Legend reflects over The Hermit

Dear readers

How you maybe noticed, I am still around on this blog. A lot happened the last few days. You read a lot new informations about Acclaim on this blog, and it start to get worse for Acclaim. More and more people contact the authors of this blog for help. Many people want to sue Acclaim.

I saw how much my blogmates got in their hands. And believe me when I say, Acclaim can die easily. However; I, for my part, wrote some E-Mails with Historian. We had the idea to give him a last chance in the form of a conversation. We wanted to have a healthy conversation and to talk about Acclaim, before we release the mass against Acclaim.

Historian did not wanted to talk with all of us. He just wanted to get E-Mails, instead of an MSN conversation, how we wanted. Remember, the GMs and VGMs just communicate over MSN. But then I recived an E-Mail from “The Hermit”. Here’s a little quote from the mail:

This is Steve Altman (AKA The Hermit).

Already on the first mail I had the sentence, that this is not the real Hermit. I wrote already some PMs on the forum with him, since he came back. And he did never wrote on his post “Steve”. He always wrote “Steven”, with N at the end. Also he never forgot his second name, Elliot. He either wrote “Steven-Elliot Altman” or “SEA”. The only people which called him “Steve” without N were some people from the 9Dragons forum.

On november the 19th, around 11 AM PST, we, the authors of this blog, talked with “The Hermit” about 9Dragons and Acclaim itself. But this was not a conversation, it was a debate. He accused us for wrong informations, and mainly wanted the informations about Historian removed from the blog. He was very arrogant to us. Well, let me tell you, I know The Hermit already from 2007. Let me tell you, I know him very well. (For those, who can’t read between the lines: No, I don’t know him personally. But you don’t need to know a person personally to know how he acts, don’t you think?) And I can tell you, Steven-Elliot Altman is not an arrogant person. Steven-Elliot Altman is a storywriter, and the most storywriters are nice people.

Well, fact is, the person behind “The Hermit” on our conversation was not Steven-Elliot Altman. We all believe it was Historian.

I assure you my desire to see the game improve is greater than yours, and I have the players in mind.

That’s a big, fat lie. Desire to see the game improve? Possible… But just because of the interest of more money. The players in mind? Not really. Historian never had interest for his players. Oh, and deleting posts which he dont like on the forum is really good for the players. I’m sure thats for their best…

Anyway, here’s another very important quote from Historian from the conversation as “The Hermit”:

Since you are all proclaimed “Acclaim Haters” I am curious why you wish to continue playing the game?

This show how much Acclaim do care for their players. Instead of trying to keep their coin users, they want them to leave. This was the last proove, that it was not Hermit, but Historian.

On the quotes of our conversation of vennus’ blog posts, you could see that Historian aka “The Hermit” did never really answered our questions. He either answered something which have a bit to do with our question, or he asked another question. That’s a skill that many webmasters have – And Historian is a webmaster. He don’t have the certification to do the job of a Community Manager, much less a Game Manager. He is not the kind of person who can communicate. He is the kind of person who sit in front of his computer and just make websites.

It is clear, the person on our conversation was not Steven-Elliot Altman. But there is still one question, which everyone now may ask themself…

Is The Hermit from the 9Dragons forum the real Steven-Elliot Altman?

This is a very good question. Steven-Elliot Altman is/was a person who enjoyed the respect from the 9Dragons players. But why did he had already so much respect from the players after his “return”?

The answer: Thanks to the veteran players of 9Dragons. They still knew The Hermit. They knew how correct he was, back then on 2007. The veteran players were the ones who made Hermit so great after his return. Many did not knew him. No wonder, many veterans left already Acclaim’s 9Dragons version. Those who still were on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum told the newer generation of players, who The Hermit is.

But still… There are now doubts that Steven-Elliot Altman really returned. In my opinion, there are 2 possibilities:

Possibility 1: There was never a Steven-Elliot Altman which came back, but a new trick from Acclaim to keep their leaving players, especially veteran ones which still knew him.

Possibility 2: It is the real Steven-Elliot Altman, which don’t write any books anymore, and became arrogant like the other Acclaim guys.

To be honest, I don’t know what to believe. I had so much respect for The Hermit, and now to believe it was never Steven-Elliot Altman is hard… But not just for me. Many respected The Hermit. And many are disappointed now.

There are indications which tell, it is not Steven-Elliot Altman, and there are indications which tell, it is.

Rumors (Hey, Historian, I said “rumors”, not “facts”) arrive us these days, that there is no any Steven-Elliot Altman. The rumors (Hey, Historian, still “rumors”, not “facts”) tell, The Hermit is played mainly by Ravenclaw, and sometimes by Historian.

We will take further a look into this. Acclaim will never have the balls to tell the truth. To tell the truth is a matter of honor. And Acclaim, how you know, don’t have any.

Apropos… Historian, you did not even had the balls to face us as “Historian, the Game Manager”. You should learn a lesson from me.

Look at me, Historian. Here I am, without any “anonymous” nickname. If I do something, you know exactly, “it was from the Vagabond Legend guy”. I don’t scare you, and I am honest. At least I am honest enough to show you my real doings. But do you? Grow up and learn to be honest, at least to yourself.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


16 responses to “Legend reflects over The Hermit

  1. many already suspected this. this was a simple manipulation, to turn players attention to other things. forum was flooded with complaints about bugs, SVS, PVP, VGMs, moderators. they did a little trick and revived TheHermit. in the early days everyone was excited, but after a time, the truth came out.

    we see what good webmaster is Historian : 9d forum is down for 2 weeks…

  2. Let me give you a fact, not rumor: the wedding of two whites on Bardo server. Kane and Hermit were present. TheHermit stood more down or af k. He did not say two words to players. Certainly that was not SEA.

    More than likely the one who talked to you was Historian, not SEA. Anyway you now have an advantage: if you get a ban over this, the convo can stand as evidence in Court: fake identity. “I am SEA.”

  3. i as many people around here believes that the arrogant character you speak with is Historian. they want for players to cool down with complaints so they make events, but unlucky they destroy those too.

  4. I’m sure if Historian have dropped the arrogance and the thing: I know everything, I dictate, you all shut up, things would have been quite different on forum and in game. Many players are disgusted by the attitude, the way they are treated.

  5. There is a degree of tolerance for all.

    “Possibility 1: There was never a Steven-Elliot Altman which came back, but a new trick from Acclaim to keep their leaving players, especially veteran ones which still knew him.

    Possibility 2: It is the real Steven-Elliot Altman, which don’t write any books anymore, and became arrogant like the other Acclaim guys.”

    I bet on the first one.

  6. Sarcasm on: unfortunately the game is populated by children who don’t catch the real things.To shut down the players voices, they invented some new events. For many months, the forum was full of voices that criticized the work of official team and Acclaim, especially the promises they broke.

    Option 1, most likely…

  7. 3k2 look at the 9d forum, which begins to become increasingly desolate and look at this blog, which is becoming increasingly dynamic. I tracked the blog, loved the authors, but I didn’t want to comment, I wanted to stay longer in the shadows, but now I entered the atmosphere and I can’t get out.:). I agree with Legend opinion about TheHermit Legend I also think, that something is false, something is missing. Raven plays Hermit role in the game I am sure, there are many similar things between the two.

  8. Your words are my words, you thinking is my thinking. Gratz to the authors of this site, they show me how things are behind Acclaim.

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