Servernames – The story behind the meaning

In Acclaim’s 9Dragons version, we got 3 servers at the moment. The names were not choosed at random. Just a few know, what the names of them mean, what Acclaim’s thoughts behind are (or were), and why it was choosen. Today, I will tell you, why the names of our servers are how they are.

Nirvana was the first server of Acclaim. Acclaim just had the license for the US version of 9Dragons. The license for the EU rights had at the beginning Persistent Worlds. But they gived up, and so the rights for the EU version went to Acclaim.

In the buddhism, Nirvana means the place where you are free, where you don’t have to feel any pain or hurts anymore. A place where you are, before you will be reborn. Nirvana means: End of all suffering.

Bardo was the second server of Acclaim. Bardo was the server for all EU players.

In the buddhism, Bardo means a intermediate state, between dying and reincarnation. In this state, the spirit of the deceased stray confused and scared in the world, suffering the pain of the errors he did in his life.

Asura was the third server of Acclaim, and the first PlayerKill server. Asura is an US server, and not EU.

In the buddhism, Asuras are creatures, between human and gods. The buddhism tell about 6 realms and worlds: Hell creatures, Hungry Ghosts, Animals, Humans, Asura creatures, and a part of the Divine worlds.

The word Asura is also sometimes translated as “Titans”, “demi-gods” or “disputants gods.” In other words: Asuras are “heavenly” creatures.

For Acclaim, the europeans are the necessary evil. This was always like that. Acclaim was not just one day arrogant like today. No, they were already at the very beginning like that. The european players had to face the most unfairness from Acclaim. Even if Acclaim get the most money on 9Dragons from the europeans. The server Bardo itself was a long time a testserver.

Over 1 year ago, there was a lot trouble with the login server of Bardo. It was summer then. All the veteran Bardo players may remind very well. Bardo just had the big error code -1. But every other server worked fine.

The server Bardo was also long time the worst server Acclaim had. But this was changed, short time ago, as far as I know.

If you take a look how Acclaim act, especially how Acclaim already acted, then you will see, they help americans a lot, they make events for USA, and the best things are for the americans (like the server, for example).

But europeans… Well… even if the most earning comes from the europeans (and yes, this is true), the europeans had to feel the most unfairness. I remember the old veteran ZaTaliban very well… A new VGM came to Bardo and saw him with the name “Taliban”. Instead of inform himself and to take a look what “Taliban” means, he just banned him. Because “Talibans are the enemies of America”. The word “Taliban” just means “Student”. Not more, not less.

If there will really be one day a new EU PK server… What do you think, how will the name be?

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


26 responses to “Servernames – The story behind the meaning

  1. Acclaim should go to Buddhism. many of VGMs and official staff are from Nirvana and consider themselves as kings & queens. but we sow the tragic end of those.

  2. americans keep saying that europeans are imperialist and have another conception. it is like this. european management give the american one class, just look at Acclaim. if we had a european publisher things were different.

  3. Occupacy ratio for servers has changed from 2006. If in 2006 Nirvana was the most busy server, in 2009 it is Bardo and will maintain like this at least in 2010. Acclaim started in America, where all began.I think advertising of 9Dragons is better in Europe than in America and this beacause of european players, Acclaim don’t do nothing to advertise the game.

  4. They speak a lot about a new Bardo pk server, but they will not do it, because they don’t care, even europeans gives them lots of money.

  5. XD is coz that i moved for ASura PK >:> time of events sucks but i dont have lag and dont have too much problems..MM but i think they already establised Bardo server..coz i rember i think 2008 see that also Bardo had fireworks 😉

  6. Bardo pays a high price because is the busiest server. Bardo server don’t have a large capacity so at events lags like hell. I think those millions of players who they say they have in 9dragons game are Acclaim fantasy. If they had millions of logs all servers would fall. I think are somewhere up 300-500.000 logs at events on Bardo.

  7. New server name if it will ever come will be this:

    Naraka or Niraya, is the name given to one of the worlds of greatest suffering!

  8. Naraka from Naraku – Inuyasha Pjotr ?
    I think cetasika [cetasika] : Mental concomitant or dukkha [dukkha]: Stress; suffering; pain; distress; discontent.

  9. The thing with Taliban was a personal revenge in my opinion. You know how they do it : talk to each other and try to ban their enemies. This is one of the reason why they must be raise from the face of Acclaim. Legend you know more than me that Acclaim with buddhism is Earth to Sky. They exploit some concepts to make money.

  10. Well the name for the new EU-PK server(if it ever comes to existance) must be…

    Moksha which means,”liberation from the cycle of birth and death”.

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