VGMs and Spammers

Today, right before the event on Bardo, our dear new [VGM]Adonis was in Hefei. He was on the Bloody Plain White Clan entrance. What he was doing? Talking with players about irrelevant things. It almost seemed like he was just there to earn some respect… You know, the “respect” which you get as VGM when you meet some players without knowledge about Acclaim. It’s called “ass-kissing”. With words like “Oh big VGM, you are so great” he probably wanted to raise his ego.

However, there was just on this moment a player online, which asked himself “WTF?!”

Hefei was full of spammers. So “Why the hell does this VGM nothing against the spammers”, he asked. He waited, and waited, and waited… Until he lost his patience…

Player: “VGM do your job and dc those spammers” he wrote on the mapchat. But [VGM]Adonis did not answered. I guess, he was busy to talk with his “fans” instead of do his job.

Player: “[VGM]Adonis” – now he answered.

[VGM]Adonis: “Yes?

Player: “Stop talking with people and do your job. Hefei is full of spammers.” – Now [VGM]Adonis didn’t answered again.

Player: “Seriously… Adonis… Do I have to show you where the spammers are?” – Now he answered again.

[VGM]Adonis: “No, I know where they are.

Player: “Then stop talking with the people and dc the spammers.

[VGM]Adonis: “I can’t dc spammers.

Player: “You just need to go on your MSN online and report to a GM… Is it so hard?

[VGM]Adonis: “No GM online atm.

Wait… What was that? Well first of all, I did not believed that. But even if this is true… A GM is not online to take a look at their game? They let the VGMs take a look at everything?

Do I have to explain this? There should always be at least 1 GM online. GMs are here to take care of the game. But they let young players without knowledge, called VGMs, take care of the game. Poorly…

Then some so-called “ass-kissers” appeared in Hefei and told how nice Adonis is, and how stupid everyone else. But then [VGM]Adonis wrote this to a french “fan”, on map chat:

[VGM]Adonis: persone est sage ici, lol

[VGM]Adonis said “persone est sage ici”. This means “person is wise here”. I just had to make a screenshot of this line, because otherwise the “Acclaim-followers” would accuse me of lying:

I had already some conversations with this [VGM]Adonis, and I already listened to other conversations between [VGM]Adonis and somebody else. And this was not the first time where [VGM]Adonis is disrespectful to the players.

As soon a normal player becomes a bit of power (or at least they think they got some power) they become arrogant. There was rarely a good VGM in the VGM team. And those who were nice left already or were kicked out.

[VGM]Adonis, just as advice: Be a little more careful how you talk with the players. Otherwise your true identity may be revealed.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


19 responses to “VGMs and Spammers

  1. Adonis is not at the first deed of this kind. Let’s not forget that, one week ago, Adonis lost a great capital of image and suffered public humiliation on Bardo.I will only mention the fact that he could not answer the questions of players about the event and run away.

  2. I am from those people who don’t faint when see a VGM or GM, it is nothing to be found. In fact, I ignore them and go on with what I do. I read all this blog and I noticed that most of VGMs real characters have no friends or achievments. Bardo is a hard server to deal with and people with ego and image problems should not be pointed VGMs there.

  3. As Chick said, if he is not able even to deal with the spammers, he should leave the VGM job and leave us alone.

  4. I never sow once a VGM to do his job how they suppose to do it. He should sort his priorities : spammers than chatting.

  5. If there is no GM on, all a VGM can do is summon the spammers somewhere far from players. but sometimes spammers have “refuse friends” and then there is nothing u can do, but sit there and watch them untill a GM comes online.

  6. GMs stays on invisible mode. I am not against VGMs talking to players, but first they have to do their job, spammers in this case.

  7. i heard this a long time ago and I think it is true : GMs have something to do with gold-spammers sites, also some of the ex VGMs had net shops where they were farming. they are all hand in hand so the gold spammers will not go away easy.

  8. For years we had same problem: spammers. At first when it was created the VGM team they told us they did it mainly, for fighting spammers, but now they can’t do anything if the GMs are not on. What do VGMs in reality? About anything.

  9. I’m not the conspiracist type but the spammer issue has been dragging on for so long yet there’s a TON of options to prevent it. From captcha’s to chat-filters to improved redudancy filters, the list goes on and on. But apparently the GMs feel more comfortable with doing it manually?
    An answer COULD be that indy is holding back on reprogramming the game code, for whatever reason.

  10. For sure is something unclean in the middle, otherwise they would not delay so much to solve this problem. In other games, the problem is solved easily . If you don’t fight it, you encourage . If you don’t take special measures against them, I think it’s a good field for business from their point of view.

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