The fake Hermit, part 2

This is the second part of the conversation with the Hermit :

vennus9d :now you change the subject.I will ask you somehting quick.Whay has changed in 9d since 2007 ?How many veterans still surfs the forum ?I asked you questions.

Legend:why did so many people left 9Dragons?

vennus9d:Please answer

TheHermit:And this sentence in your email, “And I hope for your own interest, that you are the real Steven-Elliot Altman.” Is a personal threat.

Legend:why did they even just MOVED to another 9Dragons version? …its not a threat, its for acclaim’s own interest… you can tell as long as you want that your game and your company is so great. but the veteran players say something else.

We didn’t get the answer to those questions…TheHermit wanted to know why Legend said to his mail : ‘and I hope for your own interest, that you are the real Steven-Elliot Altman’. He should ask himself why. We knew that something smells fishy. It is best for Acclaim that the conversation would not be another lie and someone else took TheHermit place to talk to us, as I think happened. That is fake identity and in real life you can pay for that mistake.

Sedbona: I request a better 9D

Legend:how i said, this is your last chance.we tried to solve this in peace

TheHermit: Do you feel I am not trying to create a better 9D since my return?

Legend: but you like to be arrogant

TheHermit: I assure you my desire to see the game improve is greater than yours, and I have the players in mind.

Legend: oh, deleting posts which you dont like on your forum is really good for the players. i’m sure thats for their best.hermit you dont know me, ok? so dont say that. you have no clue.

vennus9d:I request : the end of VGM system, new system of recruitment of moderators, health certificates for all of them, a better customer services, put back the services for all to acces it, the Tibet map, a balanced pvp system.

TheHermit: Ok, would you like me to address each of those?

Legend: I request: better people in your teams and less arrogance to the players. also freedom of speech on the forum and a better communication between acclaim and their players.

TheHermit: It would require you all stop writing as I do?

vennus9d: yes, please do

Sedbona: ok

TheHermit: Sure. Just allow me to finish all my responses please

Sedbona: go on please

TheHermit:The VGMs are necessary because we have millions of players to respond to. Since my return, they have also been helping to run events, which I believe the majority of players enjoy. In a game where only 6% of players spend money, and 94% of players get to play for free. We need volunteers. So, we are not going to remove our VGMs, what you suggest would end the free game for all, bad choice.

vennus9d: you can pay for more GMs

Legend: 6% of players spend money, and 94% of players get to play for free???…what a lie

So we found out that only 6% of the people who plays 9Dragons pays for mall. I don’t know where that statistic came from, how they calculate it. Those 6% are players who regularly pay for the mall, monthly, like a member subscription. My KG use per month costs 30 euros, yet a play to pay game costs, monthly around 10-12 euros. Let’s not forget that at high levels, starting right from FC, you can not play without premium.It is a lot of pain to grind without it. All the people I know have premium.

It is Acclaim fault that  PvP system is not balanced and SVS full of bugs. I do not know who is so naive from Acclaim, to  think that in PVE you need lots of items from mall. PvP and the SVS consume more resources than PVE. But, as I said … in the events made the Hermit you  consume exp cards, drop cards, in any case not the great mass of items from the mall.

So, VGM system is maintained to respond to millions of customers. How can one company answer to  customers with unqualified personnel ? Acclaim is not charity organisation to have volunteers who make a qualified labor. We don’t know who the hell are those people. We sow that, their contract is not stamped by notary. They can easily lie.The moderators have access to customers data. How can a child of 16 years old, answer the demands of customers ? What that child knows? He or she has no basis of culture and language.

vennus9d:VGMs system is corrupt and bring all about personal gain and revenge

TheHermit:Moderators are necessary lest all the posts get so disorganized no one could find any information.It’s true. 6%.

vennus9d:Yes, but healty people.

Legend:you mean to delete the posts you dont like

vennus9d:with studies not 16 years old one

TheHermit:Those noble 6% are allowing the game to survive so everyone else can play for free.

Sedbona: If you checked my account you know that I pay for mall

Legend:you know that we 3 are on those 6%?………………………and still you talk arrogant to us.


TheHermit:We do not require our volunteers to have health certificates. And we do the best we can on Customer Service.

vennus9d: what happens if one is mentaly ill ?how you will solve that ?

TheHermit:Who judges that? Are you a doctor as well as a lawyer Sedbona?

vennus9d:I am not sedbona

I am not against moderator system, but we need people with skills, not ill people in ‘brain’ and ‘heart’ as we have now. Hermit began to confuse us. I have asked about the medical certificate for several reasons. It’s true that some of the reasons have been discussed with sedbona to see in which countries we have this practice. In Europe, at least when you volunteer to serve one organization you have to bring a medical certificate when you sign the papers. There are sufficient reasons to do it. First, you must prove that you are physically fit and mentally to do the job. I don’t know why TheHermit gave so childish response to a question that should concern them.

Will continue tomorrow with the last part…


52 responses to “The fake Hermit, part 2

  1. the matter with a medical certificate is real. when someone hires you, you need to show a medical certificate. as you have realized by now, most of the official team should be assigned with degrees of dementia. most are antisocial.

    the issue of 6% is not true. i remember an interview with Mark Howard, when he said that Acclaim gain some fabulous amounts of money from the mall. i willl try search the link.i think was posted on blog.

    • the cost of premium was calculated that Acclaim will not lose anything. 9 months is like as a pay subscription for a longer period of time. I think 6% is a lie. at least in Bardo server 1 / 3 are premium players.

      since the experience and drop cards appeared, they destroyed the economy of the game,and have installed a big slobbery between those who have money and those who do not . it is true that Acclaim will make money for a short while, but when all will be PS (with 4x events will not take long) a wave of complaints will be installed for a new content. we all know the result since 2006.

      • van down I agree with you. Those cards destroyed the game. Any noob can make millions with no effort…monet in real life.

        Love the picture : – social networking for dummies. It is perfect !

  2. I think this fake Hermit who has come recently in 9Dragons and can’t remember that 9Dragons survived without VGM team. VGM team was constituted by Phew (aka Max) to flirt with more girls or boys ( don’t know …). Max was a guy who liked to flirt.What H. said is a stupid excuse Acclaim uses their work ( undeclared work ) to not pay other GM. It’s cheaper to throw in front of VGMs 2, 3 item from mall or something from game, than to pay an employee. Anyway I think it’s anormal. The system must be destroyed, as vennus said, creates inequity in environment and inbalance the game.

  3. Don’t know about VGMs, but I heard one of the GMs was showing clear signs of personality disorder. If the ex-VGM who told me that sends me chat history with that already ex-GM and allows me to send it to you, you’ll have some fun reading about it. From what I heard, that guy was a total nutjob. Unfortunately now she refuses to talk about anything that happened while she was part of the team.

  4. At some points I thought were the right lines of desperate Hermit. He talk with arrogance. How does he know what’s best for us? He believes that he is the community?

  5. If you look at the number of posts of drakenfyre75’s you know what sick world is there, how sick they are. You do not need anything more. TheHermit begins to give me headaches. I hope to be fake, as vennus9d said, otherwise seems to play a beat with us.

  6. This whole hermit debate is getting out of hands. Most of the writers on this blog have are extremely ignorant when it comes to this whole ‘conspiracy’ about acclaim. What i see here is a group of people that condemn the VGMs being 16 years old yet they themselves barely show signs of adult behavior.
    You claim that the hermit is being arrogant and rude? What about yourselves? Did you realize how incredibly disrespectful you are being towards him, I would react the same in such a situation.

    For the record, an affidavit does not require a stamp by a notary, this is only used when said affidavit is required in a court case. This is not the only example of this blog making prejudice, hasty or false statements to put acclaim into a bad daylight. Another one would be claiming that it is solely Acclaim’s fault that certain aspects of the game are bugged or unbalanced.

    ProjectAI – this is a blog, however you are trying to make it look like a document of facts about acclaim. This is unjust. Your opinions are hardly based on FACTS, you see 1 or 2 rings in the chain and you fill out the rest of the rings without even checking if they fit. In other words, your statements are partially true yet riddled with assumptions and prejudice. Sedbona, as someone who knows a fair share of the general legal system, this is a great disappointment.

  7. zulu is good that we have you in here. I have some screens took in game, where you say back-down everything you just said it. And btw on those screens you tell explicitly about blackmail Acclaim with every informations you took when you was a VGM if they will bann your account. Don’t come in here and give morality lessons.

  8. i may say : OWNED !

    zulu918 you think if Zion will take the case to Court the juges will not ask for that affidavit ? every paper you make you have to prepare it to be legal, you can end up in Court. you rumble something that I don’t understand.

  9. If I will publish it, I presume the disappointment will be bigger… Let’s see if you judge me correctly. Stay tune on this blog…

  10. I never exactly said i would blackmail them with it, and you know that too 🙂 We both know my motives behind what i said, and it’s no secret. In fact i can say it here again. I took all info i knew about acclaim to save for times where i may receive a ban; just to know what rights i have against them.
    I love how you think you are deep-cover by screenshotting the convo but the truth, dear sedbona, is that i knew from the second i contacted YOU you would either remember or save everything i say, for the simple fact is that that is what you are all about. Talking with people, gathering information and later trying to twist that information in your favour – just like you tried to do it here. Go ahead, post the whole conversation, because it has nothing to do with what i wrote in my previous post 🙂

    Anyway, about the affidavit. I never said it would hold in court. In fact i said it wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a legal document.
    There’s a difference between a document being legal and a document being able to hold in court – thát was my point and you completely missed it.

    • Don’t worry zulu, I will not publish that, I only wanted to see your reaction. You twist now everything to 360 degrees 🙂

    • how old are you zuzu ? sed showed you a sample of Acclaim thinking. you will never be truly free if you are afraid. sed teaches you that. take the courage to stand for what you think and feel.

      zulu, what you think a lawyer do ? gather information in favor of his opponents. they use everything they have at hand to win. this is the job.

      and as advise to you, read clear, vennus9d post her opinion about the conversation. do you think you are not free to debate something ? we have freedom of speech and mind.

  11. I twist it? Oh this is hilarious, POST it – i dare you, i DOUBLE dare you and we’ll see who is twisting what.
    Like usual your words are mostly empty and propagandish.

  12. Read the affidavit carefully, the one you support it. As I said to you, game over, you lost. Also it is very clear you had a motif to save those dates, which are private.

  13. when you left the VGM system, after Acclaim rules, you are not allow to keep it. also you think you are above others player to get help directly from a GM and don’t respect the support service ?

  14. it is true zulu, you saved those dates for your own benefit. you admitted that in case you have a ban you will use those relations to get you out. this is injust for others players. from here to blackmail is just a small step.

    • Again, knowing 2 rings – guessing the chain.
      I never said i used them to get me out of any situation. As shown in the screenshot, i merely said i would use it to address the situation. Or, in other words, to know what my rights are and more importantly to know if the ban could be justified by the rules.
      Your last sentence is useless, it is insinuation and does not count towards providing an objective argument.

      • zulu918, you think you are not guessing ? You never said in those screens, that you will address a GM if you get an unfair ban. You don’t address a GM when that happens, but to Acclaim petition.

  15. I don’t know where you think i have no rights to take knowledge of information purposely given to me.
    Also, chick, where did you get the idea that i am 1. above other players 2. that i will get help directly from a GM and 3. that i do not respect the support service.

    Thank you chick, for proving what i wrote earlier. You have knowledge of a few rings in the chain and you prejudicely fill out the rest without being concerned if this information is correct.

    Now, to ask the bigger question: why did i come here while i knew that it would mean releasing a private conversation where I revealed semi-sensitive information?
    Very simple, as sedbona knows, i am not a ‘follower’ of acclaim. On the contrary, i think alot is wrong and alot needs to be adressed. However there is a sharp difference between adressing a problem and mixing this adressing with your personal hatred against something.
    Perhaps you can post that part of the conversation as well sedbona? The part where i said i regularly read this blog however i do not agree with how it mixes fact with opinion.
    And this just proves itself again. Most of the people here are blinded by their unifying opponent Aclaim. The people here cannot take criticism or comments that would suggest things are not as black and white as posted here. It is not ‘acclaim is bad, PAI is good’ – there are alot of layers that exist but are not spoken off. Layers that are not known by the average visitor, layers that would probably change their opinion from a hateful view towards a more objective one.

    I will continue this discussion, but not before a good night’s rest

  16. From 1 screen a lot of problems comes to surface. You were so bitter to see only one side, that you lose the essence and some words can create. I hope you learn something from here.

    • Facts show, that I am not the bitter one here. The other screenshots even show this. In a way where i claim to pursue Objectivity over subjectivity.
      Right now, this blog is 100% subjective – i’d wish to see it more along the lines of 75/25 or even 50/50 – if possible.

      • now is subjective because you were involve in the screen. also I don’t hate nobody, not even Acclaim, I have no reason, I just post my opinion, at least here i have freedom of speech. i only see that you can’t take it.

      • You can’t expose the facts without opinion, yes, it is your opinion, many heads, many ideas… The facts are accompanied by words as words are accompanied by deeds.

  17. I think zulu wants to become an author of this blog and teach us how to do it. After what zulu said, vennus should just have post the convo with TheHermit and to turn off the comments. Rolf!

  18. I missed the show. zulu from Bardo finally said he was an ex VGM and keep all privates dates for himself to use it how he wants. Very selfish. Most of the ex VGMs do the same, just think about they. That is why they enter in VGM team from the first time, to obtain favours and items. The truth comes out one day or another.

  19. One more thing. Thanks you, vennus, for sharing. Zion shared all he had with us and Zulu keep all he had for himself. Zion shared everything with us for a new 9dragons, Zulu keep all for Acclaim, but in in personal interest saying he is against Acclaim, but in same time using Acclaim.

    • You do realize that i quit the VGM team over half a year ago when this blog didn’t even exist yet, right? Did you even consider that or did you just come here to denounce criticism like everyone else did?
      For now it seems that the only people even remotely interested in debating criticism are the bloggers themselves. Or to put it better, 6% is reasonable, 94% is a mindless person who can’t do anything besides trying to kick down everyone with a different opinion (especially you angelita)

    • I quit, though without actually saying i did.
      I joined the team not because of the attention, or items or any favours. I joined because i was foolish enough to think that being a VGM meant being able to help the community. Whether this was helping low levels achieve quests or calming a fight between two people.
      Sadly enough i found out after a short while that the majority of contact i had with the community was about ‘why is this bugged’ and ‘pls sp4wn m0bs kkthx’.

      When i realized this I decided to quit because in my eyes being a VGM turned out not to be about helping people but more about cleaning up the mess that Acclaim left behind in their trail of destruction.

      It was when i quit that i decided to safely store useful information i had achieved. Things such as email addresses, rules and regulations – basically things that i could use when i got a ban (this was back in the day where the GMs were a lot more trigger happy with bans).
      Not to blackmail them, but simply to know if they could justify the ban and if i had any rights.

      Unlike SA says, i actually thought a long time about whether or not to reveal this information however i also realised that this doubt was caused by my anger towards them. I decided to keep it to myself to prevent it getting into the wrong hands, knowing how many people dislike acclaim I wouldn’t be suprised if someone decided to e-mail bomb them or something similar.

      Like i said in my convo with sedbona, i don’t think alot of people realize that i don’t like acclaim at all. However the difference lies within me being able to still look at things objectively without annoyance or hatred getting in the way.

      • I can take disappointement from a player-to-company level. However when you join the VGM team the relationship changes. The VGMs that used to be the ‘company’ side are now becoming colleagues or even friends.
        Being let down your so-called colleagues, acclaim promising alot of things but not fullfilling them on a PERSONAL level…those things get me aggrevated. And i think it would be the same with anyone else.

      • some don’t desearve to be call “colleagues or even friends” and you can see many examples on this blog.

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