9Dragons survey – resume

The authors and editors dedicate this study to Historian aka David DeWald, Acclaim game manager and community manager, the one who closed a forum account of a virtual community member because she asked in an anonymous poll, sociological indicators like: gender and age. Knowledge is power, not knowing is ignorance… So, for a community manager who doesn’t know sociological indicators, but don’t want to learn them…

The barometer of opinion interpretation starts to catch contour. We managed to gather all data, to arrange the graph and elaborate a methodology for analysis. The interpretation of data is still at the start.


The questionnaire included standard questions. Among specific analysed topics, we number :

Acclaim system

VGM system

Moderators system

Players perception over Acclaim official system, game and community system

Values and mentalities

Strong and weak points of the game and community


Some of the percentages in raw form, without a review, already indicate status or trend. Where are we heading? It’s a question which we will try to answer in the analysis of data. Thank you all online 9d community sites which have hosted the link to poll. Stay tune for more!

24 responses to “9Dragons survey – resume

  1. Even the dates are in raw form, they show negative trend. Thanks for sharing this, it is high class and a face palm for Historian. Now he got what he wanted : public recognition for stupidity.

    • When the one you know as sedbona said that the community manager of Acclaim games closed her account because of this survery ( asking gender and age in a anonymous poll and interpret as personal dates is more than stupidity ) I asked her how this guy transmit messages, how he communicate with people on segments. She said to me, he don’t communicate, he impose. I took a look at forum to see what methods he uses and I was disappointed when I sow the poor quality of message and image vectors he tried to used in this process.

      • Acting with arrogance and stupidity will always end up in bad term. That is how Historian acts, it is not only sed account who was closed due his personal hate.

  2. moderators 2%…hahaha
    guys you think that Historian can understand that gender and age are sociologic indicators ? i think no, he didn’t finish a university. in other words, his lack of education push him to do this mistake, even was personal towards sedbona. i love the pay back.

    and thanks for this sharing, i wait the analyse.

    • My big question is : when he or Acclaim did surverys, didn’t they ask for such indicatives ? If they didn’t ask, the survery are not representatives. You make a survery with a purpose, than to reach that purpose the message will follow the segments. For example, you have to make a specifict message for males and females, if the males are dominant, than you have to put more masculine themes in vectors.

      I will try follow when Acclaim will poll the community to see what kind of indicatives will use.

      In my opinion, Historian closed sebona account for personal ‘vendeta’, but he argue with words he can’t control. This survery will be used in a large study and I will use it as an example in learning sections.

  3. Historian got owned big time, is very clear the ban of sedbona has no justification , it was anonymous survey, how can you ask for privates dates in something like this ? the public and the people who will use this survey as research will laugh. i think the analyse will include this aspect too. yes or no ?great job, pvp and bugs has same score, 2 old problems without a fix.

  4. It is clear from statistical data presented , the state of players’ dissatisfaction, it’s very clear that the players perceive Acclaim as a machine for making money, not a company who does something for their benefit of the players. It’s great that players have confidence in community leaders, not in official team. I will refer to the words of Hermit : I know what community wants. It is obvious that this is something else, he don’t know. I look at the poll on this blog ‘ players popularity prizes goes to’ and ThehHrmit fell far from his position as a salvation solution and the truth: I came here to make money.

  5. Very interesting to see is also, that Community Leaders represent the most 9Dragons players more than the official team.

    The Hermit got there a high percentage, but just because the people didn’t knew “Hermit” so well like now. This would be a lot different today.

    And all the other questions speak for themself. Oh, I can see already an angry Historian… And to know, he will be soon a lot more angry makes me laugh.

  6. i marked the box of community leaders also. i don’t think any other can represent community, Historian, Hermit represent Acclaim, VGM team, moderators, all represent Acclaim even they came from community.

  7. I’m neither arguing for or against what is posted here. I am not involved. But I believe firmly in seeing both sides of any story.

    From the Acclaim Rules of Conduct:

    “Asking for player personal details or providing personal details:
    You cannot ask for, give or provide anyone’s personal details (including full real name, phone number, address, age, etc.) Acclaim allows you to post IM and email information in your forum profile for players to see, however, you cannot and should not provide additional information to anyone.”

    • Nobody was asked for the age. Especially not on the forum, and for sure not ingame. And those rules just count for the forum, or ingame.

      On a survey it’s a bit different. It was another webside, and nobody was forced to participate. Everyone could choose to participate or not.

      On a survey, from another website, about a game, the forum rules, respectively ingame rules, don’t have anything to do with.

      • Also, let’s not forget this : personal informations are available when you are identify, when you are X person ( you have to have a name ). The survery was ANN.

    • Do you realise that Historian is a moron ? Do sedbona ban have a logic ? No. You think that someone post on that survey his real name ? You think that FBI, CIA can identify us from that procent of gender and sex ? Makes me laugh. On 9dragons forum we post as avatars, as avatars is nothing wrong to participate in a survey where anonymous asked for age and sex. I think Historian was affraid of what may came to surface : male predominate and kids predominate.

  8. Thanks for the sharing, obvious the general opinion is negative and the trust in Acclaim in under the normal limit.

  9. We are looking at 2-3 miserable years and we are about there now. This game is the most discriminating place I know. Improvements in all areas are needed. A strong game manager is needed. Historian is just FSSSSFSSS ! No comment ! Look, he become the mock in public eye because of his actions.

  10. If players voted so much for community leaders, we need more players willing to make decisions and follow through. Need a better way for voices of regular palyer to be heard. Acclaim sets rules and then doesn’t follow their rules, but they have no mission statement, goals or objectives for 9dragons.

    Go, go go guys, show Acclaim you can fight it.

  11. The survey reached a sensitive subjects of community., I hope Acclaim representatives will look it and take notes. If Hermitul knows what we want, then to solve.

  12. For me it is clear this survey reflect the reality of community and that reality is not very shiny.Acclaim have problems at every and each point and still they act like they don’t see it.

  13. Thanks girl for sharing this. It is more and more clear that the community wants something new, a change, but don’t know how to do it, they are affraid, but for what, I don’t figure it out.

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