Thanksgiving Event DAY 5 – New patch & gifts fixed. Or so…

Acclaim brought patch 96 with the fix of the gifts. On some people it works, on some it does not.

Even those people which can get todays gift can’t get the gifts of the last few days. I wonder, if Acclaim will give those gifts to their players…

To see it with Acclaim’s eyes, this bug is a good thing. Yesterdays gift should be 1 EXP card. Imagine if Acclaim would need to give every single player 1 of those. They lose so much money, you know?!

Ok, that’s all of sarcasm today. Let’s see if tomorrows gift will work…

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


13 responses to “Thanksgiving Event DAY 5 – New patch & gifts fixed. Or so…

  1. If they didn’t wanted to give us those gifts, better not make the event and announce it… an embarrass in front of the players. The event will end as it beginn: failure. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Is not working for me. I received only 3 HP pils till now.

  2. i logged in Nc and the screen tells me I can’t receive the gift. no idea why. i reloged and the gift was gone. 🙂 was crazy… if I write to support they will respond in about 30 days.

    i looked on 9Dragons boards to see if there are any notes, but none. i see that people post more here than there.

    maybe a bug Legend.

  3. ding, ding, Acclaim woke up or give the game to another publisher. this game is great but Acclaim is killing it : the bugs &….

  4. Yap, it is the 6th day already. Yestarday I had a bug and I could not recieve the gift. When I go home, I will try again to see how will end.

  5. I got Lion’s Roar for today, yestarday for me the gift was bugged. I sow on forum that the alternative characters wants to accreditate the idea that those are “gifts”, so you can get it or no, when other people asked if we will get the gifts from the early days of event. As long as they were shown in event poster, you must get it, if not it is a cheat of confidence and misinformation.

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