Acclaim – bankruptcy theories and other rumors

Already a lot ex-VGMs told it, already some community leaders told it, and already GMs told it inofficial. Ex-VGMs told, Acclaim will close the servers soon. Community leaders told, Acclaim’s 9dragons version will not survive for long. And GMs told, Acclaim fear the financial crisis. Inofficial, of corse…

The last few promotions were arranged for people with money. Look for example the 9 Immortal characters, or the Dark Hermit character. Those, who leveled up as most, will get an Immortal character for 9 days. What a surprise, with EXP cards in the item mall.

People, which could ruin this whole event, were already banned from the forum. To be honest… I really would like to register for the Dark Hermit event… This character will fight against The Hermit. I would like to help The Land with the name “Dark Hermit” and to defeat The Hermit. Then roar around, that I am not the bad guy of The Land, that The Land have to unit, because Acclaim is the enemy. Ohh… This would be so awesome…

However. Not just those events are crying for more money, but other events from Acclaim too. Here’s the link for the new promotions:

As you know, all Acclaim Games are always free to play… but there are special Items in the malls of each of our games which a player can purchase. Those players who spend are helping to keep the games free for all of those who cannot, and Acclaim wishes to thank them with this one time Holiday offer…

One line, which Acclaim say over and over again, irritates me since long time: “Those players who spend are helping to keep the games free for all of those who cannot“.

Seriously… Those who spend are the last chance for Acclaim. 9Dragons, for example, would never work well as a Pay2Play MMORPG. You don’t believe me? Then show me the contrary. Just one week of a Pay2Play 9Dragons would suffice. Or one month, if Acclaim can’t just for 1 week. Nobody will pay money for a game with such a lack or interest (for players and the game), of communication, of updates, of support. NOBODY. Who would pay money for such a really poor-leaded game? Maybe just those who got too much money. But if Acclaim would make their 9Dragons to a Pay2Play MMORPG, they would be doomed. The players would either move to another 9Dragons version, or to another MMO.

But the arrogance behind their words, to say indirectly “Buy more, or we will make it Pay2Play“, is just insane. They need help from their players, and they even try to scare them. Many, many people would support Acclaim even more, if they would know “Hey, 9Dragons would not survive as Pay2Play. Acclaim is a good company, so I will support them.” But there are 2 problems: 1st, Acclaim is not a good company. And 2nd, because they are not a good company, many people are protesting by not buying any coins.

It seems to work. At least Acclaim got more and more trouble with the money. But do they learn? No! They follow their stupid and arrogant way. Not even paying players get support.

Every person with a commonsence will see, that something is wrong with Acclaim. They need money. The player cambies started a topic about that. I wonder, how long this topic will stay:

It seems, like it is coming to an end. Slowly but surely. I really don’t think, Acclaim will survive. And in my opinion, it is the best. So other publishers can take the chance to publish 9Dragons for US and EU, and they would have the chance to make it better than Acclaim. A lot better…

Remember my blog post “The future of 9Dragons“. Read it, and reflect over it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


27 responses to “Acclaim – bankruptcy theories and other rumors

  1. i hope another publisher will take this game. people don’t pay because of the bugs, no new content and a lousy pvp system. it is all Acclaim fault.

  2. I think before they close the servers, they wanna make a loooooot of money, thats why the unbelieveable big promotions.

  3. I remember how some VGMs posted on forum about the doom days of acclaim and the post were deleted. It is a rumor, we have to wait and see, but as I see the things are moving I tend to believe it is true.

  4. Why would Acclaim spend more money to advertise 9Dragons game on US cable network now, if they decide to shutdown the servers? You all are really paranoid about that rumor.

  5. They are very silent latly, the calm before the storm. In this moment, I would not pay for a game like 9dragons. If Historian wants me to pay, he should stop his stupid policy of baning people who critic Acclaim.

  6. another interesting subject.9dragons last so long because of the veterans who made more account, now they left or are bored and had enough of Acclaim broken promises, I am curious to see how 9d will survive another year.

  7. I was between the people who gave money to Acclaim but I quited to spend because you don’t have on what : svs is bug, pvp sucks and SRS crashed. I only buy 1 premium at 90 days and that is.

  8. MM so solution for me is sell my account XD i dont wanna lose money :S

    this bad if acclaim gone..ill lose my 2 cha’s, money..time i spent on game…even if came other publisher and if i need start at 0 i ill say goodbye for 9 dragons. im in 9dragons since 2007 -.-

  9. I don;t think that 9D/Acclaim is in closed to bankruptcy, not even close to one. no no…Why i say this? ‘Cos i make a comparisson. Before was the ad bar and no so much IM dependency. Now is no ad bar and huge IM transactions (i know players that spend over 500 euros in couple of months)…witch is huge amount. Now , multiply this with plenty of huge spenders x 3 servers…
    Let’s take a example of an WoW private server: no adds, no IM dependency, server with 2500++ population, free game,patches over patches (cos they have to keep it Blizzlike and to constantly addapt Blizz patches -witch are heavy ones), GM’s that are doing their jobs (and get payed), devs that work like maniacs (and they get payed) etc etc…the only existent thing is “donnor system : players can donate if they want and they recive a custom item for their voluntary donation as a token of gratitude).
    Now, if such kind of F2P server can survive , why 9D should be in trouble? We are all scared about those events that “scream” for mo’ money but why we see them as an “money lack problem” instead of a “mo’ is mo’ better thing”? Is a money making strategy so it is used/applyed. Is not a survival strategy…is a normal thing that any corporation will do: find ways to make more money (more is better). Is there ever “enough”?Money and enough don’t work in same sentence.
    For me it screams more like hunger and greed than trouble and danger of closing/bankruptcy..
    With Jap server was other issue…

  10. Didn’t Hermit said only 7% of the people from all servers spend money on Acclaim? I am affraid the history will repeat and again Acclaim will enter in Acclaim. For december they want to fill up more the pockets, Historian will recieve a bonus.

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