope Steven-Elliot Altman will know about Historians talk as fake-Hermit, if he did not yet, and tell him what an idiot he is.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


20 responses to “Historians stupidity strikes back

  1. They want to hide the bad game atmosphere, the bad shape of community. Many are at their limits. Historian will never change, he is a bad element who must go.

  2. Hermit has gained players respect because he was very humble with us. At the opposite stand, is Historian, an arrogant without limits.Something is very strange anyway. Hermit for sure is shared character.

  3. http://phpbb.acclaim.com/9dragons/viewtopic.php?t=121012&sid=52c23a0ee7f9e8da2c9dc16f5576f01c

    kc6794 wrote:
    “Umm all staff call threads are supposed to be locked as this one should be.. (putting a vgm/gm/admin name in thread title is a staff call)”
    “Well said.”

    Most idiotic answer ever. The staff is there to be call, to answer us. What is the point of them ? PMs are for personal business not game related stuffs. This is Historian management that he learn skipping the class. This is why school is very important.

  4. At each public output Historian is increasingly humiliated by players. It’s clear that he is 0 in terms of game manager. There are no answers to questions and he close the threads.

  5. I want to see the day when Historian will stop beeing imature about the forum issue. Can’t he be for once ‘a man’?

  6. The forum is again down. I can’t see anything, but the kid in Historian is on surface again and makes stupid moves.

  7. Don’t you think he has an infeiority complex? He don’t know what to answer and how to answer, that is why he locks the topics.

  8. Lol, just think about it, they share 9D Hermit account. Shouldn’t all involved be banned? Or at least the shared acc? and what if they share more accounts? o.O

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