Legend is banned – part 3

I can’t believe this… Now Historian also banned my second account “vgblegend” on the forum. Why? For no reason, again.

Well actually he banned all my accounts from the forum. And not just my accounts, but all accounts from my friends, which used once the same IP like me. My friends were banned, just because we liked to meet each other at their home and play together 9Dragons.

I had patience with the first forum ban, on my main account. I wanted to do it correctly. But this was the second unreasonable ban. And he not just banned me, he also banned people which never had something to do with that.

I wrote already an E-Mail to Historian. I suggest him to unban both accounts from the forum immediately. If he doesn’t unban all accounts from me and my real life friends from the forum, he will get a real problem.

That’s not a threat, it’s a nice advice.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


21 responses to “Legend is banned – part 3

  1. For me a ban is a psychologically step to see things from another perspective, but again Historian shows a proof of inferiority and choose a coward solution.

  2. Historian acts how he preach : a God. Anyway for me this blog is the best place to have a conversation without being affraid to tell what you believe about them. You don’t need their forum Legend, I don’t need it and I think many others here feels the same. It is nothing good in there and veterans don’t bother to post anymore.

  3. hoppelhase09 not all the things evolves surround you. I see a boy who crries that was pawned on 9dragons forum. As Legend said, you are good to kiss &&&.

  4. If you speak of reasons to Historian you speak in alien words. Didn’t you notice, his behavior is having trace of rascal ?

  5. Hmmm, I keep wondering…u advice him so often “u do this or it’s gonna be real bad for u”, but untill now, even though he kinda ignores ur advices, I don’t see him regretting it in any way. Are those just empty words?

  6. Man Legend you gotta hit them hard and where it hurts, love this blog btw its like a daily ritual to read every post. Keep up the good work!!.

  7. We already are too many who sow Historian true face.He will not get away so easy from all of this. Keep up Legend, we all know that you got a ban without a real motif.

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