The fake Hermit, final part

This is the final part…

TheHermit :I wish to see the majority of our players happy with the free services we provide, yes.

Legend :hm,… no, you dont.we are coin users and you treat us like shit here

TheHermit:Since you are all proclaimed “Acclaim Haters” I am curious why you wish to continue playing the game?

Sedbona:the employees need a health certificate to say that they can work, same goes with voluntary staff, also  a company can’t use to extend voluntary service.

Legend:oh, acclaim haters…thats new

Sedbona:that is official team name…

Legend: at least from you

Sedbona:because we show their secrets

TheHermit:I am not treating you poorly in my opinion. I believe it is you who are acting out of line by posting blatant misinformation to our players and exposing personal information on your website. I personally feel that is appalling. I on the other hand, am attempting to improve the game I love as best I can.

Sedbona:I think for you will be easy for us to stop it no ?

Legend: “Since you are all proclaimed “Acclaim Haters” I am curious why you wish to continue playing the game?”This show how much acclaim cares for their players. instead of trying to keep their coin users, they want them to leave

vennus9d:I am above a hater, that is coming for someone who is below me in any aspects so I don’t take it in serious

Legend:it is clear that we are the “bad guys” for you… otherwise you would not be in the acclaim staff, right?

Because TheHermit has formed a stereotype, I’ll tell you one that I think he did not observed. Who plays Hermit role believe that everything what happens in Acclaim and community, is a story and he has the right to decide the roles. Lines like “I know what’s best for the community” means that he believes he is community or as we observed in many cases, Acclaim don’t know what the community wants or pretending not to known. Like Hermit, many from Acclaim are assuming the role of the community, and those who are against the system or surpass their condition are declared “Acclaim haters “. Because TheHermit google the five russian authors, as sedbona said, he skipped Feodor Dostoievski, the father of existentialism, one of the leading authors in literature, I  suggest before he declare us haters to look for Dostoievski work and to understand the notion of polyphonic collisions between the original characters. For someone who has finished a Catholic university (as did the real Hermit), the word hate is too much.

TheHermit:If you do not like the service, why do you stay?

vennus9d: to make it better. I love the game because I am used with my friends

Legend: thats what i just said… indirectly “go away”

vennus9d: that is why I stay

TheHermit:Well then, I welcome you to help make it better, as I did in our PMs.

Sedbona :I stay for 1 reason : research

Legend: wait one second… you welcome us to help to make it better? I offered Historian, BluFlash and YOU my help, and no one of you wanted it!


TheHermit : I feel your actions are detrimental to the good of the Players. I am determining whether you should, all 3, be immediately banned from the game.

vennus9d: you don’t know my account…and you have no where to found it

Sedbona: now you threat us ? I would do it in another manner.I am not scared of a bann account.I have the right to a trial.

Legend: just try to ban my account, storywriter .just try it

TheHermit:I am not threatening you. I am gravely concerned that you three have developed a God complex that assets you have some right to disseminate mis-information that could injure innocent people.

Sedbona: innocent people ? why you didn’t stamp the VGM form and moderators form in a notary ?

Legend: hermit, i guess you are not talking about us. You are talking about your own company

TheHermit:And it is my job, first and foremost to protect the privacy and well-being of the players and the staff.

Sedbona:who are the people who we write about ? Acclaim have no idea.They can lie in those forms, you give the IP and my private dates to a pshyco maybe and I can prove it, those people have no legal forms.

TheHermit:All right, you have had one hour and 15 minutes of time. I shall deliberate your fates, and try to do the best I can for the community as a whole.Farewell.

Sedbona: you talk like GOD

It seems that TheHermit has a superiority complex and thinks he is God: ‘I shall deliberate your Fates’, but he blame us for beeing GODs. Phrases like: ‘I do my best with limited resources’ have nothing to do with a business. If you don’t have funds in a company, go and ask the one who deals with financing. Acclaim is not a charitable organization where you have limited funds to carry out a project.




23 responses to “The fake Hermit, final part

  1. Sed ill check if its a week ago i sended my mail to petition when im from work. When i didnt get an answer and you didnt get an answer from Historiian then publish my chatlogs with Kane and Nathan about my account.

  2. In another dialogue TheHermit,in my eyes, fell from 8 to -8, now will reach -18. They ban the people because of freedom of speech. way to go TheHermit. You become more and more lame then I every thought.

  3. ‘TheHermit:If you do not like the service, why do you stay?’

    to piss you off. frankly, are answers of a man who wants nothing for the community. for Hermit is normal to work for Acclaim, but I don’t agree to pose in that he believe is best for us, the community.

  4. And so ends the conversation with Hermit.I am deeply disappointed by the Hermit, if indeed is the real one. I thought the Hermit is a new hope for 9Dragons, but behave as arrogant as everyone from Acclaim.

    After he was corned and owned, he could not give coherent answers so he wants to ban. It’s stupid.

  5. ..{{{……………………………….I feel your actions are detrimental to the good of the Players. I am determining whether you should, all 3, be immediately banned from the game………………………..}}}

    bow down to Acclaim and you will not be baned. is this ok for freedom of speech and the liberty of humans ? Acclaim has a a mentality that harms : bow to us and kiss our a@, pay us , don’t talk just follow.

    how TheHermit determain that the authors of this site actions are harmfull for players? I am a player and I say they are good for me, TheHermit does not represent me.

  6. The Hermit does not represent me either. I am a part of players who pay for mall. TheHermit represent a false company like Acclaim, no way he represent the community. How he knows what’s best for us? Hide the lies? How can he protect a staff that is not legally ? How he has the nerve to threaten to ban anyone who uses his mind to express their ideas? It is unimaginable. I am disappointed big time.

  7. Hermit role is to give us fun not stick his nose in community representation. I wished for Hermit to log at Bardo event yesterday, to see what is community opinion about Acclaim and official team, VGMs. Almost all players have scoffed the lack of professionalism in official team. Not to say that VGMs used english as a language of pond .

    Dear Hermit, I invite you to log into the game, to have a better picture of what is 9dragons community all about and not to believe the lies of VGMs.

    As for a [.ban.] because someone introduces to us personal ideas or use them quoting some internal sources for Acclaim, I think all in here crossed secondary school…

  8. in no case S.E.A. aka TheHermit is representing me as a player. i think he mocked when he says that knows the community’s problems and that he would be the best solution, to settle them. sorry, I don’t believe till I see.

    he throw in front of us failed events (like Thanksgiving Day) and the solve of bugs, SVS bugs, balance in pvp and others more is postpone. real issues are left behind.

    i know TheHermit read this blog, so he should realize that the community needs solutions to problems, not words. if TheHermit will not solve the real problems, he will become another BluFlash. until he will prove us otherwise, I see him as a clown to entertain us.

    …about the ban of the authors of this blog, I see it as a proof of bad taste.

  9. Btw he says this:

    “TheHermit:And it is my job, first and foremost to protect the privacy and well-being of the players and the staff.”

    That bullshit if u ask me, he only the storywriter so why does he need to protect anyone? So i think its Historian behind his name.

    Hermit if u read this, just stick to your own work and dont meddle with the business side of the game there are persons for that.

  10. Someone try to send Historian, a mail yourself. he answer on community mail. try that. if ends bad from your part you did all you could. your lawyer should step from there.

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