Legend is banned from the forum

Yes, that’s right. I am banned on Acclaim’s forum. Reason: Don’t know yet. That’s what I always said: There’s no communication. If they ban a person, they should tell why this person was banned.

While I don’t know the reason, I have to quess. My guess is, Historian banned me from the forum because I put Hermit’s true identity into question. Not on their forum, but here on our blog. Especially during the downtime of the 9Dragons forum, we got more and more readers on our blog. More and more people begin to face the truth and see the facts.

Why I say Historian was the one who banned me? Well, that’s easy: The other GMs don’t interfere into such kindergarten things. VGMs and moderators don’t have the power to ban a person from the forum, and the only persons who ban people from the forum or ingame are Historian, Hermit or Ravenclaw.

Hermit, how you already know, is in all probability not Steven-Elliot Altman. And Ravenclaw… Well, I already had hard discussions with him. And we already had hard debates. But Ravenclaw seems to be the guy which don’t start to get personal. Even if he lies sometimes, he seems to know the most time what’s good and what not. But Historian… well, he is the guy who just let ban people, just because he don’t like anything.

Historians problem is, that he think, everyone which don’t agree with him or question his doings, hates him. He think, everyone have a personal problem with him. He even accused me, that I always had a personal vendetta against him. But it seems, he never saw everything from me. Let me show you an old post…


This caused many trouble then. A very… intelligent VGM… banned the veteran player ZaTaliban, just because of the word “Taliban”. The word “Taliban” just means “Student”, so there was absolutely no reason to ban him. Many people started a little revolution, and they spammed the forum to unban him. Historian unbanned him, because he did not see any reasons for his ban. And this topic was my answer to it.

I made already a new topic on the forum, with my second account, where I tell them to unban me. Actually I don’t mind if I can visit the forum or not. But for me it’s a matter of my proudness, especially if the enemy is Acclaim. I’m not sure how long my topic will be there, but here’s the link:


Seriously… They can’t ban people just because they don’t like anything what this person did. Every company got people which tell them what kind of idiots they are. That’s normal. Well in my case it’s not the same, because I just tell them the truth and actually never call them names. But if they want to have no reason for complaints, they should fix their issues.

Instead of talking with us and try to find a compromise, Historian just make it worse and try to make it on the easy way: To just let ban the people. But sometimes they meet people which don’t just shut up, but also can handle. Handle in a hard way, which can hurt them very hard.

Let me tell you something, Historian. While always more and more people want to start a war against you, I try always to find a better way. A way of communication and compromise. What do you think, who had the idea with the “last chance” conversation with you, before some people start their actions against you? But instead to use your chance, you just used a false indentity and you never really wanted to find a compromise. You just dig your own grave, deeper and deeper. And sometime even I can’t protract your fate.

You always thought I am your enemy. But you were not able to see that I actually wanted to help you. However your fate may look like, keep in mind that youself are responsible for it.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


EDIT: On my first post, Historian answered with a real poorly answer. How I said, he try it too fast. Historian thinks, I talk without to think about what I say. I opened a new topic (since he locked the first one) and gave him a big “owned” reply. Enjoy:



37 responses to “Legend is banned from the forum

  1. Historian is psyco man, we dont like Acclaim put Historian ‘the psyco’ sit into Game Manager of Acclaim. Many event made by Historian got bugs, and always bugs. And more…..LIES. If Acclaim still put Historian become Acclaim Game Manager, Acclaim will going die soon….. very soon.

    Now, 9D mostly newbie player, and Historian want got some money from them, from newbie that dont know anything about ‘the psyco’ and Acclaim.
    We dont want 9D become worst game ever coz Historian made many mistakes and lies.

    and…We Love 9D too much.

  2. Its all getting personal and thats what i dont like. They are a company that should treat every player the same. But paying players gets more service and from personal venguance Historian bans Legends forum account, my forum and ingame account. Just have one thing to say to him.


  3. I can’t stop laughing about Historian stupidity. He finished professional school, what you can ask more from him ?

    “FU*K… it is not a word. How can he ban you overs something that don’t exist. Is that profanity ? What you write does not exist in a dictionary.

    Poor Historian, what a stupid old man with big claims.

  4. Historian really shows once again that he is not at the high of the situation. Once again the fact that he has no specific studies and not finished a college or university says a word in this.I am starting to think that he gathered around in the official team’s study people abowe his level, people who do not feel inferior when talking to them.

    If he gave you a ban for “intentional misspellings or obfuscations, he needs to give to drakenfyre75 too, which I don’t think he will. That puts him into a strange position. The same thing happened in case of sedbona, when he banned the account for a sociological thing (necessary data in a sociological survey). What to do so when you don’t have any education, others laugh at you.

    • I fear that the education thing is true in the case of Historian, but we can ask of Acclaim a better a game manager,skillfull, more outlet to the public, a manager who is not so arrogant manager and lie . I’m looking for wekeend to write to write a beautiful letter to Historian boss.

  5. The ban of Legend is like sedbona one and is personal for Historian, a game manager who feels something ‘personal’ for some players, must be fired.

  6. Even though there is no real ground for the ban, i can imagine why he did it. Unlike sedbona (i can’t tell about venus, don’t really know him/her) who always tries to have a clean debate, legend is more of the ‘i yell and scream at you untill you react to me’ type of guy. Not shunning insults either. That doesn’t mean such an attitude deserves a ban, but atleast it’s understandable.

    • I am a ‘she’ in real life and you don’t know me. Acclaim don’t know my account and I didn’t get a ban, but this will not make me sit still and do nothing for others. Sedbona ban had no justification either and Historian will be sorry for that on long term, because after we will see the survery in socilogic form, many will laugh on Historian and here I don’t mean the players. The survery will be use for university study purpose and I sow that Historian as game manager has a nice dedication on first page :

      – the game manager who don’t know that sex and age are sociological indicators.

  7. Legend keep it cool friend and fight it ! Historian gave you a ban because of this blog, but you all did a great job in here, look it is more activity here than 9d boards and that is something that they can’t do nothing about.

  8. how many said in here, the education of their Historian says a word in this story. already it is clear shown that he is surpassed by events and don’t knows how to manage them.your ban and sedbona one (and I want to see the survey -excited..:p) are personal, and a game manager , like vennus said vennus, who has something personal with the players should be fired.

  9. The only disturbing problem here is that things got to personal lvls. Myself I really don’t care about no one personal life and I like to belive that personal and virtual life must be carefully kept apart (staff and players alike). The fact that the staff read this blog and take actions on 9D forum is wrong. The fact that players disect the real life of the staff is wrong too. But, this “disection” was made on a separate website not on 9D forum. We all must evaluate eachother based on the relations we have on one side or the other (in this case- the game only.)
    I might hate lawyers in RL(example) but this will never cross the boundaries and make me label a person in game as “hatred” but I will evaluate that person regarding the in game interactions with me (good or bad).
    Honestly I am not surprised my Historian actions . I saw it coming somehow. And more will follow. I am sad that personal things are let to threat the professional behaviour.

  10. May I add something?
    Lastly it is clear that this blog has a great popularity, I think when 9dragons forum was down, even doubled the number of visitors. The guilt, mostly it’s Acclaim fault.When you see how you’re treated, lied, they don’t like your critic opinions and locks them, when in two years you saying the same things and nothing changes, you want to see why.

    I think the blog authors wanted to see why, just as I wish the same thing. The fact that some bad things came to the surface it is fault of Acclaim. I think Histo takes all personal It is not only the authors of this blog I talk about, but all those who have been banned because they said things that hurt’s Historian ‘pride’.

  11. from my point of view, Historian is a lame person in real and virtual life who can’t take it from man to man. i do not want to offend anyone, but that’s my opinion

  12. I got banned 3 times by an arrogand and hysterical Historian. Under that mask he wears, as we have seen, Historian is an embarrassment to all, no wonder that he never finished school. Acclaim should end with this series of non-professional people and bring a professional manager, otherwise they will lose 9Dragons as publisher. I thought as players to make a committee and to write to Indy21 how we are treat, to show them that we did all we can to have a better game, but Acclaim has scoffed us.

  13. Btw i think that zulu/meertenz shouldnt say anything on your behaviour. He is one of the most arrogant dutch ppl ingame that i knew.

      • The capability of discussing with the proper information is called arrogance? This is a cheap shot, especially from you ludie.

    • i agree with zulu, but what has beeing dutch gotta do with it ?
      way i c it is u kids just like the conspiracy theories and forget its just a game lol

      • okok srry guys*
        u get me the wrong way ^^
        but i just think u all need to chill down and enjoy the game instead of makin it look bad in every single way possible 😮
        yes acclaim wants to make money like any other bussnis, nothing comes for free in this world and u still got a CHOISE to pay them or not (yes it sucks w/o prem but u can)

        about the mofo thingi i bet u all think off me that way since i dont have the same oppinion as u all do..
        and whats wrong with kids? arnt they the ones games are made for 🙂


      • Welcome mofo 🙂

        We don’t make the game look bad, this is the image perceive from our point of view and others. We all have the right to an opinion.

        As for kids game, remember it is 13+, not 13- between…You know what I mean.

  14. Another form of primitivism. I recommend him : Jean-Jacques Rousseau – The Social Contract. He may remain with his kindergarten, that is the level.

  15. drakenfyre75 has same guilt as Legend if we judge, one is punished and another no. It is an inequality. However since I found this blog I didn\’t logged on 9dragons forum, I am not interested. As a veteran you are treated as the last beggar.

  16. One way or another, SHAME for Historian ! Ban all the veterans and stay with your puppys and lickers. You can control only those, in rest, you are no man. Historian thinks that baning can solve the problem, but he is wrong. His popularity is going down and his imagine will be dust soon.

  17. Any veteran active left on 9D boards ? Seems that 90% from 2007 accounts are dead or banned. This should send a negative message. Historian destroyed 9D. Before BluFlash his incompetence bring for Acclaim several complaints . After BluFlash came, at first things were calm, and then sprang. After BluFlash, if someone noticed, the history repeats with the Hermit. Historian will kill the Hermit myth too? He did it with BluFlash, put everything that was wrong in Blu back.

    I believe this blog is a living message that some of the players think . Bravo guys! I read with much of admiration.

  18. Man, 9Dragons…I havent played that game since 2007 ;o. But i bet there were updates and stuff since then. And what is the deal with this Historian guy? I never seen this guy when I was playing lol.

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