VGM Affidavit of Eligibility and Release not legal ?

Here you have the VGM Affidavit of Eligibility and Release that each VGM must complete before entering into VGM system :

What is very weird is the fact that a VGM doesn’t fill in a voluntary agreement, but a Affidavit of Eligibility and Release. That kind of Affidavit is  used by companies when we deal with a contest and it is accompanied by the word : ” PUBLICITY”.

An Affidavit of Eligibility is a form which you fill out with your name, address and other identifying information like your social security number, and date of birth. You sign the form in front of a notary public. The notary puts their seal on the bottom, and signs stating that you showed proper identification (picture ID, driver’s license, etc). They are notarizing your signature, that you are confirming you meet the eligibility requirements .

The form must have notary stamp on it, but Acclaim erase that condition. Why ? Ask yourself. I search for one California form of Affidavit and I found many that are similar. I will post an example :

At the end of Affidavit you can see that they asked the signature of the notary. Why ? The notary says that you are the person who sign it and the dates you fill are real. You go with the company standard Affidavit and your ID ( and parents if you don’t have 18 years old, or more, depends on country ) at the notary to stamp it ( you have to translate it if you are not from California) than to translate it back in english and put what we call “APOSTILLE” and send it back to the company.

Acclaim VGM Affidavit of Eligibility and Release is skipping the notary step because would be very hard for the people who applies to do it. Yet, how can Acclaim tell us if the VGM people are those who say they are, if is not certified by a notary. After Acclaim Affidavit, a VGM can be anyone, even  lie on the form if nobody “stamp” that she or he is the person ( that happened ). Worse, can be a mental patient who can endangers an entire community.

In Acclaim form, the notion of volunteer is also a mixed up. They say to us that VGMs are voluntareer staff ( and official), but they don’t have an Volunteer Agreement and Release. I uploaded one from the internet as example :

This form of contract is very different than the first one. First, you must be a non-governmental organization, educative one for example, need to have projects to work with volunteers. A company ( as a legal entity) is not organise in voluntary form, but is form by employees with individual employment contracts. The notion of voluntary has nothing to do with a company.That is why Acclaim don’t use Volunteer Agreement and Release forms. Also in a Volunteer Agreement you have two parts involved and a time notion. The form of volunteer, if you are not major, must be obtain with school permission. Also you need a health certificate.

I will let you study and come back tomorrow with a post about the account of VGM [Zion]. Historian ordered (as is showed in the MSN logs – a conversation with a GM) that Zion’s personal account ( in which he invested money) to be banned, because of something in that  form( we don’t know yet what is it), which is illegal in my view. Zion can become a spearhead to prove if that agreement is legal or no. Will California state institutions, especially the Department of Labor consider that form of voluntary contract (combined in two) legal or illegal employment ?


21 responses to “VGM Affidavit of Eligibility and Release not legal ?

  1. if it not legal and i think it is not, Acclaim is in big trouble. as you said

    ‘Worse, can be a mental patient who can endangers an entire community.’

    if the persons are not check up properly that can be become real. instead of paying is better to use not pay work (money).

    • mystwyze as i heard as a heart disease, why is she moderate a forum and is a VGM ? you must be healty physical and mentally to do it . if someone angers her and makes a heart attack, what than ?

  2. you all are always ahead of Acclaim 🙂 in my opinion it is not legal, Acclaim uses a non pay work to do what a pay worker must do.

  3. before baning an account because of VGM things, Acclaim must have all contracts legal. where is the notary signature on it ? any sane people knows that agreement have no chance in a court of law.

  4. How can you meet the eligibility requirements if you are not confirm to be that person? It is a big mistake that can cost Acclaim a lot. This can be the end of VGM system if the complaint of Zion will reach California authorities. Historian will come up and release Zion account to don’t complain or Acclaim will deny that he ban it for VGM issues. Even so this opens a new perspective and show us that Acclaim is full of amateurish people.

    Thanks for sharing. Good work on this post.

  5. My form never was signed with a notary, and i never got a copy or anything with notary signatures. And i needed to sign it in front of the notary to make it legal. Thats what i understand from Sed.

    So the forms arent legal.

  6. I read in Affidavit : a VGM is in game consultant. What can consult or how can consult us when his declaration is false ? What about the age ? At 16 years old can a person be a consultant ? Joking?

  7. Stupid, stupid Acclaim. Why they are so noobs ? Omg, how can they not checking the persons who fills the VGM Affidavit of Eligibility and Release? I believe 90% of the actual VGM team lied.

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