La toile : FC party quest

minshen29 :There is a bug that allow all lvl to do FC PQ. Just need the minimum requirement of 5 FC7-12 and the rest can be added in to fill the slots. So u have a PQ of 5 FC7-12 and the rest can be CS, GL or other lvl. So the CS ++ lvl will utilize this bug to lvl their char in FC PQ very fast and the 5 FC7-12 can use the help of CS++ char to finish the FC PQ faster.

alicehudin :And not the CS players are the problem but….How you think some H players made/going towards lvl cap in such a short time with Liaodong crashing constantly at events? I know quite some. And I still wait to see what actions will be taken against them as I know that reports were made and till now no action taken.Still waiting….

It seems that started this way. Recently ( even is know over 9-10 months) a bug tempts great players to slip easily into the sphere of account ban. Like always Acclaim guys found it late.

Somewhere lost in space, seems we have an announcement : the players who used this exploit will be banned. But we don’t  know ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘where’… Yes, it’s true, it’s just a rumor. Until now we hear that those who will use PQ bug will be banned for 1 day or 7 days and if they will be used again, will be definitively banned. Yet, we don’t know if the experience they gained will be role-back. GMs don’t give explanations on how the subsequent action is going.

It is not clear how the evidences collected by GMs looks like. If we see a party in NN or HZ , made by people we know they are above FC level ( maybe they go there to help with epithets) we make a ss and send to GMs to check it? It is known that these things are made in league  family), so will be few people who will carry over this evidences. Another approach would be that the GMs check every day the logs from PQ (unlikely, at how much work they have to do).

Another aspect is the one that is related to ‘sides’. Each side is accusing  various things. We have several categories:

-those who receive a ban and conform to;

-those who receive ban and are immediately unban because they have various relations with official team;

-those who receive ban and because of blackmail ( Jon avatar was in same party with me, look I have ss, I recieve ban, he don’t because he has relations ).

Official team of VGMs don’t have a strong reaction and don’t fight against this bug. Many of them help their friends to be unbaned and fight among each other. One VGM disguised in normal player tried to enter these FC PQ to enforce the rules, he made many reports, but GMs didn’t care.

It’s an absurd fight for now, as statistical numbers, should be banned more than half of the servers, accounts which consume mall … this will not happen. Once again the honest players suffers.

This bug was used by players for Immortal Days event. Who will be disqualified? No one says anything…



19 responses to “La toile : FC party quest

  1. I reported few and no action was taken. You read my mind and said it :

    -those who receive ban and are immediately unban because they have various relations with official team;

  2. If people like me or sedbona would use it, we would get from the first time on a permament ban… Why? Because we are enemies from Acclaim.

    Others don’t get any ban. The GMs may stated that they will ban, but seriously, this would be too much work, to ban them all.

  3. Yestarday on Bardo, rcd from NP cried all event that he got ban and others who use it didn’t get it (he knew those and was saying indirectly to Kane that he knew it and was not fair he was ban and others no, so he got unban, because among those he knew they did it was someone from official team). People on Bardo who use it and got away :
    FenXian (he leveled to PS1)

    And others more. This is not fair.

  4. This bug was used by players for Immortal Days event. Who will be disqualified? No one says anything…

    i wish to see that too. some players level too fast, not normal.a player reach hermit. how ?

  5. I’ve talked personally with Nevermore who said they have noticed of this (and they have the SS of reports) and as soon as he has the ticket number of reports will get to them asap. (i still have the conversation).
    One report was also made on mIRC(along with the SS) to VGM Olix who’s reply was “hmm”. That was 1 week ago. None of them got banned, even more, they now abuse it with even less shame in open eyes.
    The sent SS’s were from INSIDE the PQ and were dated and extremely relevant. They showed the quest being taken and the lvl of the players inside dungeon.
    The staff reaction is obvious. The bans are…given in someones favor an other ones disfavor.
    I am already feel stupid for lvling legit.

      • Lol Acid or Nathan is the most hilarious GM without manners.

        He should get a course in some manners. When i was busy with my little shared accounts crusade he told me when i reported X-Ray to him that he wouldnt go hunt shared accounts.

        They just dont wanna make this game more fair for the normal players. And its an issue of money.

  6. GMs must role-back all those who used PQ bug and bann them at least 30 what if many did it ? all must be punished.

  7. Even they use mall a lot, in the game are players who level legit, using mall also. They all should be ban and role back to prevoius experience.

  8. I can’t help but feel ashamed, at least for my leagues and those i deem as friends. Perhaps i’m not the most friendly or likable player on the server, but i’ve never understood the need to walk the low path of abusing bugs.
    Actually, the actual ABUSE of it doesn’t bother me that much. When you play a game like 9Dragons for over 2 years you get used to people exploiting the system. What bothers me however is the amount of people that confess of exploiting this bug and being PROUD of it.
    Just read today’s post made by kalgon where he proudly declares he’ll continue abusing the bug untill acclaim enforces real punishments.
    Despicable, if you ask me. It’s bad enough that i feel betrayed because i thought my friends were fair and honest players, it’s worse that there’s not a single grain of shame. Instead we get to hear roars about those that received bans about how unfair it was that they received it.


  9. I know it is hard to make experience, but using exploits to get it is not right. Acclaim must enforce the rules. Why now they don’t use it ? Again, some of the people get unpunished and some are like always fools.

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