Tunnel aka ex-[VGM]Dexter – Account sold

Some weeks ago, there was a topic in the General Discussions forum of Acclaim’s 9Dragons Message Board. A guy saw an account on eBay for sale. Of corse the moderators deleted it again. But I was taking a look into the sale.

Here is the link to the sale on eBay, and a backup-picture of it:

The seller did it really clever. He censored his InGameNick to not get banned. But he shows and tell some informations.

You can see, his level is GL2 with 90.86%. His character is on Bardo, and he give a very fatal information:

In my friendlist are some VGMs and one GM (don’t ask why ;-))

Nobody with a commonsense will ask why. The answer is clear: He’s an ex-VGM.

Today, I saw again a person which I know from the past of 9Dragons. To be honest, I don’t like this person. He claims he’s a buddhist, but he fucks with everyone. His name is Tunnel, he was once the [VGM]Dexter, and I told him that nobody missed him on Bardo (lol… Yeah I know, I can be an asshole… But hey, I am what Acclaim made out of me).

Then, the person behind the avatar Tunnel, answered me that:


Tunnel: lol
Tunnel: I just bought this account here
Tunnel: What do you want?
Legend: Oh
Legend: Bought, you say? O.o
Legend: Then I’m sorry
Tunnel: Yes

For me it was clear, it was Tunnel’s account, which were sold on eBay. An account of an ex-VGM. But the conversation went on:


Legend: Can I ask you something?
Legend: Are you still there?
Tunnel: ?
Legend: Are you GL2?
Tunnel: GL3
Legend: But you bought the char with GL2, yes?
Tunnel: Yes
Legend: On eBay, right?


Legend: Wasn’t it on eBay?
Legend: Still there?
Legend: I will not squeal you
Tunnel: Hm?
Legend: You bought the char on eBay, not?
Tunnel: Yes, why?
Legend: I bidded too ^^
Legend: Just a nice advice:
Legend: You really should buy a “name change” pill in the item mall
Legend: Many people will not like you

Yes, it’s true. I bidded on this char. But it was just the first bid. I thought, it would be funny, to see which VGM sold his char. But then I forgot the sale again, and other people bidded on it and won.

And about my line “I will not squeal you”… Well, I will not tell it to the GMs. The only thing I did, was to write about it, here on this blog.

How you see, now even ex-VGMs sell their accounts. I thought, the VGMs know exactly the rules? Well, at least it seems like Acclaim take the right people for the senseless VGM team 🙄

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


22 responses to “Tunnel aka ex-[VGM]Dexter – Account sold

    • No VGM that enters the team does it because of items or the like. It’s a retarded assumption that has been around for a while now.
      The reason SOME VGMs profit from entering the system is because in the process of being a VGM they came in contact with GMs and profited from that.
      I believe you should treat everyone fairly and assume that anyone who entered the VGM program did it with the right intentions (at first, whatever happened after that is not in my knowledge)

      • Everyone has the right to an opinion. Base on the examples, ‘some’, ‘most’ words are appropriate.

    • Surely you know how an opinion is formed, right? Either way it is not similar to saying ‘this/that is like this/that’, an opinion is ‘in my opinion this/that is like this/that’ or ‘i believe this/that etc.’.

  1. hoppelhase09 another ex VGM fought with Tunnel a lot. because of hopel, Tunnel left.

    changing the name encourage to sell the account.

  2. Tunnel does all for girls. He flirt with a very well know VGM a lot and he said he is the boyfriend of that VGM even he was out of VGM team. He left his band for a girl too.

  3. Another one that uses the quality of VGM have some privileges money this time. One more reason to dissolve the team. I remember this topic was erase from 9dragons forum, but I sow it before. The moderators again cover the mess.

  4. So far we have seen from VGMs the whole range of facts incriminated by Acclaim rules. But they can do it… why ? They are officials or ex-officials..

  5. Oh..This Mf…(censor), is the worst kind of how pathetic a human being can be. He has a d..(censor)face. You can call this guy a male b…(censor). Wants every girl he wants, a sociopath. I wonder he is grounded at home and took refuge in virtual world. I am sure he will die very soon. hehehe. I warn all 9d girls this is a short d… (censor)stalker.

    PS : edited, censored words 🙂

    • Becoz he is cheap MF lol…. Hence 1,50 € . He is banned for life and some people are hunting him down. Better he make a plastic surgery and make his D..I….** Face african if he wants to stay alive…. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • GMs ban him after what Legend revelead in here ? When Legend talked to him was not baned. Hance, this blog is usefull some how (Ironic).

  6. I can give the answer why he sell that acc, simply because he don’t need it anymore.

    U guys familiar with Ex VGM that log to some other Ex VGM account and posted things on the forum right? (about acclaim clossing and things)

    Although they were VGM and know the rule they still do that, simply because they don’t care bout the game anymore (since maybe they will get their main char banned because of that action as well) as well as they have grudge or hatred toward acclaim perhaps.

    • This guy was totally ashamed of when whole of Bardo came to know he made a cyber sex chat with a guy thinking of as a girl. :D. That was the funniest episode that could ever happen lol. Defaced he chose to sell the account. Everybody knows what an arrogant prick he is. HAHA . He showed himself how cheap he is selling for 2 dollars LOL. Indeed a No. 1 Retard. ROFL :O

  7. Here we go, the results of this VGM system are these. What else we need to know that this system is a failure. Look what kind of people apply. I am scared. Hoa Acclaim protects me ?

  8. 3k2,

    Pls dont judge over everyone the same. I once applied too, made it to the team. There are some ppl with common sense that were VGM’s once. Most of them quitted but still we applied in the hopes to improve the game from the inside. The main problem is, every VGM wants to do this only the topdogs at acclaim are blinded by cash.

  9. There are two kinds of people. One set lives with morals in life and the other is immoral. This guy as seen in game and the way he interacts with people is even more cheaper than immoral and specifically disgusting. His parents have not raised him well. No-Lifer. You named yourself “Tunnel”, you are indeed a Tunnel rat, living on s…(censor) and worm droppings. I wonder how acclaim selected him a VGM. Its this kind of people that makes game unplayable. But was fun KOSing him. Wish it was real…..:D

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