Disrespect to old players

While I’m still banned so like all my real life friends, I can take again a look into the 9Dragons forum. I was take a look today at the General Discussions forum and saw an interesting topic:


The probably oldest 9Dragons player, or at least one of the oldest,  wrote about the Floral Crown Party Quest bug. You all know how it works, and you all know that nobody will get really banned. Unless you are an enemy of Acclaim. If you are a defender of Acclaim, or are in one of Acclaim’s teams, or know a GM, you have nothing to fear.

He made the suggestion to give old players a compensation. Since there is since long time the wish on the community to give something to old players, this seems to be a very good idea. He suggest to give old players some free experience. As reasons he gave the FC PQ bug and the simple fact, that new players need less time to get a level than an old player needed for the same.

It is clear that Acclaim never will do that, so we don’t have to discuss about that. But, if you take a look, you can see that this topic was locked without any notice, neither from Historian, the master-locker himself, or a moderator, his footmen.

I am not sure if the reason was the last post of zulu918 which would cause a big debate or just because Acclaim did not liked the topic itself. Whatever it was, I will comment zulu918’s post below. But first let me write about the Original Poster.

The Original Poster, azninpo, registered and player since 2006, asked for two (2) simple things: A fair answer of a Game Master, and an added poll with the question “Do u want to Acclaim compensate old players” and the possible answers “Yes” and “No” from a moderator. Instead, this old veteran player, which already bought a lot of Acclaim Coins for sure, just got a lock, without even a notice, and disrespect from Acclaim.

The last post, from our reader zulu918, irritated me a bit. As a person, which talk about other peoples arrogance, he wrote this:

This is hilarious, you want compensation because people abuse a bug?

What’s next? We should receive +12 weapons because SOME people managed to hack +12 weapons? You can see how ridiculous this is right?

For me it seems like this person missed the point. The Original Poster gave two (2) reasons for this compensation, and not just the FC PQ bug. And even if he would just give the FC PQ bug as reason, zulu seems to miss the point, that there are not just “some” people which abuse it.

How some of you know, zulu already stated, that he will always be on Acclaim’s side. I respect this, even if I can’t understand it. But I still ask myself, can’t he get human arguments for his “quest”? His example with the +12 weapons don’t make any sence and don’t have anything to do with.

Well, first of all, we are talking here about a bug. Not about a hack. Second, if there would be a bug (since we are talking about a bug and not a hack) to get a +12 weapon without any fail, the whole situation would be different than with the experience from the FC PQ.

Some may remember, that there was a bug to refine a weapon to +10 without fail, when the max. refinement was just +9. Those which used this bug were never banned, and those which told the GMs about this bug could even keep the weapon.

To cut a long story short, this example got nothing to do with the fact that a lot players uses the FC PQ bug. Such answers are often the reason why the veteran players leave this community. They are tired of such childrish answers, from the community members and Acclaim itself, even if their posts are good and/or justified. And to lock the topic without any reason and notice, and to show such a disrespect to one of their oldest players, which still is on this game and did not left, is just bold from Acclaim.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond




24 responses to “Disrespect to old players

  1. Freedom of speech and Acclaim are two things, all opuse.Historian, after the last mistake he has done (managed to delete veterans guides at a rate of 80%) is in the shade and I think he is bored again. As he already banned more than half of the accounts of players from 2007,he is thinking to “take care” of the 2006 ones.

  2. Respect is hard to gain and easy to loose. The person who didn’t try to gain respect, don’t know what is it and will spread only disrespect.

  3. I really can’t wrap my head around what you just said legend. After repeating about 10 times on several other threads that i do NOT always support acclaim (11th time) you still insist on blinding your eyes to what I say. You have a right to your opinion, you do not have the right to twist my words to make me look bad.

    First of all, if you’ve read his post you’d see that he said the following
    “so new player have been able to lvl more fast im not in disagree with this part”
    He also clearly stated that he wanted compensation for the XP BUG, not for the increases of xp as timed passed.

    As for my example.
    In the case of the compensation because of the bug he suggests:
    people abuse bug to gain more xp/levels
    so -> give the non-abusers extra xp/levels to compensate
    In the case of the +12 weapon i say:
    people abuse a hack to gain a +12 weapon
    so -> give the non-abusers +12 weapons as well
    It is the same thinking pattern only in a different setting. The fact that i say hack instead of bug doesn’t mean my argument is illegitimate.

    Second, i don’t understand why you are aching to make me look bad legend. Perhaps you have formed a small vendetta against me for a few arguments we shared on this blog but i thought bigger of you.
    To let your emotions take over, writing a post without fulling understanding what was said, it is not something i sought from you.

    Rest assured that i will always be around to defend my position, just or unjust. However perhaps in the future your arguments could be more valid?

    Zulu out

    • Yeah, as soon I tell my opinion it is already a vendetta. I know that already.

      You read this post, and still insist that bug is the same like a hack… However, for your part about twist your words… Here’s the screenshot of your words, where you clearly say, you will always be on Acclaim’s side:

      Do you really think I loose such an image? If you don’t like that the people talk about what you said, think next time before talking. It’s just that easy.

      • u read wrong.
        on image seems zulu is on side of acclaim coz he say im always on acclaim’s side, but is only final part of sentence

        full sentence is im saying this beacuase i know lot people think im always on acclaim side.

        BTW is forum donw?
        i can’t log and can’t enter site

      • It’s not about your opinion, you are entitled to that. It’s about taking my words and making it personal. Indirectly stating that my post was childish, things like that.
        Why would you go as far as writing half a post about that reply i wrote on the 9D forum? That made me think that maybe there is more behind this post.

        As for the bug/hack. I could rewrite my post and say ‘bug’ where i now said hack. It doesn’t matter, it is merely an example.

      • Your post WAS childrish, and the people getting tired of such answers. You take this person for a fool.

        The post is about disrespect for old players, from other members and/or from Acclaim itself. Your post is just a perfect example for this. We don’t need to discuss about this fact.

        How I said already… If you don’t want the people to talk about what you said, think before talking. Discussion over.

      • Why was it childish? Because i pointed out how i felt requesting compensation was ridiculous? Or perhaps because you THINK i’m childish. Fact and opinion are two different things legend.
        I don’t take him for a fool, i took his request as absurd.

        Again, how is my post disrespectful? And how does him being an old player have anything to do with that? Are you saying that if the same post was made by someone who joined 10 days ago it would’ve lost it’s purpose?

  4. 9d forum must win 1 premium of unpopularity. The situation of the forum is what we see every day: just unhappy topics. Rather than to upload the forum 1h, 10 min to write a topic, 1 h to post it and lock it in 30 second, I sit here and read this awesome blog. Not to mention the bunch of children who claim to be major stars.

    • i only see :
      locked topic
      deleted topic
      moved topic

      there is no respect for the people who thing or try to argue into a debate.

  5. it is more about education. respect for the veterans you can’t ask from people who have been raise without education or manners. many from there made spend their childhood on the Internet.

  6. I forgot to mention: the reason for locking the topic is (most likely) for staff call, which is not allowed on the forum.

  7. Oh, give me a break already! This is beyond stupid! Compensation because you didn’t abuse a bug??? Then I want a compensation for never using a nuker spot, that’s it! I never used with any of my chars, what do I get for that? A cookie? And what do I get for never abusing cloth bug? Chocomilk? To go with the cookie, ofc 😀
    2nd, the game evolves, I already had this discussion on 9d forum. Now it’s easier to reach CS, because lvl cap is PS. What do you want? To roll the game back, so it’s all like in the good old days? Or you’d rather go with “I got capped when cap was CS, make me capped now too”.
    And about VGMs always being under protection – so not true! I got banned while I was a VGM. I know it feels damn good to curse the team, but they are people too and some of them are doing their best. Some of the VGMs you take/took so much time trying to ruin are the most loved by their servers. But you, while speaking for the community, never bothered to actually ask the community about that, did you?

    • don’t you think what you say is stupid ? you act like those players, with no honor, no doubt you are a VGM not an ex one. the people who abuse always gets away, but the people who make it correct are the people who are not appreciate and consider noobs. those people are in fact people who fights for a better 9dragons.

      didn’t ask the community ? what about the survey. look at the results, is all we think and feel it.

      who is loved by the community ? what VGMs ? what they did for us ? please try to speak with facts. tell me 3 things they did for us.


    • Read the post again, Hope…
      “It is clear that Acclaim never will do that, so we don’t have to discuss about that.”

      Why are you discussing about something that is clear we don’t get it?

      About your VGM story… As VGM you are either a so-called “ass-kisser” or a good person which can see how wrong Acclaim is. The veteran players showed that already (take a look to the old interviews of the old veterans, from this blog). If you were a good person which try to help the community, and not Acclaim (the interest are different), you will be kicked out very fast. But if you are still in the VGM team you are… well… one of their footmen.

  8. Do not ever give money to Acclaim. I mean dont buying coins.
    This game only for have fun. Do not take this game become ur life, coz ur life too very beautiful for that. Don’t wasting ur beautiful life to play this game alot 🙂

    This game is free. If u wanna play, play it if u have time or got bored in real life.

    • You have right, it is a game. But, sometimes when you want to relax, you get piss because you hurt kids pride.

  9. ………Of course you won\’t get \”Compensation\”, you do understand that we ban them if they exploit the FC party quest right? stop making threads on this subject.

    Why this was not explain in the original post when was closed ? Acclaim Nevermore is worst GM ever. He don\’t know what is to be a GM. Where is the announce with the period time of ban on forum ? People leave if they are treat like this.

  10. As many had said, all of this is a part of education, if you don’t respect others you don’t respect yourself. Veterans must be respected because of their knowledge.

  11. Hehe, I just saw now, (2 pm GMT) all my 900 post where i was helping players and given useful info were delete. I have 3 posts left…yay 😀 (none is a guide).
    Can’t you love the “winter cleaning”?:)))

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