Thanksgiving Event DAY 4 – Buff removed

Day 4 of the so-called Thanksgiving “Event”, and it is still not fixed. Who thought, it can not get worse than yesterday, don’t know Acclaim. Today the Thanksgiving Event buff was removed. Of corse many complained about that, so meanwhile it seems, the buff is fixed again. The question is just, how long.

Meanwhile Indy21 should be back from “their weekend”, how Acclaim respectively Hermit stated. But still nothing fixed (poor Indy21 have to bleed for Acclaim’s stupidity…) and the word is still the big fat “soon“. Don’t we love Acclaim’s imaginative answers?

That’s all for day 4.

By the way: I will write tomorrow a new post and comment some of our fake Hermit’s lines. Don’t miss it and stay tuned.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


EDIT: Seems like the buff is not fixed…


17 responses to “Thanksgiving Event DAY 4 – Buff removed

  1. You are missing an important part – it was announced: weekend buffs to die(and ressurect) for. Weekend is over, so are the buffs.

  2. big gratz for Acclaim on screwing the event and pass the guilt on Indy21. if you guys know korean better start writing and complaint to Indy21 and take some ss from forum where Hermit said they screw up the event.

  3. Acclaim wants to distract attention from the game problems, but does it, poorly, making more problems. No wonder the bugs weren’t fixed in 2 years

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