Thanksgiving Event DAY 2 – Nothing new

On the official 9Dragons forum it was written “10 days full of gifts”. The forum is down at the moment, since yesterday. I will also write a post about this in a few days. However; Also on the 9Dragons Luncher there is written something similiar. Here’s a screenshot:

Quite ironic to use a picture of the honorable Vagabond for this event, when the poor clanless warriors do not even can participate the Thanksgiving Event. Also there are still people who think, Vagabonds do not deserve anything… Anyway. This is not about if Vagabonds deserve something or not, it’s just about the simple fact that not everyone can participate the event.

No matter if the book (quest item) of the Thanksgiving Event is about secret clan skills. You will never see those “secret clan skills”. It is just a story behind a quest. Why is it so hard to make it also for Vagabonds? It would not be needed to be a book about secret Vagabond techniques. What about a book about “The secret of The Vagabond”? Yes, that would even bring the possibility to visit The Vagabond in the 4th floor of the Cave of the Conqueror.

It’s not a matter of understanding. It’s a matter of phantasie.

However, that’s not the point. Back to topic, let me quote a line of the 9Dragons Luncher:

Free Gifts Every Day!

Well, I checked my Vagabond character, my Black Clan character and my White Clan character – Nothing new. And the 4x event today was not a gift of the Thanksgiving Event, it was because of the Collection Event, where the whole server had to collect many Items, to get better EXP events.

Day 1 of the Thanksgiving Event was unfair, and Day 2 a fail. How will Day 3 be? Let’s wait and take a look…

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


19 responses to “Thanksgiving Event DAY 2 – Nothing new

  1. By gift I understand an item or more items. Yestarday we got some cake rices, today nothing.The image is a scum of monumental stupidity.

  2. Legend sorry to disappoint you, but we talk about Acclaim. Nothing should surprise us after 2 years and a half of poor quality of events.

  3. acclaim for three years try to invent and reivent the things with the same bad result. they seem to have a very good impression about them and from their perspective all the things are going well. as you present it, this way we can talk about a breach of clients trust. one they expose, other thing they do. you can not do it like that when everything is public.

  4. I made epithet quest today but stopped there, only 2 quests.I am again sorry for vagabonds. Acclaim must compensate you.

  5. They began to stop be concentrated. I would like to see at least once that they make a good event from the top to tail.

  6. Because the patch has not been tested this happens. However, it seems not fair as a bagabond to don’t participate in the event.

  7. LOL Why you gotta do nothing but complain… You use some really terrible grammer thats a pain to read at times so its hard to take you seriously. I mean it seems like your screaming for attention like a little kid. If you want change theres better ways than insulting people. For as much as you try to talk about, and insult the VGMs with only half true or what you think is true information you just end up being the National Enquirer of 9D information. I usually come here to have a good chuckle, and im sorry but i dont think thats what your going for… Sorry just trying to help by giving you a suggestion for a new direction and Figured id just try to help whatever lil kid is running this show with some constructive criticism…


    • This post has nothing to do with VGMs 🙂

      “and insult the VGMs with only half true…”

      How you know that ? You are one of them ? Share…

    • Another one that comes to give lessons and believed here is bAcclaim forum where everything is ‘moderated’ in a certain direction. Friend, see you got the wrong channel.

  8. I’m pretty sure it should give these >_>
    but I’m not logging as well since other ppl said no gift…

    20/11 1x Ornament Separating tool
    21/11 3x All attribute Potions
    22/11 1x Experience bonus card
    23/11 3x Courier Transport
    24/11 3x Blood Siphon Panacea (5/1000 HP return for 30min)
    25/11 3x Lion Roar
    26/11 3x Summoning Bell
    27/11 3x Korean Ginseng
    28/11 3x Dried Mushroom
    29/11 1x Item bonus card
    30/11 1x Qilins mirror

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