Thanksgiving Event DAY 6 – Gifts and complaints

Day 6 of the so-called Thanksgiving “Event” and today was also a lucky cricket event, like every wednesday. It was a 3x event, and the Liaodong map crashed many times. That brought many complaints from the players.

About the gifts… Well, I really doubt the players will get the gifts which we could not get because of the bug. How I said, 1 EXP card to each player is much money. Acclaim can’t do that… (I love sarcasm… Some call it “arrogance”… However)

Many also complained about todays gift. 3 Lion’s Roars. Many spammed the chat. But seems like the GMs are too busy to ban people on the forum without reasons, instead of give spammers a chatban and give warnings to those who use bad language.

Many people also asked on the forum about the gifts which they missed, because of the bug. Some answers were: “Gifts are not promissed”

Some people call me arrogant, but tell me what such answers are.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


14 responses to “Thanksgiving Event DAY 6 – Gifts and complaints

  1. “Gifts are not promissed” is an idea introduced by alternative characters, Acclaim can’t give those gifs retro.

  2. because of those roars, the kids got out of control and spammed for hours. my screen was looking like this :

    was crazy.

  3. Not only the game is ruined. Today Historian succeeded to destroy the forum: he deleted all important guides, leaving on the unimportant. Who will pay for this ?

  4. I doubt big time we will receive the gifts. You think this happens at others games companies? Maybe it is time for me to move to another game.

  5. As you know, the concept of the Acclaim is this : second hand game at high price. We must get used to disappointment.

  6. I don’t think those gifts exist.

    “Some people call me arrogant, but tell me what such answers are.”

    Tsk, tsk. That’s hardly complementary.

  7. I don’t know why Liaodong map crashed so often. GMs came with a explanation : because players grind in there. So ? They must fix it.

  8. I think we will not get the exp cards, as Legend says it is too much for Acclaim to give to all. if you notice on the same account you receive a single gift, even if you have 3 characters. before you receive on all 3.

  9. LD crashes like hell, I am tired of this. A player from my league told me that he heard from a GM that they can’t do nothing. Indy must fix LD dungeon problem. 5 years more ? or 20?

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