The credibility of Acclaim

How you all know, Acclaim is not a company which hold their word. Our dear fake-Hermit published on his very own forum, The Hermit’s Cave, that the new map, a replica of Tibet, will be released on Acclaim’s 9Dragons version by end of december.

Of corse you may ask yourself now, if you are already a veteran and know Acclaim well, the big question “Wait, did he said 2009? If no, who can believe that?

Answer: No. The person behind the avatar Hermit did not said, by end of december 2009. Let me quote a line of his topic “The Hermit Speaks… and open letter to The Land!“:

And by year’s end I shall reveal a new map filled with wisdom and danger…

This is it. This is all about when it shall arrive us. The new players, which aren’t so long time on this game, believe Hermit’s words. But the veterans, at least those who didn’t left yet, don’t.

So like the player vagacam, which opened a new topic on the 9Dragons forum. He made an official countdown for the map, to see if Acclaim is a company of word or not.

The most players knows the answer of this question… However, let me quote something else from the same topic, from the player magimay:

A little birdy mentioned smth about it coming in January, which surprised me (yeah, I’m still naive and trusting :D)

I can confirm this. A GM told me, the new map will arrive Acclaim’s 9Dragons version on january/february. I will not say which GM it was, but it was for sure not The Hermit.

Since we know that behind the avatar Hermit is somebody else, and not the respected person Steven-Elliot Altman, I lost all my belief to Hermit’s words.

I can tell you what the original plan of Acclaim was, so read carefully:

– By end of the year 2009, implementing the new map Tibet aka Xizang

– January/February 2010, implementing the first content for the clanless warriors, called Vagabonds. Also Hermit said already (the real Steven-Elliot Altman and the fake-Hermit) that this will come before the Advanced Clans.

Short time after the first Vagabond content, implementing the Advanced Clans. I’m not sure about this point, because one GM say something, and another GM say something else. This is not just officially like that.

Short note for The Historian:
Of corse you can call me again a lier… But until now, I was almost always right. You should remember… I am a 9D Illuminatus 😈

It seems like they can’t hold their plan. However… How Acclaim stated already officially, they were already talking with the developer, Indy21, about a release date of the Advcanced Clans. And how Acclaim also stated, they were already testing the Advanced Clans, and a screenshot of the GM Ravenclaw showed that already.

Some players seriously believe, the GMs got nothing better to do than to change their clan title. But those are in fact people which don’t know how it works on… well let’s say, on “professional” way. The GMs got actually a lot work to do. When they are online ingame, then they have the following possible reasons:

– They are online because they feel like helping (not often the case)

– They are online because of an event (almost always the case)

– They are online because they need to test some new content (very often the case)

For those who believe, Acclaim got a “testserver”: You are wrong. New content will be implemented in our normal 9Dragons version, but just available for the GMs (sometimes also for VGMs). Some people saw already some screenshots of hackers with +26 chi points on level 7 elixir, or with equipment which normal players never saw ingame. The reason is, because hackers can get those items, which actually just GMs can get.

Such screenshots were already posted, even on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum. But, you may guess it already, they deleted those posts again.

What I want to say is, we got already, since long time, items implemented, which could actually be able for normal players since long time, but which Acclaim forgot again. The conclusion is: The 9Dragons Game Managers are lazy and don’t have any overview of their game. They lead the game with the interest of money but not of their players. Acclaim is not a company of word, and the new map will show this fact once more.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “The credibility of Acclaim

  1. the map will not come up in december, it is not translated and TheHermit didn’t make the story for the quests yet as I know.

  2. it will be like LD map, same thing will happen. will show us that they have the map in korean, and will take it out to translate it…few more months.

  3. Legend, I think TheHermit publish an interview where he said will release the new map. I have to search for it, but is on a MMO site.

  4. Honestly , I am scared of Acclaim patches and new content implementation.
    If i were them, I could stand the “heat” of flaming unpatient players (some made PS and took a nice break waiting, some spam like is hell on earth) and work carefully on that future content. Personally i preffere it delayed and therefore, their promise broken in a way, instead of implemented and the “server goes in mob revolt” cos of bugs and errors. Myself, every time they postpone something i try to give the Devs the benefit of trusting them (as they hopefully work carefully on the content), I don;t really give a foot for the crazy PS players that “burn in flames” next to PC cos they have nothing to do.
    When 2nd role patch was impelmented i didn’t logged in for a week (trully scared) but i saw the forum and the flames. I wish for them to kinda ignore the pressure and release a good shaped/bugsfree content. This would be their only excuse for broken promisses, and i would understand them for that.
    The flames generated by PS ones that have nothing to grind/else to do are minimum compared with the players reaction at a broken /bugged/bad content.
    Sorry for long post this case…patience is a virtue.

  5. yea aik i agree patience is virture i left 9d but still modfy forums what will happen and also my wish is tha 9d woud notice that some skils are usles as the way they are
    also i didnt play 9d when hermit was around but my freind urukiora did and he came to same conclusion as the people of project ai this hermit is fake
    also lets see will aclaim make another disaster or will the new content be finaly some goodies

  6. I do not think this year will see the map.I had discussions with many of the GMs and they said it seems that the map is not tested. Now they test master-student.

  7. \”A little birdy mentioned smth about it coming in January, which surprised me (yeah, I’m still naive and trusting )\”

    Lol, yes.

  8. I have a PS1 and I am bored. I don’t think I will see the map this year, we all know how Acclaim did with LD map. They said at the end of 2008 and was release in 2009 after 3 months.

  9. Take a look at wikipedia :

    “The original In-game story for Indy21’s Korean version was written by wuxia novelist Jwa Baek and then Steven-Elliot Altman was hired by Acclaim to rewrite the game in its entirety so that it would become accessible to Western audiences. Steven-Elliot Altman is no longer working on the Acclaim version of 9Dragons.”

    Steven-Elliot Altman is no longer working on the Acclaim version of 9Dragons. ????????

  10. I fold the general opinion and I don’t think we will have the new map in December. From what I heard, it seems that now they test the patch with master-student. Let’s wait and see.

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