Bye, bye… VGM[Shadow]

After VGM [Savage] announced his intention to leave the official team (he sent to VGM [Bella] a notification in this regard, but without response), it is time for VGM [Shadow] aka VGM [Gambit] ( the old him) to leave. He rejoin official team few time ago, but he wrote today on Nirvana :

On the surface the reason for leaving is personal, the”school” and his “nub” character. Well, school can be one of the reasons, but his “nub” character… let’s be serious. He indicated personal reasons. Some of his friends said he left because he was tired and bored, didn’t found his purpose in the team and the team leader doesn’t make her job seriously. This informations are coming from several mails. Anyway, I like his farewell : ” So all who wants revenge on VGMs “… ” I can let players kill me”. He did not say VGM in the “singular” but “plural”, VGMs . Another VGM wants to send  a message. If everything would be “ok” and this team  would do their job, the players wouldn’t like to take revenge on VGMs or to give a shout like Nao did… “log out”.

As you can see the departures are becoming more frequent than ever. There is no team unity and cohesion. For me… if I want to have a “role”  in a project I do it for the whole duration of the project or for a long period of time. As you can see the project VGM team has short periods for the participants. Why? Something is wrong?


40 responses to “Bye, bye… VGM[Shadow]

  1. Don’t you think that is because of wicked head VGM [Bella]? Since she came, they leave in mass,reasoned or not.

  2. yay, something is very wrong : the players are sick of VGM team and state transfers, you don’t feel doing anything.Bella is a part of this.

  3. “… didn’t found his purpose in the team…”

    I believe he didn’t say that, he just said he’s bored to the game, and as usual u’re adding things >_>

    btw he let player “kill” him but then he said until the KG run out, that means he will not be killed anyway, maybe just once when the KG run out, and it will take forever, player in Bardo know those SirLokito n gank with those KGs

    • “This informations are coming from several mails.”

      Why don’t you read all the text ? As always hasty conclusions.

      • ups my bad >.<

        btw we can't copy things here? pretty hard to do quoting. Or just me can't copy?

  4. You can imagine how this turn up on the game? All stories, why they left, what are the conditions in Acclaim, all multiply in game. Under VGMBella, theVGM team are non-existent, not competitive and invisible.

    • I can in all honesty say that weeks can go by without me caring about the VGM-team 🙂 Let alone a VGM leaving the team. Been there, done that. I’d be more than happy if the entire VGM system got disbanded. GMs don’t have to bother with pesky requests from VGMs for weapons and items anymore and can focus on IMPROVING the game.

  5. I so don’t understand this people, if he knew will be busy with school why he apply ? I don’t buy that reason. Something else was behind all of this, and I think Bella have a clue.

  6. SW you mean he left because of Bella or Manic. that is a good reason. many wants to leave because of Bella and many left, why Acclaim is keeping her ? because she likes to kiss.

  7. well. I stated my reasons. there is no such thing as because of manic or bella. its just that I lost intrest in the game and barely even log my char. I just play at 4-5xp. I am very busy with school and I wish to start a project which will take a lot of my time. So rather than being a inactive VGM and taking a spot in the VGM team i would rather quit.

  8. how can you say that you are VGM Shadow ? any way to convince me ? I think you are one of those 2 wicked girls who came to give a lame reply.

    • How do i know you are really saintX? Can you give me physical proof?

      Aside from a place of complaint and venting, this blog also fuels alot of conspiracy minds. Not a good thing.

      • Oh buddha the irony between your name and your reaction is stunning.

        I never said venting is a bad thing, however planting conspiracies in people’s mind is. And since when am I not entitled to THAT opinion?

        Like always, people come here to hear anti-acclaim words and shun all criticism. Similar to Acclaim who only wants to hear complements and not complaints 🙂 Acclaim and projectAI – more alike than you think.

      • zulu, you can’t judge an opinion after an avatar name.
        second, in Acclaim forum we have dictatorship, here freedom of speech
        third, if you don’t like what others suggest post that you don’t like it, but resume to that, you get personal critics more than others on this blog. why ? reply yourself.

      • I am not judging his opinion by his name, if you read carefullly. That line merely serves as an introduction to what i am going to write. It’s a simple form used in writing…
        The reason i get the most criticism is probably because i’m the most frequent critical poster. I can give you several examples of other people that have crticised here in one way or another that were shot down by the PAI-commenters.
        The simple fact that acclaim enforces censorship on their forum and PAI writing about it, doesn’t mean PAI has no form of it. The difference however lies in the fact that it is the COMMENTERS that like to enforce this, not the bloggers.
        You are a good example of this as well.

  9. We assume what we want ex-Shadow, you can’t stop it. You didn’t give a valid reason why you quited, also why you apply again if you would know you will quit so soon. Don’t you think it is childish ? I am bored and I take my toys and go out… That is not a healthy mind.

  10. i tought u guys are just into soem VGMs but posting here proved me all u guys think of is Bella and the TLs.pfff. so it looks like u guys really are brainless after all.

  11. Shadow the ones that are brainless little girls are Manic and Bella indeed.

    Btw i know who got my personal account banned, it was my dear friend from Aion Nordlander aka Snow_Flakes on 9dragons.

    Bitchass costed me about 400 euros.

  12. Personally i don’t give a **** bout what VGM kiss or suck or teabag…as long as they do their job and don’t play fowl. In the second when they play fowl (and take personal advantage of their position) then i care. You can suck half team but if u are nice person and you see your own business without gaining personal favours is all fine..
    Atm i think VGM team teabag eachother in private/rl cos i don;t see them in this game where they ARE supposed to be. And this, in my utopic vision is a “not doing “their job” situation (that affect players more than “their” sucking).
    I wonder why some apply for VGM and never log in… but atm in start to belive that the only reason is: personal advantages for their playing char. When i will see one logging couple of hours a day and freaking helping someone than ..kudos to him/her. (sorry for the language , but was necessary for give the perfect colour to the situation)

    • All log in at first, enthusiastic about the new cool position. In a couple of days you realise exactly what being a VGM is and that is not Acclaim problem, it’s the players. Then you either keep doing it to gain smth(be it stuff for your char or just the satisfaction that you help as much as you can) or you don’t do anything(but stay on the team, because you like having “connections”) or you quit. Simple as that.

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