VGM Policies and Standards (what we don’t know)

The VGM forum hides the rules which we don’t see. Here we go :

* Deco: Lead VGM’s can request Decos for the VGM’s beyond what is available at the vendor. Instead of many various VGM Leads going back and forth with the GM’s, all information must come through the Head VGM [Iron] for this. VGM Leads submit the information for their VGMs to him/her, and it will be requested from the GM’s.

VGM[Iron] is still hunting the VGM team, even now Bella rule it. I think she forgot to edit that post. From this we understand that a VGM enjoy the privileges of a coin purchaser (deco).

# Roars: GM’s will generate roars for each of you. The request must be routed through your Team Lead, who can either contact a GM directly – or pass the information to the Head VGM [Iron], and s/he will handle it.

Another privilege of coins purchaser (roars). If a VGM wants to communicate something she or he roars. If Acclaim give them a tool, means that indirectly part of Acclaim company. If they are why they are not listed in TOS like coins providers, for example ? This is a very sensible issue.

# Weapons: Weapons are allowed. But, no Weapons will be generated. You will need to acquire these from your Team Lead or a Mod, who will purchase it from a vendor. Or, if your super nice – a Mod might have something they acquired from a drop or be willing to farm it for you.

So Mods always were in here and they intoxicated us with cheap sentences like ”  MODs and VGMs  are separate entities” . Why they mixted then? If you are “super” nice, a MOD can give you his or her “remains”. VGMs pick the remains of MODs. This is funny. So in others words you have to obey to a MOD to farm for you, to talk to him nice and kiss one of his or her part.

GM Contact: You are not to contact a GM directly for boosts, roars, equipment, gold, or any other items. Direct those requests towards a Team Lead and/or the Head VGM [Iron].

So VGMs can acquire gold also. As I already pointed in this blog, you can farm with a VGM character. So if you are a VGM you are the owner of what in game a regular and coins purchaser player has. Not bad.

# Skills: No Clan specific skills allowed for any VGM, at any time. No exceptions whatsoever. If you currently have skills, you must contact a GM to have your skills and stats reset, as each VGM Character MUST be a Vagabond.

The VGMs can’t have clan skills. All is good till here, but they impose one choice : Vagabond.

# Items: You are allowed weapon, healing items, roars, gold. This can be only given to you via a Team Lead.

Because of the above, they fought over team leader position. As a Team Leader you have a lot.

Fighting (Self Defense, Monsters, PVP): No VGM is allowed to fight any player except in self-defense or to correct a behavior that violates game rules. This should be a last resort.(attacking a VGM is a bannable offense) The player MUST be warned prior to any action. Take a Screen shot before you PK the offending player, and immediately report to a GM.

You are allowed to fight back against monsters, ONLY if it creates a situation where it puts a player in jeopardy or prohibits you from assisting a player. Otherwise, you are to just leave the area when aggro’d by a mob.

No PVP Allowed at any time with any other VGM, Mod, or regular player. Any VGM found to be PK’ing any other player or participating in PVP will be removed.

So they are not allow to fight us, but they enjoy themself when they use their skills on players for fun. When this happen I advise all players to take ss and send it to Acclaim ( well, the premium accounts will be serve first…). Another thing : for revenge VGMs (they speak to each other on MSN, you all know the debate)  tend to disconnect certains players. Take a full back-up of all “dc” issues and if you feel that something is wrong, report it.

A VGM can’t attack a Mod ? Mods have certain powers inside game also ? Or they protect each others real characters in game ?…

Character Boosting: VGM’s can not contact GM’s directly for this. In order to get your character boosted, the VGM Team Lead must send an email with the VGM(s) account name.

But they asked it on MSN…

All I see are some rudimentary rules written in a broken english. This  system is not only full supported by players money but also has no use. They have privileges and do nothing. They don’t know how to answer players questions. In game they are under all of standards : roars that they enter the game and all the request must be send via ‘game email’, if you whisper, they don’t know what to answer.

The system, in time, showed signs  of flows ( one is the high number of the ex officials from the team who left it or were kicked), yet Acclaim still keep it. If not for it, how can GMs can have girls material to flirt with or how they can answer to players ? Acclaim keeps this vicious system because they don’t want to hire others GMs.But, in my opinion the prise for keeping the system is much higher to pay in money and image than hiring a GM.


35 responses to “VGM Policies and Standards (what we don’t know)

  1. The authors of this blog are the best. You forced Acclaim to open to the community and show what is behind the system. Knowledge and information are power, but you give all to us, didn’t use it to get something out from Acclaim. I respect that.

  2. Well actually on my VGM char i never asked anything at my TL. I Just asked the GM’s what i wanted, this wasnt superduper abnormal stuff, just the basic stuff like the older VGM’s had.

    -2 decos permanent
    -refined saber
    -KG and Roars
    -and some nice speed stuff, was easy for walking through maps.

    Some ppl requested like 100 mil in gold and 500 be, right raxion?

    • Never harms to test the limits in how far you can go. Beside’s i knew before hand that it would be denied 😉 .

      But another rule as a VGM is that you can only have a +11 weapon with no slots requested on your promotion to full VGM. While i see some who have +11/12 with 4 slots.

      Also about the deco’s, it’s the same as what every player can purchase in the coinstore. Only difference is that it either has a 1 year timer or a frozen timer on it.

      And zion is right, moment you are out of probation you dont really need to request the item threw your team lead. If a GM has time he tells you to email him, item’s will be added a little later and all items received will be put into a log. So if the items you have on your char doesnt match the log they have, you have a problem.

      • Well i must admit i enjoyed your debate with X-Ray about the BE’s and money 🙂

        You talked him against the wall…..

  3. and others are doing dungeons or farming gold. GMs are lazy to check all VGMs logs. to check everyday over 20 people logs is too much for them. they just check polling them.

  4. What i do know is that Manic had a copy of the old char of Bella, named Verse. So she had a TL char.

    Manic also had 2 high level chars copyd from Bardo with the purpose to make some kinda movie with them. They copied Omega and Yoink, including their items.

  5. omg, I didn’t knew that. what is that ? how can GMs do that ? making movies, what movies and for what purpose ? you can do movies with your character.

  6. It was a movie for scifi channel i think, some sort of online commercial.

    My point is, they dont need to copy chars from other people for this purpose.

    • This is new, I will try to get at the button of this story. They don’t have to copy others characters and give to VGMs to use it. It is against the rules, but they don’t respect those rules. They just invoke the rules when they want.

      • Character copy system is normally used for copying people who got reported as speed hackers among other things. To check if the % of speed on the gear and epithet matches the movement speed we see. Or copied from a backup if a player has deleted their character by accident.

        But it’s the first time i hear of it being used for a movie. Last time they made a movie for a commercial, kane just roared over the server for all to come and help out. I dont see the reason why they should copy characters for that.

  7. Well they did, she showed me the bloodbeads and weapons from both chars.

    And both Omega and Yoink were still playing on that moment. And werent reported on hacking or other things.

    • That is just plain wrong then. If for some reason those item’s should be needed for a movie they can simply add them to a boosted char with the GM tool. Same way they made the chars for the Immortal competition. Copying other chars wouldnt have been needed.

  8. they use cheap labour so they give all what that VGM ask for it. a ‘PrO’ movie costs. they bribe Manic with items from others characters and gave her to use others players copy characters to do that movie. i consider this LAME.

    • Nobody would made a movie for virtual items, except the noobs. She is happy she got the items, Acclaim is happy they got the movie. But, something is wrong. Why she got some hard to find items because she put together some fraps ? Why not a open competition with the rest. The best movie will receive a prize. Acclaim sucks!

  9. Manic knew Yoink and Omega have good items and characters because she is on Bardo and was in Elites and Storm Riders.Kitti knew both of them. GMs copy what she asked for. on any part I see it, this is wrong.

  10. They didnt bribe i think it was an idea from a certain GM to do it this way. The needed 2 warrior chars. A shaolin and a wutang.

    That were the 2 high levels she knew, she was in SR with [Kitty] and in Elites i think with fluxx__ or something. (Yoink was submaster of SR and Omega of Elites i believe)

  11. she speculated the people with the best items because she knew them. if Manic keep the items and all on those characters, sucks, against common sense. GMs should check it.

  12. Btw everyone that is really sick of 9dragons can join us, StorM in Aion….:)

    There u can all see old friends like Tran, Spirit-Fist, Yoink, Urukiora and JerryLee. Even some blacks joined us like Snowflakes. So its one happy old 9dragons family in a new game.

  13. i think i will finish my gaming with 9dragons, thanks for the offer.
    Manic got those gifts because she is a girl and now it is proven the link between her and the GMs she flirts with.

  14. lmao wtf

    @ Someone
    First. Can you tell me who you are >_> you kinda talk like you know me >_>
    And 2nd
    When was this “copy char thingy” going?
    and how comes you know so much about it?

  15. My name was [VGM]Zion, my old chars were ChiQuen and Ludie. My newest char was a healer called DylanLucas.

    The copy char thing was a couple months ago.

    Because i worked closely with Manic on Nirvana.

  16. In this movie, VGM Manic skills were test it :

    “A Short Movie created using still motion effects on screenshots taken from the game 9Dragons. I Thank myself [GM]Ravenclaw and [VGM]Manic who took some great screen shots. I made this story inspired by my real life “Princess”. So I hereby dedicate this video to my ‘Princess”, all the players of 9Dragons and All the VGM’s and MOD’s of 9Dragons Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to comment and rate it.”

    It is for beginners. Her skills sucks. Used only motion effect. That is the first movie she made.

  17. Acclaim must clarify this situation. Even for the others VGMs is not fair. Not to tell towards players. Among players are people more capable to do movies. Maybe a contest : the best movie will get , I don’t know, an item, coins. Why always happens this ?

  18. @Raxion
    the +12 weps some VGM got are intended for PK events, they can ask for clan skills and wep, but skills got removed after leaving bloody plain.’

    @copy char thing
    it’s only 1 char copied, not the whole account, thus the copied is only the items used and in bag, no storage and seller char copied anyway. And did Manic got those items? those are in Nirv server anyway.

    don’t forget the 255 scales and 255 tears on ur 1st post, ahaha
    (I thought he asked for 255 each refinement material not 500 BE anyway or else I did get the wrong information…)

    • Srry May Lee you are right. 255 ref. mats for each level i think. Anyways his discussion with X-Ray about it was funny as hell. He talked X-ray pretty much against the wall.

  19. the GMs can transfer the items to any server. anyway it is wrong, it is against policy. I also want to know if Manic got the items. the idea is that because of Manic friendship with 1 GM she got to do the movie. why the others were not inform ? maybe a better idea would come from all of this.

  20. It’s basically not transferring item, but deleting and generating new ones. On the progress it may hit something not intended.

    Also it’s wrong if Manic got those items of course.

    it was her idea to make the movie, so not because she got friendship with the GM and then she got to do the movie.
    And anyway the others was informed I think. Zion confirmed that he’s on 1st movie right?

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