VGM[Adonis]-public appearances on Bardo

Adonis is a complex figure of Greek mythology. He is the son of Mirrhei born of incestuous love for her father, Cyniras. The Legend of Adonis symbolizes the switch to another season (was played by 2 women –  because Adonis was reluctant to choose one of them,  Zeus, very tired,pass a sentence of balance and reconciliation: Adonis was to spend six months in hell with Persephone and six months with Aphrodite on earth, in forests.).

From the greek mythology descends into the realm of 9 dragons, Adonis …

The first public appearance on Bardo of the mythological hero was a disaster. Bardo isn’t a easy server to master , the Europeans have totally different concepts, express their views without restriction. From my point of view VGM[Adonis] was a disaster from every perspective: the language (perhaps due to emotions), ideological, behavioral and communication.

The players asked some thing, he answered another, not to add that the he misinformed the whole server about the event. He said that the event will start at the appointed time and will be extended, which did not happen. In reality he had no idea what happens.

In the second appearance, Adonis returned to rebuild his image, but the players behavior was in accordance with theirs judgments. If on the forum they are prevented (many still banned) to assert a free a point of view, in the game is hard to control. Adonis did not answer any question in fact did not respond to anything, was there only for Chit Chat.

VGM [Adonis] lacks one key element, as seen in by-scrn: integrity. Integrity is one quality that generates confidence. The lack of integrity can undermine almost any effort to make accounts of trust with players.You can make for players small gestures of affection, you can fulfill promises, and make clear expectations-and still fail your trust investments, if in your heart, you stay duplicitous.

The VGM’s situation now is on both side of fence, coming from among the players, but with a form of slavery before Acclaim. All this is reflect in players  feed-back : the lack of firm answers to questions, the lack of communication,the lack of language and not least a big lack of facts. In other words, Acclaim  have not honor the promises they made, they did not meet expectations and the results are seen.

Thanks for the print-scrns sed.



31 responses to “VGM[Adonis]-public appearances on Bardo

  1. There is a total disrespect of players towards VGM system because they can’t meet the customers’ needs, can’t even talk.VGM Adonis is one of the copies who failed. Respect must be earned and they don’t make any effort.

  2. each day, a new mistake. i think it’s too late for Adonis to work at his imagine,.players thinks about his as a villain, unable to answer questions or do something.

  3. Funny, 3rd SS [VGM]Chris xDDDD

    Adonis just answered bullshit,

    “Hey Crysta whatever”
    “oh whos doing this u ll see”
    “y with aoe the bugg”

    Why is he VGM? He did not help the community at all, not on forum neither ingame.

  4. Adoniswill not be able to recover the disability of image unless he will give up at his pride and can have a dialogue at a level of + kindergarten with players.

  5. Well the whole VGM team lacks integrity.

    I said this before and i say it again. VGM’s that share accounts (X-Ray), that have chars copied (Manic), that are to lazy to work (all of them basicly), dont belong in such a position.

    There were 2 that i knew that worked their asses of for that company and one got a ban on one of her personal accounts (Enishi) and one is trying to change a company that cant be changed (Raxion).

    Those are the only 2 that really worked hard in this position.

    • Enishi worked hard? never saw her worked hard anyway.

      and basically yea all VGMs are lazy (just on-fire on the 1st time, it’s usual for every ppl to work hard on 1st day/1st week right?

      after all everyone have their preference and priority anyway, why do they need to put it on top inistead of their real life things and so on. Since it’s voluntary work after all.

  6. May Lee if u know her so well pls enlighten us why u didnt see her worked hard?

    Do you play on Asura? are u a VGM? Because u can only know when someone is much online ingame when ur a VGM. I was sometimes invisible ingame for players, except for the ones that saw me running or something.

  7. Lol the spreadsheet doesnt say shit. You can fill in what u want btw sed i have a copie from a spreadsheet for u if u want.

  8. even if u say it doesn’t make any sense yet u still give the copy, ahaha
    strange stuff >_>

    btw I just reread some articles that posted about u and I kinda confused.
    – u were the oldest? I knew ChiQuen was used by those Vietnamese about college age and it was shared account anyway, u’re not clean just as never mentioned before >_>
    (u can always say that account was given blablabla or whatever tho)

    • Could you, ammm, not discuss this? Zion knows what being a VGM was for me, so do some others and those are the people I care about. Rest of you can think whatever you like. Have a nice day^^

      • I don’t get what u’re trying to say, but I’m not going to prolong bout those stuff since u asked it.

    • ChiQuen was mine yes, and it wasnt a shared account. I gave it to him indeed, he was a league buddy from me. I lost my interest in the nuker yes thats why i gave it away. I think Sed can confirm this. Niam took over my nuker.

      Anyways May Lee i think you should give us some clarity now since u are eager to tell stuff about me, then have the guts to step forward and tell us your VGM ID.

      Btw the only that called herself May Lee was Bella i think, or was it Verse??? Im confused….

      • I was talking from a player point of view since I play on Bardo (that’s why I know bout those Vnese that u called Niam. from what I know Niam’s been playing on Chi on last moments only CS+).
        my main is a WT hyb named My_Honey. but stopped quite a while u can ask Kari or some others if u never heard about her.

        Isn’t Bella n Verse the same?
        I never heard Bella called herself by my name though…

  9. Yup Bella and Verse are the same.

    Niam played ChiQuen from CS2 yes. I started my new healer DylanLucas wich was GL9 when it got banned.

  10. At least we know that there where enough stupid players on Bardo.
    Instead of dealing with normal questions they tried to insult him. LOL
    Maybe he needed to lower his inteligence level so they ciould understand him, LOL

  11. He helped me “On Asura” to unbann my account.
    And how do i knew ? There where Bardo players who where spreading his help.
    For me, he did what i needed. For others, if u guys talked to me the same way. I would have done nothing as well.

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