TheHistorian failed

We are honor that the game manager of Acclaim visits our blog. I am sure he do it as a job interest, but from my point of view seems he “has a big crash for this blog”. One day ago he failed to report to WordPress, Legend post :

The post was put on private till we clear Historian “mess”. Thanks to a great WordPress support, Historian mess was clear up and the post is back up to public. I have to remaind TheHistorian that WordPress is not Acclaim and his abuse to power can’t hurt us.The authors of this blog are not the kids from official team who can’t put together one setence. Even we know more than we publish we always have a back-up source that is public. All the information posted about you, Historian are public and are found on net.

Even how you look is public :

Next time, I suggest you to try something else. Here is no Acclaim to ban us for freedom of speech and even you try again to ban us over this ( on Acclaim forum and game), I remaind you, outside Acclaim we have the law.

That is something that makes me laugh. mystwyze, that can bring so much trouble on you and Acclaim. I will remaind all who tries it : outside Acclaim,  official team is “O” and as a player and a customer I have many ways to fight. Watch what will come next from that one. You can cry over it later. You talk smart, but let’s see if Acclaim, the “we” you carefreely speak of will recognise you as a part of  TOS if we take an official action.


28 responses to “TheHistorian failed

  1. me too. i laugh for 10 minutes now. is that how Historian looks like ? behind that avatar, which is arrogant that face hides ? he has an earring in his eyear. so much credit is out for Histo now. community manager look… lol, omg.

  2. Wonderfull. I am glad. This will teach him a lesson. Outside Acclaim they are nothing. FAILURE!

    mystwyze utter threats against others customers too.

  3. I dont care about stuff like this. I do my part on the official team and dont care who is with me or against me.

    But you should make some edits to your post.

    Remaind = Remind (in your case). Something to remember.

    And Remaind is normally spelled as Remained. Something that is left, left over, left behind. If you gonna use it in the future.

    Few example’s of poor grammar:
    Historian mess was clear up and the post is back up to public = Historian’s mess was cleared up and the post is back up for the public
    his abuse to power = his abuse of power
    and are found = and can be found

    [The authors of this blog are not the kids from official team who can’t put together one setence]

    [Sarcasm]Omg i am from official team and i can spell and use proper english sentences[/sarcasm]. Next time point out the person who does it instead of pointing at the entire team. We do have people who can accually do the things you say the team cant.

    And because you tend to complain about the way how the complete official team uses english, i need to say your grammar has been way off all the time with alot of spelling mistake’s 😉 . You are on the official team of this blog, so take notice of it. Dont complain about something when you cant do it properly yourself. When you can do it yourself you have more rights to say something about it.

    Pretty much this isn’t something you wanna hear right? But you do it too others aswell. Some deserve it and some dont. But what you do to others can be used on you aswell. Think again before saying something if you dont like the chance of it being done to you aswell.

    This is nothing personal put i wanted to point this out to you, and i think you are smart enough to know what that point is. There are other ways of telling people about these sort of things without attacking them. And dont group people together aswell, seperate the people who can and can’t.

    Even i make small mistake’s with my use of english. Because people who have english as a 2nd language tend to use the grammar from their main language.


    It’s either Ear = what you hear with.

    Or Eye = what you see with.

    Not a combination, would be a weird thing to combine.

    • Because english is your second langauge you also tend to do mistakes, so please don’t start to give lessons. Also I think you will not like to hear this : I stopped to complain and I don’t need to go through all of that Acclaim complains phases, don’t help much. When I am done with my what I want to do next, I am affraid the official team will cease to exist.

      The universal language I know it is the law and I will use it. When you guys fail, you don’t want to hear, but I will keep telling you.

    • Chick is sweet and said Historian looks emo, that is the meaning I get from what he said. Enforcer don’t try to hide the failure, don’t help much. sedbona said something for all to understand : outside, official team and Acclaim big Historian are 0 and this is a proof.

    • “Few example’s of poor grammar:
      Historian mess was clear up and the post is back up to public = Historian’s mess was cleared up and the post is back up for the public”

      Sarcasm is on :

      PRIVATE AND PUBLIC is a state of the post on WordPress, not the public as a group, so your meaning is totally different.

      his abuse to power = his abuse of power

      He abuse the power, manipulates it, not “OF”.

      and are found = and can be found
      are found, not be found are corect forms.

    • Enforcer, Legedn send a polite invitation to your beloved TheHIstorian to talked about problems. We, the authors of this blog wanted to make a compromise, but he is too proud to even talk about the problems of community. Don’t accuse something you don’t know. We try to have a conversation, but I think he is too scared.

    • it is weird, but is like Historian do to us : close his ears and eyes to the community problems and complaints, but open it only when he wants so he is like that…

  4. Well we all know Enforcerer is the buddy from Historian. So if he doesnt have anything contributing to say except whining about someones english then better shut up.

    • ROFL XD, yeah right me buddy’s with him you got to be kidding right. Get your fact’s straight mister mechanic. Some people told me you work as a grease monkey for the police instead of being one like you said. So keep your lie’s to yourself.

      Just because he accually answers my questions when he is online doesnt mean he is my buddy. To be honest i completely attacked him on msn when he changed the ToS, not something a buddy would do. And as of lately i havent seen him online in weeks. I even told him his way of communicating with the community is wrong and he should take notice of it. Normally you think i would be kicked from the team but it hasnt happen yet. You wanna know why? It’s simpel it’s all in the way how you point it out to the person. He know’s i am right and take’s my advice into concideration for the future (i hope), and i do my job what was in the job discription.

      To be honest i am glad you left the official team. For somebody in his 30’s you whine like a 12 year old alot lately. You whine like alot of kids from the VGM team and left just because you didnt got what you wanted and now try to thrash talk about the others.

      And you are also whining now instead of contributing something to this matter. So you shut up aswell.

      Everybody in the official team know’s things got to change around here. VGM Team is corrupt (will be worked on), GM team does less then what they say they do. GM team is short handed and that is the reason why support isn’t as fast anymore, and Hist doesnt stay in control of the community because he doesn’t know how to do it in this messed up situation. So he needs to figure out how to improve things. Also he is stuborn so he needs to deal with that aswell. But instead of trying to bash the guy, try to help him. People like that dont tend to open up in public discussions. Do it in private and in a nice way.

      Trying to sillence the people you depend on is never a smart way. With games like this you better give the people what they want and then the money comes in faster then when you accually force it out of people. For example: When you use dragon scales and tears the refine rate goes down. More people will buy if they knew refine rate would go up. Everybody knows the current refine rate is messed up. GB12 BD 2 Slot gloves are even hard to refine these days, results of my first attempt 5/5 +2, 4/4 +3, 2/2 +5 0/0 +5, broke to +6 . That’s rougly 80 bucks down the drain. And because of this people tend to buy less scales and tears for 2 simple reason’s. 1 They are expensive, 2 refine rate goes down. If they where alot cheaper and refine rate goes up when applied. You have more people buying them and using them, so that also equals bigger income. But you only see that if you dont look at things with greedy eyes.

      At the moment i am working on a new idea for the coin store that i will present to the top. And i want to see how historian is gona react to it. It will include removal of items, adding items, editing effects of items and new prices (amount of coins needed for the item).

      Maybe he will react and deal with it in a proper way, if he does it’s another step to turn this into something better. If he doesn’t it’s another step down.

      @AI Project: I already told you i also make mistake’s with my english, i dont hide it.

      He abuse the power = He abused the power (if you use it in that way).

      But enough about that. I see people who’s main language is english make more mistake’s then we do.

      • Does it really matter if im a grease monkey or not? How should that concern this matter? And yeah the truth is for u a question right… for me acting like a 12 yr old hmmm hows that? Because i talked to Sed? Is that makin me a 12 yr old? Well m8 better get some facts together before u start yelling stuff about me.

        You probably got your way too when your buddy X-Ray left ^^. You always wanted to throw him of his throne and you probably did.

        Anyways present your ideas m8, there wont be much people left anyways if they gonna continue the course they are going at the moment.

      • Talking to sed doesnt make you a 12 year old. Never said that and i never will. The way people act is all of their own accord. So dont be throwing in sed’s name in this matter. It’s nothing more then a disgrace towards her. Nobody said anything like that and still it’s in your mind. And no it doesnt matter if you are a grease monkey or not, it’s a nice job if you are into cars. But the way you talked in the past about certain things you knew because you where with the police and that’s why you knew how to deal with people was nothing but a lie. If you did street work then it would have been a different matter. Point is your words cant really be trusted at the moment in my eyes. First i thought you werent that bad, but my opinion has changed in time. Not because you post here or that you talk to sed, that’s your own freedom to do. But it’s in the way you act and the things you say.

        And X-Ray left on his own, i have nothing to do with it. Beside’s he also was a friend of mine ingame so why would i want him to leave? At first i did wanted him out for a few reasons, but we talked and things where set straight. So my opinion on that matter changed. But in the future there will be more changes to the VGM team. I am talking about some matters with a few GM at the moment. Time i am done the current VGM team and the way they recruit people will be changed for the better. You might say it’s impossible, but i already have a few GM who agree’s with my idea’s so far. So i will atleast try. This will also mean that if you have any idea’s run them threw me and i will see what i can do with them.

      • Well not exactly Rax, ive been on the street to m8. So dont think you know me.

        Also been very active in the security field for about 4 years were you also have to deal with people on a daily base. So like i said dont think you know people.

        And then again, should i take advice from a a 20 yr old boy, or were u older then that.

      • About the changes, goodluck with that. People in the VGM team tend to use the other VGM’s as puppets for their own plans. Just watch out you dont fall into one of those plans. Like i said, you were always one of the better VGM’s and that statement still stands from my side. Even whenever you got TGW 😛

  5. this blog is looking for the best in people. I love it. Histo has average school skills. beyond these job-specific technical skills, certain skills are nearly universally sought even for a community manager. best team work ever.

    sedbona, vennus, Legend, StoryTeller, I wander how you all would fill in Acclaim team. atomic bomb…

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