Unjust bans and other issues

Today, I was check the 9Dragons forum with my second account (since my first one is still banned) and saw a nice little topic. Well, no that’s not true. It’s not nice. To be honest, it is sad to see such things.

First of all, check this topic:

There is a father which complains about Acclaim. He tells there, her daughter plays 9Dragons. She is around level Revolving Chakra. He tell us, his dauther used a so-called “nuker spot” and that [VGM]Kami (the one which seems to have a very adult age (read the previous post)) wanted to talk with her. She can’t talk english, so she called her father. Of corse she did… What shall she do else? If she can’t talk english, of corse she calls her father, which can. But just for this, [VGM]Kami accused them for “sharing” the account.

Then, the father wrote a very important line, which I would like to quote:

Also as a software developer (yes – I do create user software from scratch) when I make a bug I don’t restrict my customers from using my program and I don’t blame them – I just update it.

This is a very strong line, and nobody will be able to argue against that. This is fact, and he’s right. On his posts you can also see, he is a very adult person. He seems to have an adult age and an adult mind. Not like the most of our Acclaim-guys.

I don’t want to quote everything from the topic, because it would get too long here. But I advice you, everyone, to go and read every post from him on this topic, very carefully. Those who still are on Acclaim’s side may open their eyes then – Or maybe just close them further. However it will be, this is a very good topic.

This guy, good father and software-developer (at least I see it so), is the kind of person which Acclaim would need on their team. I don’t mean the VGM team, I mean the Game Master, Community Manager and Game Manager team. He can see the facts and tell them clear. And against his words you can’t argue. If you do, you will do it poorly.

He seems to be a person with humanity. Acclaim really need such people. I don’t want to say “hire him”, I want to say “hire people like him”.

Interesting is also to see, that the GMs just ban nuker-spot users which they want. VGMs can’t ban people, they have to report it to a GM. And they will ban them. To be honest, I already reported a nuker using a nuker-spot. Actually I don’t report any players, but this is just unjust. After telling them, that this is banable and to stop using the nuker-spots, they called me names. After that, I made some screenshots and sent it to the support. They answered me, that the player was banned. But on the next day, the same player was using the same nuker-spot.

You may believe me or not. Fact is, Acclaim handle their things very bad. And such topics shows it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


25 responses to “Unjust bans and other issues

  1. one of the reason why VGM team is so hated : lack of communication with players. VGM Kami wants to state himself and makes big deeds :p

  2. I like how that guy thinks, we have bugs from 2006, 2007 and nobody fix them. I think Acclaim will not hire someone who is smarter than Historian. Historian will not stand it and will try to dig a grave.

  3. They ban random and they take in only people they want, their friends gets unpunished. VGM Kami, that guy is under emo style…

  4. Well a ban is justified when a nuker does that like 4 times in a row, but not at the first time. That was policy when i was VGM, mostly i just warned them and inform them about the spots and let them of with a little slap.

    But i wouldnt have rc nukers banned thats just lame. Nice VGM that Kami.

  5. The OP of the rubric had good points and arguments, but as we know Acclaim, they will not take them in mind. I bet Historian is in dream teritory, that is why he didn’t close the topic yet.

    I see the attack of the clones in that post : hoppelhase09… I know what you did hopel, don’t be shy.

    • Well, some psychologists talk in that case about a so-called “self-psyche”. If you are an ass-kisser, you call others ass-kissers. If you are arrogant, you call others arrogant. If you are an asshole, you call others assholes. And so on.

    • We are witnessing unfortunately at the same things that repeats. Legend is right, it is serious that they don’t know how to do something else, it is serious that they know how to control the situation. This is their level, I don’t have any hope or pretensions.

  6. VGM Kami pass the limit. I know everyone wants to stand out, but to give a ban for a RC nuker , which does not know all aspects of the game is embarrassing. He should give him a warning. Again Acclaim proove us what kind of people promotes in official team. When you look on the blog topics, is a big disparity in everything related to Acclaim.

  7. Kids can’t keep uo with adults arguments, this is a fact in Acclaim official team. They repeat like roborts, same thing all over again. It is like Acclaim communicate with Indy21, foreign language.

  8. There are many examples on forum in which is clear the rules are not equal to all. Where are VGM Kami ss ? Till now we have one player word against a VGM word. That does not mean the VGM has right. You have to prove it with chat logs.As the father stated, the girl don’t speak english, but plays the game because she likes it. If VGM Kami ( need to see the chat logs ) warn her, she didn’t understand what she said to her.

    Really poor VGM.

  9. i don’t know why people still post on 9dragons forum, it is a waste of time and energy, ends in locked for pace and harmony. those who teach ethics of rules to players, are the first that don’t obey them. Legend’s story, sedbona story of ban are relevant.

  10. VGM [Kami] gesture of cowardice is 2 sided: for a child who does not know English and a man who has arguments . VGM Kami has a delayed idiot behavior.

  11. Mm maybe he don’t spend money..u know? spend lot money for premium etc like almost high lvl nukers at icy, they use safe spot but other day still playing coz they have premium.

  12. I found this amuzing. “They ignored me, so I decided to ban them for nuker spot abuse and sharing”. What an argument. Though I’m worried about those other kids who don’t speak English and their fathers are not around to help them. Will all of them get ban for ignoring [VGM]Kami? He asks somebody about the time, they don’t answer him, because they don’t understand the question and there you go, ban for ignoring a VGM. Childish.

    • It’s sort of playing the cat. I noticed that they tried to push the blaim from one to another. After the general opinion of the players… VGM Kami disagrees with the rest of players, saying that he announced a GM (blame the GM for the decision) and he has done his duty. The problem is that he may wrongly reported what happened to that GM. If you sow Kami post, you will understand that he can’t communicate right in english – look at the word rulez, instead of rules.

      ” As a VGM its in my duty to uphold the rulez to any player that i see breaking them “

  13. My opinion will remain the same : this sytem must be destroyed, creates many inequalities, aberrations in applying the rules and result in losing players. There are delicate situations, which you must know how to control it.

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