Acclaim, unlock the freedom of speech on 9Dragons forum

Our campaing and fight for freedom of speech has started. Join us and sign the online petition, hosted by Petitiononline. You all want a change than show it!

To:  Acclaim Games Inc

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental human rights, proclaimed universally. It is essential for the existence and development of a society, to exercise other human rights and fundamental freedoms. “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to support their own opinions without interference, freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and without borders”, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19.

Online Forum (Public) Acclaim’s 9Dragons is a place where freedom of expression is dead. Because a great part of 9Dragons players and the majority of veterans, over the years have brought criticism to the publisher, Acclaim, the community manager Historian aka David DeWald, who understand these criticisms as threats (not as a expression of discontent for customers with services offered) makes them virtually disappear into the nothingness of the forum Recycle Bin. It is a dirty game, played for several years. Locking, deleting, moving to trash bin of community topics, without a proper explanation, closing accounts without a warnings system being apply is a practice who threats the development of the players community.

Players are harassed for expressing their opinions freely and their accounts are closed if the view expressed is in disagreement with the company policy, even the forum is a public forum and post on the internet. Players are prohibited from free expression of what they think and feel, even if the ideas are framed in the general debate rules, recognized as such worldwide.

David DeWald induced over the years to players, psychological pressure using the slogan “who is not with us is against us and must be deposed” and prompting the avatars of the official team to do more alternative accounts and to block players whom posted reviews of opinions otherwise “than his fancied as the justifiable for Acclaim”.

Join together with us and advocates for:
-Unlocking the freedom of speech on 9Dragons forum;
-Re-opening the veterans accounts who have expressed their opinions on the forum and brought; criticism to the publisher, Acclaim, because of non proper customer service;
– Stoping the harassment of players who want to show culturally diverse ideas;
– Replacing the team of moderators with one able to face the criticism coming from customers and the debates;
– Access to a free debate;
-Respect for fundamental human rights.

ProjectAI authors

PS : Historian stop deleting my guides, stop harresing the authors of this blog, stop harresing the vetarans and stop locking and delete the criticism!Having that attitudine confirms all !


31 responses to “Acclaim, unlock the freedom of speech on 9Dragons forum

  1. Signed of corse too. And posted it on the Vagabond Army forum.
    We need this on other websites too. Especially on league forums.

    I would even post this on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum itself, if I would not be banned already xD

  2. Well he probably wont care but ill sign this, but ill aklso sign for the closing of 9dragons acclaim.

    I hope those Indian bastards get without work. Especially Nathan, nice professional, also Historian is a very professional man if u need to ban someone on personal base.

    • Someone please send me your mails with Historian and Acclaim petition, I want to write about your case. I lost them 😦

  3. @Someone: Personally i like this game and I do not want it closed but I want it improved. (Indy is Korean btw and call them like you did is unappropriate).
    I though some ppl try to make the 9D staff to improve the game not to bring it down.
    Now i think i might be wrong 😦

    • You have right, destroying something is very easy, to build something is very hard. I like to work on improvements too, yet sometime, you are forced to take other decisions. Till I will stop playing 9Dragons, I will always try to find a way to make it better for the future.

  4. Bear in mind that the 9Dragons Official Forum is not forced to follow the Freedom of Speech. The forum is still owned and ruled by Acclaim and as such they have the right to control speech as they see fit, however just or unjust this may seem in our eyes (and before you start legend, i have been banend on my main account as well for expressing opinions).

    That said, i do not agree with the way Acclaim is executing the situation. They have put up an iron curtain to prevent criticism and refuting arguments. For that reason i will sign this petition even though i do not agree with the last point (respect for the fundamental human right)



    • Haha banned for expressing opinions? You don’t really believe that, do you?
      Well I don’t believe that the big zulu, which always fight against so-called “Acclaim-haters”, is banned on his main account. On forum? Maybe. But for sure not ingame. Not even I am banned ingame, so like sedbona. That’s a matter of coin users or not. And since I know you’re a coin user, I really doubt you’re banned ingame.

      How I said, on forum, maybe. But for sure not because of your opinions. Because of your flames? Maybe. Because of your picture, which sedbona and I showed you already? Yes, probably. But because of your so-called “opinions”? No way.

      I would not give an answer to your comment, if you would not talk directly to me…

    • I see, it’s not that hard to refute arguments and facts. I know it’s harder to simply admit i’m not pro-acclaim.

      I am banned on the 9D forum on my main account. This was back in the time where i used to grasp every opportunity i got to criticise acclaim for their poor behavior, which unevitably resulted in a ban. Later on i received another ban on my second account for the same reasons and eventually an IP ban for criticism on my third account.
      If it wasn’t for proxies i wouldn’t be able to view the forums at all.

      In one of my previous post i mentioned a vendetta you have against me to which you replied that was not true. However judging from your comments it seems you do have some personal issues with me. My guess is that it’s because i roam this blog to comment on it in a way you did not expect, as the comments here were mostly understanding and agreeing with the topics.
      How is it so hard to believe that i couldn’t have been banned because of my opinions? After all legend, YOU were banned because of your opinions. You and I, we are more alike than you think.

      • The “vendetta” thing is old from such people like you. There’s no point to talk about that. If you think I have a vendetta against you, than feel free to think that.

        You comment in a way I did not expected? Seriously… You don’t know who I am, and what kind of people I have already met. You are just one of those people which talk, just because they are bored. You flame here against this blog (or didn’t you?) when you are bored. You flame on the 9D forum against Acclaim because you are bored. You flame there also against other people, because you are bored. Behind your words is nothing than boredom, because you don’t follow one way.

        The most people are either against Acclaim, OR against this blog, OR against other players. But you just flame overall.

        Yes, I am banned on the forum because of my opinions. AND because I am an author here, in this blog, which became the biggest opponent of Acclaim. THAT was the reason for my ban.

        But you… Well, I still remember the first days where you posted your comments here, on this blog. Trying to tell us how wrong we are, and how good Acclaim is. One day you changed your mind somehow. How I said, I guess, just because you were bored. And how it seems, you still are. If I take a look on your comments or posts on the 9D forum, I can just see a bored person which likes to flame other people.

  5. bear in mind they make the forum public hosted on the internet and the freedom of speech and expresion must be respect.

    • It doesn’t work that way. Just see it this way.

      I open my house (forum) for all those that ring the doorbell (registry), i’m a very open minded person so i allow you to say whatever you want at the kitchen table. However if you start talking about things i don’t like (doesn’t matter if you agree with that) i have the right to throw you out of my house. Simply because it is my property. The fact that my house is built in a country where freedom of speech is practiced has nothing to do with that.

      • yes it does. try to see the larger picture, if that country would not exist, neither your house. you have your house because of the country. you talk like Hitler. Acclaim have subscriber because of the internet, if the internet would not exist, neither they in A MMO.

      • zulu, you missing so many points. You can’t do everything you want, even it is your house. For example, if the volume of the music is to high, the neighbours can call the Police and complaint for phonic pollution and you will be punished by law. The same case is with freedom of speech. In short time, companies has weak points.

      • It’s a fact that acclaim has the right to refuse freedom of speech on their forum, if they wish they can even make it a dictatorship (regardless of how far they’re going down that road already).

        Freedom of speech only applies to public places, not in private.

        The metaphor of loud music is a perfect strawman argument, i assume you know what that means. Regardless, i will answer it.
        Freedom of speech affects the residents of my house, not my neighbours. When my music is too loud my neighbours have the RIGHT to complain because of disturbances, in a way I am invading THEIR privacy. This is a completely different situation than with freedom of speech. As i said, a strawman argument.
        However i feel this metaphor has gone far enough and it’s causing chaos. Either way, ceteris paribus still applies.

      • They have no right to refuse it, because it is an universal right, when they enter the internet zone, they accept it and the Court of Law can ask the provider to close their service if they violate the law… they depend on internet to survive, as you depend on the neighbors and others stuffs and persons, because if you violate too much the law, you go to jail (they can witness)…don’t think if it is your property you can do what you want, you live in a society who have laws, even laws about property.

        PS : don’t forget for example, the search warrant, they can do whatever they want in your house (serach every little thing) and you can’t do nothing to stop them, even it is your property…

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