The credibility of Acclaim – part 2

Even in official interviews, Steven-Elliot Altman promissed the new and seemingly awesome map Tibet on the end of the year 2009.

How I wrote on the previous blog post The credibility of Acclaim, Acclaim is not a company of word, and the new map will show this fact once more. And look who was right… All the veterans predicted that the map will not come 2009.

Let me quote Hermit’s words of this post:

The answer is NO, Tibet will not be patching with M&D. I will keep you posted on Tibet progress but right now the GMs and Indy21 are focusing on making M&D successful first.

In the event Tibet is not ready by month’s end, I have some contingency plans I am working on that I shall share when the time comes.

In the name of Steven-Elliot Altman, Acclaim speaked laud how awesome this new map will be, and that it will come at the end of 2009. And now it is clear, it will not come. How I said already a few times, they talk without to think.

Look at your oh so awesome publisher, dear Acclaim-followers. Look how they promise you always again something, and then never hold their word. It was always like that. Look at it, and open your eyes.

On the previous blog post of the credibility of Acclaim, I posted a link to an official countdown for the new map, made by the player vagacam. He also saw Hermit’s words, and he edited his countdown with his own words. Let me quote his words of his edited post:

So! what a surprise, hermit lied to us all and the so expected release of the year that EVEN got confirmed on a interview WONT BE HAPPENING

my guess is not enough PS1 players to make the map give them profit, so ye u hear some last time inconvenients happened.. but dont believe on acclaim words anymore

Yes, he is right. Acclaim and even Steven-Elliot Altman (if it was the real SEA…) lied to all. They lied on interviews, they lied on their forum, they lied to their players (nothing new), they lied to everyone.

The Tibet map will not come this year. We should make bets about Acclaim, if they hold their words or not. There are still a lot noobs which believe in Acclaim, and got too many BEs… haha.

Don’t be sad, my dear friends. Keep your angry against Acclaim. The right time will come.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


22 responses to “The credibility of Acclaim – part 2

  1. credibility is a choice that we make. we must choose to keep our word, to initiate a conversation with a person who can criticize and to think in perspective, instead of thinking we are satisfied with short-term comfort. Acclaim lacks all that so there is no credibility.

  2. i think these people do not know if you have announced a public you have a responsibility. it is not the first time.

  3. Acclaim makes false promise to their clients in a fest. If I would be in America I would take the court. Can’t we do something ?

  4. What makes you think Acclaim never even intended to release it by year’s end? Perhaps Indy21 started making a fuss? Perhaps they held back on tibet because their personal agenda prioritized M&D over it…
    I wouldn’t go as far as saying acclaim lied. However as always they are making Hasty Promises which they cannot guarantee because they are not the developpers of the game.

  5. There is a contract between Indy21 and Acclaim. If they don’t respect the terms, Acclaim may request Indy21’s under contract to do so. I don’t think the problem comes from Indy21. In Korea they have the Tibet map.From what I know, Acclaim gets the Indy21 version and have an obligation to translate it. This has not been achieved and here is the problem ( tehnical terms are also included). The Hermit from what I know have to write the quests and story for the American version, as the author of wuxi did for Indy21 version ( with Tibet map ).

    • They fire their translator… and Hermit maybe is in a search of a muse ( inspiration) to adjust the quest to western public.

  6. Indy21 is just an excuse for Acclaim. I think would be interesting to know Indy21 point of view. Kee the tracks when ACclaim is blaiming Indy21 and send it to Indy21 to ask them if it is true.

  7. I was also sure that we will not see the new map this year. I still have hope… maybe Santa will make us a gift 🙂

  8. The old Acclaim is the new Acclaim StoryTeller. I remember that someone said that Acclaim will sacrifice TheHermit. I think TheHermit will enter the past soon and will retreat.

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