[VGM]Phoenix exploiter or ?

Yesterday I went to Yushan to help with KoG epithets the League members. I met one old 9Dragons player, who was in FC PQ with the second character (FC8-FC9) and he told me that in his party are some high level players to exploit FC PQ. The group of high players stood isolated, under deposit. Among them I sow, no other than out dear VGM[Phoenix] aka DeadEmotions ( Zion – dedication). He stood there 1 minute, after he sow me, he dc…




I’ll leave open the presumption of innocence that we all need, before we start to judge. But what he was doing in the party with FCs ( his character is higher than FC)? He went to gather evidence for GMs with those that are FC PQ and exploits it? I saw someone from his band there (Outcasts) who was also in that party. Phoenix will help the GMs to ban his band fellow ? I rather doubt it. Or he went there like others to exploit the bug? If so, as we seen in many other examples, I doubt that those who are in the sphere of relations will be punished, as is the case of Phoenix.

I’ll let the GMs to investigate. Exploitation of this bug size became huge. Players are not afraid of 24h ban. After all what is 24h ban? Nothing. The experience remains… yet, us the  ‘losers’ to grind 2%  have a hard time and the others in a blink of an eye can do 7%, 5%, 4% …

Punishments that players heard from GMs for exploiting this bug are : 1 day ban, 7 days ban, permanent ban, 5 levels role back, 50 levels role back. I notice it is not a unique voice when comes to this. I hope GMs will mobilize the “voices” and will make a sticky note on 9dragons forum, it is getting out of hands.

PS : video…with me, the ‘looser’ griding for 2%…



22 responses to “[VGM]Phoenix exploiter or ?

  1. didn’t you know mates that VGMs are the first ones to exploit the bugs ? some don’t report to GMs and are exploiting with their characters.

  2. Maybe they should ban explioters right away permanent. Especially when you are like cs-gl-hm. at that level u should know what the rules are of a game. Regarding Phoenix, kick from the team and ban personal char. And you are right van down, VGM’s are ussualy the first that know about the bugs. So its tempting to not use them. Apperently Phoenix couldnt resist

    • “Regarding Phoenix, kick from the team and ban personal char. And you are right van down, VGM’s are ussualy the first that know about the bugs. So its tempting to not use them. Apperently Phoenix couldnt resist.”

      Yah lol.

  3. How I said already… If such people like me or sedbona would use it, we would get for sure immediately a permament ban without any warning. But others, especially those from their teams, don’t have to face any concequences. This was prooved already a few times.

    • You got ban because you show this to us. 10x for Historian. Now after he deleted all guides, he went on hide.

  4. so busted. both way Phoenix is so busted. even he was there to catch the players, he had no right to do it like that. would he make a raport for his band members ?

  5. The first to exploit the bugs are VGMs. Good image and goos role-models.Time and pacience show me that everything I believed became true : a false system with fake people.

  6. This is a matter of respect.Acclaim don’t respect players, neither the customers. For veterans is also a matter of honor. Some players jump levels like the wind, others had to make hundreds of hours of miserable grind to get SP. It’s deplorable.

    Role back to all who use it.

  7. 9d forum is loading again slow. All players who used this bug must be permanent ban, even they are VGMs. All my friends in game who are veterans are pissed off. They had to work hard to get PS1 and some people just skip the griding. I agree with role back also, if not the permanent ban. Some people must get permanent ban to set example.

  8. I know OBIRA. I’m making some awsome event parties with him and some other players. I believe he’s a great player.
    Regarding DeadEmotions, I’ve also made some great parties with him… I think EC/FC/CS lvls and I cannot say that he was not a fairplay gamer, always helped the party members… so..guess he’s doing the exploitation only with his VGM account. Then he’s getting a minus from me! If proven guilty, at least a exp rollback is mandatory ( I’m against perm banning players, but I have some other ways of punishment 🙂 )

  9. I love your vids sed. They are awesome, you are the idol of vids for 9d :). Back to subject, if DeadEmotions went there to make PQ, he should be kick from VGM team and his character baned… hmm as we know Acclaim, this will not happen. .zzz

    • It si not my work to find out… still there are some ss from a Warrior with all the party (send to Acclaim).

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