ThinkGeek : 9dragons forum GHOSTS

It is not long since the last adventure of Historian  on 9dragons boards, when he succeeded in proportion of 80(%) to delete all veterans guides for community. Acclaim show us that they can’t learn from mistakes and  history repeats. This time the protagonist is Phew (ex 9dragons head of GMs), the lead of the IT department from Acclaim India. He open a rubric :

Hi Everyone,

I have made some changes to our forums and the servers which host the message boards. So the forums should be more stable and fast in accessing, posting and searching.
I hope this fixes the constant forums server down issue.


After the first thanks rubric, in the process something was wrong again and players aka Guests ( they clear the players identities) started to complaint :

quote Guest:

Later Edit :lol…something went terribly wrong..sorry..

quote Guest:

fullneo’s guides are still there, as far as i can tell. mine aren’t. nor will they be anymore if they are not restored once i also get my “identity” back (since i can still log in as much as i want, i’m stuck as guest).
whoever wants to take a look at the guides i’ve made will have to look them up on the restless blog. i have neither the time, nor the patience to post them over and over again on these forums. the quest and mob maps are already there, BD weapons coming up and that’s that. 
—- arashisenshi

quote Guest:

Babe… I think they deleted our accounts on forum. Try doing a search for yourself or for me(still magimay here). It brings nothing, absolutely nothing back… o.O” zulu and itsu gone too…^_^???

Lol, we can edit each other’s posts^^ Cool xD Anyways, can you prealse untweak the forum and rethink the fix? It sux >.>”

quote Guest:

Some of the posts I opened seemed to be missing a few pages. And the guide, I looked in the vagabond one, the hyperlinks aren’t working (but not sure if they worked before)

quote Guest:

New posts View newest post Announcement: 12/09- 12/13 Contest Registration: Rise Of The Dark Hermit!
guess what? even if the topic still shows up on the General Discussion page, it doesn’t really exist!

quote Guest:

u cant even fix a fookin forum as now everyone appears as guest let alone get something acomplished in the given ETA

and why are u back phew? acclaim stoped being greedy morons and gave u better salary? yes no wonder main focus of Acclaim is the business not the standarts they work with, no new map? give them phew and good old days, guess what doesnt work with me.

more, acclaim instead of making a game improving like the best companies do they just release more and more sh1thead games like that ninja sh1t posted on 9d homepage that is like the worst game ever LOL

quote Guest:

WTH? You have deleted a lot of posts not just the ones that are old! For example u have deleted a topic, at romanian section with screen-shoots of our chars and this sucks. IT would be better if you change the host server not delete all topics with more than 1 page.

quote Guest:

Dear, they didn’t clean sections this time…they cleaned users… Just as I thought I was being paranoid, Phew posted that they will be restoring IDs…

quote Guest:

Like the last time? Well, hope they learned from their mistakes and found the back-up button. If not, we are all screwed Very Happy

At her last post, on this blog about the forum, sedbona had a feeling that…this will happen next:

…Maybe next time Historian ‘accidentally’ deletes’ the accounts database …

So what happen this time ? They tweak the wrong codes of forum again. Most of the forum members become ghosts, sorry, ‘GUESTS’, with no user ID (even they log on forum with their ID). Some guides were deleted again, some posts were deleted entirely and you can’t access the last page of the post ( for eg., if a post have 5 pages, the 5th page become invalid request). Let’s see how the forum looks like :

I also argue the fact that in the current system is no longer possible to follow Acclaim rules. If someone deviates I am curious how Historian will apply the penalty. Ban the IP? After all more than 70% of users are GUESTS. It’s a good situation for anarchy.

As a conclusion : Britney Spears :  Oops I did it again goes to Acclaim…(Regards from vennus9d.)


24 responses to “ThinkGeek : 9dragons forum GHOSTS

  1. “At her last post, on this blog about the forum, sedbona had a feeling that…this will happen next:

    …Maybe next time Historian ‘accidentally’ deletes’ the accounts database …”

    so epic.laugh 🙂

      • If they are incompetent and potheads why take the initiative in the first. They did not do any good for the game until now. This is serious shit, I do nto find many useful guides. Retard geeky job here. Ufff… They suck/

  2. lol vennus, I love the video, reflects the Acclaim reality. hmm, i want to know how they will fix up the forum now. arashisenshi has right, why to post again the guides?

  3. 9Dragons isn’t the only Acclaim game affected by the forum mess up. Most of the others have had their forum databases wiped or reset to nearly a year back.

  4. Tell them… Britney Spears. I do not care if Acclaim will be upset, but there one is more stupid than other. There was enough Historian who screw up, now another. And Acclaim do business…

  5. I am Guest too, just now tried to log in. I think hours of fixing will be days of fixing. Sed, you have a golden mouth.

  6. The most important thing is that Phew said “np, we have backup , we can restore, it will take few…bla bla bla”. 3 days have past and no restore (so I presume he lied – as the arrogance prevents you to take backups as you think you will never fail).
    As I said on 9D forum too, is so easy to create a TRASH section on forum where to move the topics for future clean-up and delete the TRASH section instead. But no, they are so good that they cannot be submitted to failure….but in the end…they are and now all forum is GHOST town.
    The “Guest” players CAN EDIT OTHERS “Guests” players posts too! Is all a comedy of rust…
    Good that some have their accounts intact…how come? Separate data base or is only for the “chosen few”???
    Or maybe , Historian took Phew identity too this time? (LMAO)

  7. Phew was promoted to IT lead for his iT abilities ( haha ).
    I tried to 9dragons net page now, it is not accessible. It is clear with this people you can’t make performance.

  8. Don’t you think the author of guides are a clique ? After the forum was deleted only the official team were able to post the guides. Warda monopolized all the guides (not that I had something with her), but others made guides better than hers (same), but she deleted and put hers on. fullnero, which is the Pandora league and it is a vGM.

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