Thanksgiving Event DAY 1 – Nothing for the Vagabonds

How you already noticed, I’m still not gone from here. I’m still around trying to help. However; while you guys are waiting for the 2nd part of our conversation with Historian, I will write something about the new Thanksgiving Event.

You probably already noticed it: Promising more stuff for the clanless warriors called Vagabonds, Acclaim did not even gave Vagabonds the Thanksgiving Event on the first day. If you want to get the quest rewards (items) as Vagabond, you have to do the quests with another character which is either a member of a black, or a white clan.

The second part of the Thanksgiving Event is an Epithet. You can choose between [Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving Nourishment and [Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving Compassion. Here are the screenshots:

The fact, that Vagabonds can’t participate this event, is equated with racism. Well, let’s see how the second of those “10 days full of gifts” will be.

Written by
Legend – The Son of The Vagabond


17 responses to “Thanksgiving Event DAY 1 – Nothing for the Vagabonds

  1. I made only the first part and I recived ambrosia (5). I hope they fix this and vagabond can participate, it is not fair.

    • Hmmm, and whom should the vagabonds bring the book with lost kung-fu skills of their clan? The Vaga-NPC in cc4? Read the quest story and then talk about how the quest should be for all… And since I’m here, what ambrosia? I got just 8 of those rice cakes after completing the 2nd part…

      • Read what it is written in the description of RICE CAKES : ambrosia. Also, the vagabonds should finish the quest to a certain NPC ( because they don’t have clan).I am sure they would have find solutions. I sow some NPC which was made special for this event, they could have done one for vagabonds or finish at WD…

    • I got confused by the (5). Anyways, in the quest you eentually find out it’s a book with your clan’s secret kung-fu. As far as I know, vagabonds don’t have secret clan kung-fu, mainly because they don’t have a clan. To make it fit vagabond chars, they have to rewrite the whole quest – like find a book written by the dragon or something.

      I just don’t understand why you want quests and skills for vagas. What will make you different from clan warriors, if you have everything they do? Then vaga will be just another clan, nothing special. But that’s just my opinion, please don’t bite me.

  2. As I said, I only did the first quest back than, that is why I had 5. In “wuxia”, vagabonds learns all the others clans skills, they get the best skills in the end and the best “sifu”. 9Dragons sheets were inspired by wuxia. Still I think they should at least get something. Maybe GMs can give them special buffs or special items…

    All get something in Thanksgiving day ( I believe that is the meaning – I don’t know for sure, because we don’t celebrate that holiday in my country, but I read about it).

  3. indeed this was a discrimination against the players : the simple fact that a part can not participate. at least to will give something in compensation to vagabonds.

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