Dragonica contest – the vote

The FF contest, Dragonica is almost at the finish line . To announced the winner, we missing one important step, that of the vote. The stories entered anonymous in the competition, in order of file name sent by the authors. All complaints, including the plagiarism one (if there are any) will be sent to: storyteller9d@yahoo.com.

Voting Period: 17/12/2009-26/12/2009
Voting system: poll (1 vote per IP).

Here are some guiding line before you start vote:
1. How much the author try to impress. 
2.Spelling (capital letters, structure of sentence, etc.).
3.The correct use of words, understanding the meaning, balance phrases: no telegraph, no endless, correct use of words, by understanding their exact meaning, a clear understanding of the subject, using knowledge base).
4.The structure and degree of text organization (text rennet, power of synthesis applicable, the organization of ideas, shaping the context.
5. General coherence ( coherence between theme-technique, logical arrangement of ideas and consistency).
6.Expresivity and elegance (rich vocabulary, using words in the right place,the vision )
7.Creativity/originalitaty (personal brand well underlined, sensitivity and involvement in the text, novelty, surprise element – if necessary, strong ideas out of the ordinary and the personal register).

Participating Stories :


Begin your vote and good luck to all participants !



20 responses to “Dragonica contest – the vote

  1. Congratz to all. Have good faith and may the best of you win. I wish ProjectAi to make more contests, maybe one with signatures or ss. More easy !

  2. I will vote this weekend, lot of time till 26. I want to read them with no rush. I wish all a good luck and the best will win.

  3. Good to see a contest taken to another level. At least the poll system will not take place to try to give the prize to your friends like Acclaim do.

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