Money can buy anything

I’m sure you heard this sentence again and again. Some of the wise men say it when they went through life or some of the losers who are unable to deal with personal finance. In the end doesn’t matter if you become one or the other of the two categories above (or an intermediary, which fits most of us). I believe, in a game ( and in real life too ) must be some  things that are “other things” that money can not buy. One of the purpose of a game is to teach moral values and principles.One of the the category which money should not buy is personal achievements.A long time ago, a wise man said : ‘In this age, which believes that there is a short cut to everything, the greatest lesson to be learned is that the most difficult way is, in the long run, the easiest.’

In Acclaim the short way is the money way. In ‘Holiday Season Big Spender Bonus From Acclaim!’, TheHermit is giving players who buys 10.000 coins, one of the most expensive item on the server: Blood Bead of Earth.

Veterans know that this item can be owned with a lot of personal effort or collective effort. This item is dropped by GW in coc4 or TGW. We all know that level 4 of CoC is a pvp map, and GW is not an easy prey, many leagues consume resources and lead battles that seem to not have an end for that boss. TGW epithet, as we know (not lately, when GMs makes random spowns) is a proud moment. I remember with regret the days when you were praised by the whole server for TGW epithet. That epithet signifies honor  for veterans, especially as not everyone could obtain it easy.But, as you see, over time, in the absence of ideas, events and more, the most significant achievements in the game have become mass commerce .

More, TheHermit encouraged to buy lots of coins to get more bonuses (more BBs). For ‘- +100’ euros now you can buy 1 BB, the same BB to which some in game only dream, for which you prepare levels and consume large resources, not to mention the time. For 500 euros you can have 5 BBs, achievement almost impossible in game.

So, if you achieved 2 Bonuses, you would require 17 Empty Slots in your bag to receive all Items. If you have achieved 3 Bonuses, you would require 24 Empty Slots in your bag.

What I think it’s shaving, but a cry for us players in this game, is the fact that doesn’t matter anything, as long as your player loyalty in  Acclaim is rewarded by money.

If you read carefully the promotion, you see that, the person who wrote behind the Hermit avatar has no idea what items are in the Mall, a proof beeing the fact that they change the promotion :

The initial promotion:

100 Experience Bonus Cards, 12 Dragon Scales, 12 Dried Ginseng, 12 Blood Essences, 12 White Tiger Trigrams, 9 Blue Dragon Trigrams, 12 Red Phoenix Jade Stones, 12 Blue Dragon Jade Stones and a Blood Bead of Earth on top!*

The change one:

100 Experience Bonus Cards, 100 Item Bonus Cards, 50 Blood Siphon Panaceas, 50 Spirit Siphon Panaceas, 12 Dragon Scales, 12 Dried Ginseng, 12 Blood Essences, 1 White Tiger Trigram, 1 Blue Dragon Trigram, 1 Red Phoenix Trigram, 1 Black Tortoise Trigram and a Blood Bead of Earth on top!*#

Because :

After receiving player comments that the Trigrams and Jade Stones would expire upon delivery, coupled with the GM comments that both Howard marks and The Hermit have lost their minds with generosity this season, coupled with multiple delivery problem bug issues that would result from the Stones and Trigrams, we are changing the Bonus Items that accompany this offer.

In Acclaim the ‘left’ don’t knows what the ‘right’ do, in fact there is no communication, no wonder the game is in the state we all know. It’s clear that after a player complaint, they asked a GM, but why the GM had not been asked before? TheHermit wrote without thinking?

…I believe he wrote with the thought of a great bonus that he will receive from Howard Marks for Christmas. So my dears, in fact we all are Santa Claus for Acclaim … Why ? You know… We give them money.

Regards, vennus9d…


27 responses to “Money can buy anything

  1. I asked TheHermit how is this possible, such a promotion with that great items, his answer was:

    “It is a once in a lifetime promotion, agreed”

  2. i so agree with you vennus, it is shameless.
    chris, i think the Easter Bunny will bring karma plates and we have it all.

  3. They can sell their families for money. Hermit credibility was was compromised when the he said we will have the map at the end of year, but he didn’t kept his word. Now we see that it’s only money,he don’t care for game or players. I sentenced the way Acclaim makes money.How vennus vennus are some things that should not be bought with money in a 9dragons, that system of accomplishments.

  4. I don’t blaim that Acclaim wants to make money, but how they do it. I was revolted by this promotion. Now all noobs will have a BB.

  5. After they will finish with the promotions, will put the items in mall.Sucks, I know. Acclaims makes you sorry for not beeing rich in real life.

  6. In case you have not noticed TheHermit wants to assert his personality cult. He was so ‘excited’ because of the money, so when he edited the post, he wrote his boss name with lowercase :

    “After receiving player comments that the Trigrams and Jade Stones would expire upon delivery, coupled with the GM comments that both Howard marks and The Hermit…….”

  7. vennus I agree with you. in that promotion, 50 Blood Siphon Panaceas, 50 Spirit Siphon Panaceas are useless, they should have give tears.

    • BS and SS are not useles, is good for people dont have 5/1k HP leach…and yes this big stupid promotion..i hope they add def triket and hp triket soon*sarcastic*

  8. Acclaim needs some brain. Money can’t buy that. I agree with all you said guys&girls, achievements should stay as they are. Not all people who plays this game is rich. With the money they make they should hire competent people. It is event time on Bardo now and guess what, it is error code -1 again.

  9. In my opinion Blood Bead of Earth will be added later in mall.

    …I believe he wrote with the thought of a great bonus that you will receive from Howard Marks for Christmas. So my dears, in fact we all are Santa Claus for Acclaim … Why ? You know… We give them money.

    More than epic.

  10. The game became increasingly laden with ‘rubbish’, I say so because unfortunately some people behave as such, they do anything to get something. Acclaim has chosen an unfortunate propotion in this case. What will happen? If before all BB were borrowed to get epithet, now you can easily ks TGW if you have money.

  11. I bet the gold sellers will trade those BBs for real money. They are the ones who will benefit most from this as promotion, they have tons of money.As vennus I don’t agree to sell those hard to get achievements.

  12. I don’t want to believe they want to sell Blood Bead of Earth. I remember once, BluFlash made a promotion like this with the HP plate, but only few got it…biggest spender.In this game now you can have all if you have money in real life, F2P is just an illusion, in reality you pay more than for a P2P game. Imagine 100 euro vs 15 euro for 1 month for WOW or AION.

  13. Now at 5/1 players will have this item which costs bilions in game and it is very hard to get. Nice Acclaim, you really suck. What left for us to achieve that was not sold?

    • In this case you pay for the achievement. In my opinion it is a lot of money and will not worth if this item will be added in mall.

      • You can still pay for it, you can buy it in game. I know people who never killed GM or TGW and still own a few BBoEs. Only now the price won’t be so high, because it’s rare. So, what, it’s still half-useless….

      • For how much money myste? Bilions? It cost bilions because it is rare and people don’t want to sell it. In my opinion should stay like that because it is hard to get.

      • That is exactly my point. It has no real value, there is no actual reason for it to be more than 500-100kk, appart from being rare. But, hey, 2 slotted WT WBs are rare too, let’s sell them for 2kkk…

  14. I love Hermit math :

    “Let me attempt to clarify:
    If you purchase 10,000 Acclaim Coins you will receive 2,500 Free Coins back plus the Bonus Items.
    If you purchase 15,000 Acclaim Coins you will receive 5,000 Free Coins back plus the Bonus Items.
    If you purchase 25,000 Acclaim Coins you would be eligible for 7,500 Coins back plus 2X Bonus Items (as you have struck both the 15 and 10 thresholds).
    If you purchase 30,000 Acclaim Coins you would be eligible for 10,000 Free Coins back plus 2X Bonus Items (as you have struck the 15 threshold twice. It would not count as thrice 10K)”

    You will get double bonus ( 2x) if you pay 25.000 coins/30.000 coins.10.000 + 10.000 =20.000, not 25.000, 5.000 coins is another rip off (Between 25.000 and 30.000) . Double the bonus is double the sum. Why add extra? He calculate correct at 15.000 +15.000 = 30.000. Hermit did not understand that math is an exact science, there is no in between. If he wrote the 2(x) multiplication sign, so is multiplied by two (1×1=2). 25,000 divided by 2 is 12,500 coins.

    He must put this on his promotion page not on 3th one, people who will get 20.000 coins will not get the reward (after Acclaim calculation) and will be piss off.

  15. Well, even i have to admit that this is a good promotion, except the blood bead part. What stake will be left then in cc4? The 300 wb were owned by the cc3 merchant, and now after this item mall rampage blood bead price will be something around 500kk max.

  16. hmm this promotion is totaly sing of acclame greed
    the bb is one of most rare items in game price goes for 1kkk++
    now it will fall drasticly cause of greddy bastards like (omega and the ppl like him which were winning top spender promotions and so on)
    so realy is better to play p2p game like wow or aion
    no buggs good pvp tons of quests hard instances and so on
    i guess acclaim hired greed from FMA to do his work for them:P
    ok that is all sely said all over and out

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