Thanksgiving event, lacrimosa end

“Am luat teapa” ( I got impaled), is a phrase often used in Romania when you’re tricked and my motto for this event. The most anticipate gift from this event, was the experience card ( which could not be access at the right time and was promise to be given at the end of event, as many of players heard). Yestarday, Bardo was down, so I logged on Asura : the images spoke for themselves.

While Bardo was down more than 20 hours, the forum was assaulted by hundreds of players who come to demand and put questions about what happens. While Historian was sleeping, the pages with complaints multiplied steadily in one rubric…5,6,8,10,12,16. …reached 18 as I heard.

Players have become very creative, even invented poems, songs, rhymes, used Photoshop to to show the emotions … In the meantime the Lord of the Ring (as vennus likes to call him) woke up. The first thing to do… normally was to reduce the number of complaints. Said and done, the complaints have halved from 18 pages to 8, after to 5 pages …

After he auto-congratulated his job well down … it was time to go to another step: spender mall event and mall promotions:

He tried a distraction of attention from the recent events, but he found few supporters. Experience card still remains and will remain a long time from now on the consciousness of players. Numerous requests to receive those were made and still are :

When he will wake up again he will send the ” nazguls” to deal with them…


18 responses to “Thanksgiving event, lacrimosa end

  1. Acclaim at one moment will gonna do a good event from head to tail ? I say: NO. Let’s see what will come out of this mess and if Acclaim will give those cards.

  2. Historian is pay for that, but if players posts a lot, he can’t erase, post more than he can erase… he will end up erasing all the forum. Noobish behavior. The event was a failure.

  3. The “Dark Hermit” event will be a big catastrophe. Just wait and take a look how it will be…

    People, which have either no real life, or too much money, or used the FC PQ bug, will have Immortal (actually Dissolved Body) chars for 9 days, and they will play a big role on this event.

    It’s really sad to see that Acclaim just support rich people instead of their loyal veteran players which still play this game.

    • I sow one post on forum from a GM in which he said will check all people who participate in ID event, but I didn’t sow any result till now. It is impossible to reach hermit in 30 days without that FC PQ bug or shared account.

      • The Hermit one didn’t win, obviously he cheated and they disquolified him. Don’t be so pessimistic, it might turn out well at the end…

      • to get something we want? o_O

        strange, at ur point of view.

        If u’re working and on the payment day ur boss is sick and u can’t come to the office but u can only get the payment that day.

        Will u -change- ur schedule and come to his house to get it or keep resting on ur free day?

        (just an example anyway)

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