The fake Hermit, part 1

From the episode ‘Oops I did it again’, yestarday a pathetic thing happened : Historian took Hermit identity to talk to us. The authors of this blog asked TheHistorian a discussion about several fundamental issues, on MSN, as conference. Historian answered that he only talks via email. Legend wrote back and told him that we consider him a coward who dares not speak freely, to have a civilized discussion. He answered that TheHermit will talk to us.

For us this became suspicious, especially because he asked the time of discussion, not in PST format and instead of Steven, he signed Steve. sedbona  said it’s easy to  know if it is the true Steven-Elliot Altman or a copy. It comes down to language and culture. We waited the time, but from the first minutes of discussion we realized  we deal with a copy.

Historian again believs he has to do deal with kindergarten kids who will do anything to impress him for some cheap mall  items.They didn’t used TheHermit original address, but  used the one from which Acclaim takes the orders to give you a refined weapon if you buy TheHermit book.

Questions or inquiries regarding the offer must be sent to: Hope you enjoy the book and May The Seeds Of The Dragon Within You …

Now let me entertain you with parts of discussion. For a better understanding I wrote  the names you are more familiar with. We all saved the logs, we all made screens with the conversation :

TheHermit: This is Steven-Elliot Altman (Aka The Hermit)….

Sedbona:hello  Steven

Legend:yeah, hello…

TheHermit: Greetings. What are we hear to discuss?

Legend:sorry about the delay

Sedbona:My avatar in game is sedbona

TheHermit:Yes, I have heard tell of you. You run the AI website.What can I do for you?

Sedbona: the blog belongs to all who wanted, not only to me

TheHermit:But you decide what gets posted, correct?

Sedbona:no.I let all authors to decide

Legend:we are not here to talk about our blog

TheHermit: But you physically post, correct?

vennus9d:she let us freedom of speech

Legend:the blog is just the own fault of acclaim

TheHermit:Yes, I am a strong proponent of freedom of speech myself, as an author

Sedbona:I can’t post physically, I post with my mind and heart

Legend : can i ask you something, hermit?

TheHermit: Yes, you may

Legend:where is the freedom of speech in YOUR forum?

TheHermit:Players can post whatever they wish, as long as they follow the guidelines. It is not MY forum. It belongs to the players as well.

Legend:well i really doubt that,  topics are getting locked and deleted for no reasons, no breaking rules, and btw, the moderators, vgms and gms even break the rules, for example :

Sedbona: Well, I will speak my mind also : there is no freedom of speech in 9dragons forum first because the moderators team are form by people with no PR preparation, don’t even know how to answer a question, they can’t even write a sentence.

TheHermit:I have not curtailed your freedom of speech, you have been given the opportunity to post to the boards, as well as on your blog

Sedbona: I am banned. Historian banned all my accounts because of the blog

vennus9d: that is why we decided to write and submit a case to one of the largest Freedom of Speech Foundation, we want for 9dragons forum to be monitorize.


TheHermit: And still I allowed you to play. I was lenient.

Legend: you were lenient?

TheHermit : Those rules are very clear, and they effect the privacy of our players. The interpretation is for Acclaim to make, and as I said, you have every right to make your own legal claims should that occur. I would not dare to deny you such a basic right.

Sedbona:  yes, it is true and I will do it

Legend :ok, seems like to talk about the freedom of speech is senseless, since our dear hermit dont want to understand us. point one failed

Sedbona: but as you said it is Acclaim interpretation

That was the discussion about the freedom of speech.As you can see, it is up Acclaim to interpret the rules, not all players can do it, only one part. Unfortunately for Acclaim, in real life, all people have  equal rights. In this sentence, Acclaim proxy acknowledged that they puts in danger the equity of justice act ( the instruments they use can produce inequality if only one part can interpret) . Moreover, TheHermit posts as Historian. When he said that he was indulgent, in fact it becomes Historian. Historian is the one who gave orders to GMs to ban us. In fact, Historian asked the GMs to find my in game account. They could not do it and tried to ask me. My answer was : you will never know it.

After :

TheHermit:All right, now I have a few thoughts on information I read on your blog…First of all, I saw you posted a list of Acclaim Staff; however, you posted a list of David Perry’s employees… Next, you posted what you thought was The Historian’s address. I am telling you now, it is not his address……………………… Again, I have no problem with he said / she said. What about your misinformation I just listed? Do you plan to remove it?   All of the above I just listed for starters? Well, they have nothing to do with Acclaim.

The fake Hermit wants 2 things to go away : Historian address and who is behind Acclaim. Why would the TheHermit wants for Histo address to be deleted and insist so much ? Historian could ask for that ( forgot he failed…). To see that we are above you and we have a good heart (wink), sedbona is considering to remove Historian address, but as we found it , others can do. Now about the other issue, I do not understand the reasons yet. As I said :

vennus9d :I said those are the people behind Acclaim.I didn’t said they are employee of Acclaim.Look at links. I gave David Perry Link and CV,  I gave Historian CV,  I gave Jill CV, in those CVs, all said they work for Acclaim.

And now the big bomb :

Legend : oh and btw, why did historian sent you? was he scared to face us on his own?

vennus9d:why I have the impression that we don’t talk to TheHermit ? the real one…


vennus9d: I sow the MSN log for the Hermit…was not like this…this is the adress used for the book

TheHermit: I assure you I am Steven-Elliot Altman.

Sedbona : a proof?

TheHermit : What proof would you like?

Sedbona:  tell me 5 russian classic authors

… (silence….silence)…he google it…haha

Sedbona: we have google…a writter who does not the basic of russian literature…

Legend:back to 2007 when the open beta started, you were not like that, hermit. What happened with you? why did you become so arrogant like everyone else from acclaim team?

TheHermit:Bulgakov and Tolstoy and Chekov and Pushkin are my choices

Sedbona: I said 5 and was late…was a quick question…

TheHermit:You have spoken to me by PM ingame, Mystery. Correct?

Legend: tell me one person who dont know that…

Sedbona : those PMs can be written by others too

vennus9d: I have the impression you are TheHistorian, same attitudine.

So, TheHermit had to google for 5 russian authors…sedbona was really inspired to put that kind of question. In a blink of an eye our suspicions became true.

This article contains my opinions  over the conversation.




25 responses to “The fake Hermit, part 1

  1. i am proud of you guys. I suspect that behind TheHermit is another person, not the real writer. i think Acclaim gives him a sum of money to use his name. let’s face it, what writer has the lines above ? what writer has time to spin in a game ? it is a myth created artificially.

  2. I agree with Saint. Now more than ever I think TheHermit is another product of Acclaim to keep us away from real problems. Until the coming of Hermit, the complaints have multiplied considerably. TheHermit made several events to distract our attention from real issues. It’s a technique practiced in handling sour.

    A writer should have culture and use elevated language. What I read in discussion, are children replys prepared for a cheap speech.The thing with Russian authors was a deadly one. 🙂

  3. When you dig more, several things come to surface. All of you helped me learn more. Never look only at the surface. I will follow the blog with pleasure and interest. Keep it up.

  4. The conversation was interesting. I even address to Hermit with Mrs. and Ms. … I don’t think he notice it, was just a check up of the avatar. I don’t hide the fact that I also have some doubts over TheHermit true identity, in fact we will never know who was in that moment behind TheHermit.

    I am used with literature, with writers language, but that was over the top. He repeated like a robot some of the things and I feel was forced.

      • How many others have said before me, I think this is a trick. The image is only dust. Perhaps behind the Hermit, Acclaim employees are doing the job, using the image of the writer. Everything is possible when we talk about Acclaim.

  5. just let you know…operation cleaning the forum started. why?

    “vennus :that is why we decided to write and submit a case to one of the largest Freedom of Speech Foundation, we want for 9dragons forum to be monitorize.”

    • hahaha lol… Good thing I made yesterday some screenshots of the topic “Stay of Quit” of the general discussions forum. We have also uploaded screenshots of posts from other topics.

      This move will not help them. Just make it worse.

      • Poor planning, how vennus already said…

        BTW, sainX was right. They are really working on their forum. I get an error. Just for the case they will lie, I made a screenshot and uploaded it:

  6. I read the article with great interest, but I didn’t spotted a flash of a writer in Hermit words. Writers have their world and that world is impeding in arrogance to this Hermit. I hope its not really TheHermit from forum.

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