Legend is banned – part 2

Meanwhile I know the reason (or the thing Historian call “reason”) why I was banned on the forum. Since it seems for me like not everyone seems to understand it, I will explain it here, step by step, what happened:

Everything began on this post:

The player thegod55 was banned, because he used the word “FU*K”. Well to be honest, that’s not a real word. To be honest, it even could mean “FUSK”. And that’s a real english word. But Historian just banned him, because he just guessed something.

The same player, with another account, asked why he was banned. That’s this post:

The moderator drakenfyre75 answered him, why he was banned. For me it was unfair. Either all got the same rules, or nobody. And drakenfyre75 already used the word “b!tch” (as moderator) and did not get any ban. So I answered there. I said, that’s bullcrap. Somebody answered and said, it’s not. So I told about drakenfyre75 and her word. Let me quote myself:

Why it’s not bullcrap? Because he used the word “FU*K”? drakenfyre75 also used already the word “B1TCH” and she didn’t had to face any concequences.

Oh well I guess that’s because she’s a moderator, and moderators can do that, hum?

2 days later, I think, I was banned on the forum. When I saw that, I just thought “Oh Historian… Don’t do that…”

I made a new topic with my second account (since there is no communication from Acclaim and nobody tell their players why they got ban) and asked why I was banned. That’s this topic:

On the last post on this topic you can see Historian’s answer. He wanted to ban me already since long time and he just searched any reason. But how I said, that was too fast. I told him, as little advice, to wait for the right time. He did not, and he has cut himself in the foot.

I don’t accept such poor reasons. If he ban me for a real reason, I would say “Ok”. But not on such a really poor reason. So I searched drakenfyre75’s posts and hoped, they did not deleted that already. If they had deleted it, I could do nothing. If they had deleted it, I would keep my unfair ban, and I would just hope that somebody still would have a screenshot of drakenfyre75’s words. But Historian failed. I found her post:

Just a bit out of topic: You may see on my favorites a “Skill Trainer” website. I’m not so stupid that I did not thought about that before uploading this screenshot. But to tell to a person, which got a Vagabond as main character, that he use a skill trainer, is really stupid. If your first try to ban me failed, then just take your time and try it again… later… with a better reason. Some days ago, the new Bardo VGM [VGM]Abadonis also accused me on my hybrid character of using a skill trainer. But he had to be very fast quiet, when I answered him very fast back. We had a long discussion, and at the end he had nothing to say. So, dear people, I don’t think you are so dumb that you don’t think about the possibility, of using such a thing on a different way, on a different game. Before accusing people for something, check if you are right. Don’t do it like Historian.

Back to topic: Since Historian locked my first topic, I had to open a new one. Check here, and enjoy how Historian owned himself:

Our dear reader zulu918 is almost a veteran on 9Dragons (according to his join date) but he seems to be dumb like bread. He started a discussion on the second topic and owned himself a few times. Zulu, really, if you are bored, search a better activity. You can’t own other people. You just own yourself.

However, the GM Nevermore locked the second topic with the reason, let me quote:

Locking for love and peace.

Well, for me it seems like he’s a cool guy. I can see why he locked the topic. This was not anymore a discussion between the right people, but a topic of spammers and off-topic posts. But those people don’t get any ban. Why? Because they defend Acclaim. Acclaim got almost nobody who defend them, and some people even would sell their soul, just to become a VGM. I don’t want to call some names… Zulu…

Well, how I said already, Historian tried it too fast. Man, really… I give him always advices which would help him. But he just run against a wall.

Well I wonder how long I will be banned. Historian, you know I can’t leave that.

For your information, Historian, I am not such a bad guy like you think. This is and never was something personal for me. You can always contact me and we can try to find a compromise. You know I can help you. But if you prefer to screw it up further, then go ahead. But if you do, keep in mind I will still be here to show the people what you do. Well, you know how to contact me.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


38 responses to “Legend is banned – part 2

  1. How did i own myself? It was more like ‘me accusing you of being aggressive and you responding “i’m not goddamn aggressive if you say that one more time i smash your face through the wall”‘. Get it? πŸ˜‰

  2. Historian becomes increasingly alone and do more and more mistakes.Education rings a bell ?… Historian should go back to school and learn english vocabulary.

  3. drakenfyre75 deleted her post with “b1tch”. the lucky ss is still on but I sow that post before deleting. epic failure !

      • I don’t think you actually get it, do you legend? You are so stuck on your little island of which you refuse to leave that it is impossible for you to even grasp the concept that some people might not be so narrow-minded.
        The fact that i can simultaneously support Γ‘nd oppose acclaim is apparently too much for you to handle. Grow up.

      • Well i know how he opposed acclaim.

        By stealing items from item mall so he said. What was it again zulu? When the server restarts and making use of a laggy item mall or something i cant remember….

      • how i said… zulu likes to tell others what to do and what’s their faults. but he can’t see how wrong he is.

        keep going zulu. you just make the people laught about yourself

      • I oppose acclaim in a way most people do it, by at the same time complaining as well as giving solutions. I don’t believe you can achieve anything if all you do is write or talk about how this is wrong, that is wrong but not offering an alternative.
        I just ignore your comments ludie, they might be correct but they’re totally unrelated to the topic. Instead of trying to post hateful or sneerful comments, try to actually post something useful πŸ˜‰
        Also, i don’t need to convince anyone around here. Or better said, it won’t work anyway because the majority is incredibly narrow-minded.
        And legend, the fact that you don’t even continue on what i wrote but instead prefer to post empty words such as saying i am wrong over and over like a stuck record without actually saying WHAT i am wrong about, just proves so much about yourself. About your way of debating and discussing. About how you deal with issues like this.

      • I believe my words aren’t so empty like yours. You were the one who went off-topic here, not me. I just answered.

        You are selfish. You are on acclaim’s side, but when they will ban you, you will fight against them with your saved informations.

        Well for your information, I just react like Acclaim would do. I started to do that, because it seems to be the only way that the people see how stupid this is. And you show me, I’m right.

        You talk so well about Acclaim. But you are one of those who don’t like how they act. I act like them now, and you hate that. Your answers shows it.

  4. Historian = double owned. he wants to impose some rules that are not respected, in first place by the official staff.

  5. If Legend is ban for same thing that drakenfyre75 did, she must be kicked out too. What is Acclaim doing ? Rules are for everyone, at least they say that. Now we see, they are not.

  6. I do not understand yet how Historian afford to sanction something that is childish. If we speak many players do that, and draken is the most eloquent example. Ban Legend and kick drakenfyre75, that way Historian shows equality, if not, give back Legend account. This is childish.

  7. Legend write to petition and to Historian and get back to us with the answer. i want to know if I will laugh of cry.

  8. Historian sought any means to ban you, but as always he fail, no real reason. The Historian’s place I would be ashamed.

  9. Sorry to say but lately all you have been doing is posting “shit” on forum and slandering staff and players so it’s no wonder that someone said enough and banned you. You remind me of journalists that make breaking news or headliners out of things that wouldn’t need any mentioning at all or a normal column would be more than enough.

    And before you fire away at this post, yes i am aware that some things are on a bit shaky legs at Acclaim (i am pissed to sometimes) but if you have something to tell them don’t make n+1pointless posts (or comments) on forum. One polite one should be enough if you explain everything all at once and refrain from or at least minimize further comments so ranting and flaming is kept to a minimum (anything further should be kept in PM).

    • Keep it in PMs you may say ? Now Acclaim wants to keep the complaints in a PM.This is something new to me. Why you have a public forum than ? You think that I go to 9d forum to look at the phrases without form of some social isolated individuals? I logged to have debates. I was loging to see people like sedbona that advocated, had a speech and logic, people like Legend who want a change for a better game and forum and campaigned. What is there now leave me a cold touch, is without substance. When I heard about this blog, I was happy, finally something to fill the gap.

  10. The ban must have a legit ground, in many cases it does not have, also Acclaim is showing evidences that in their case and theirs acolytes, nothing happens if they crose the line. If you want enforce rules, do it for everybody. In this case, drakenfyre did the same thing as Legend, one pays another not. What is this?

  11. Historian can’t give you another reason Legend, than the one he gave. He don’t have a better and there is none. Unfortunately for Historia,n it is more than shamefull what he did, and puts him into a position less honorable.

  12. pff my posts get delete.
    i thought you guys stand for freedom of speech…
    huge congratulations on that part πŸ™‚

    • They are not deleted, you posted from another avatar : “Snoopy” and “snooy” with “S” and “s”. If you post from another avatar, the comment must be approve. I let all visitors to post, except the spammers, if you have an IP of spammer you go directly to spamm section. Next time check your avatar : S and s πŸ™‚

  13. If you are banned, drakenfyre must be kicked out. I see a Historian who has lost his glow, I see a Historian who is willing to do anything to sustain some things that are in players disadvantage. Historian already seems tired, without principles. I see a Historian which is no longer able to manage things. Somewhere, something is broke.

    • I will follow vennus opinion. Legend ban is not justified. Historian give it for personal reason, personal reason which has nothing to do with a community manager job. vennus pointed out that in one of comment. I think in same way.

  14. Legend, even Historian thinks he won this fight, he lost it. He has no arguments and is outdated by events and people. In any aspect of the fight you won it.

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