margeman2k3 : Hey guys, I’m done.

Hey guys, I’m done.
It’s been fun, but I can’t devote any more time or energy into a company that:
a. Abuses its volunteers
b. Abuses its customers
See you on the other side. Wink
This is  margeman2k3 resign post written on the “secret” forum of Acclaim. I am happy that margeman2k3 realise that, he spend some valuable time inside a company which “abuses its voluntareers” and “abuses its customers”. I am glad you are now on the other side of the “team”, in the community. I hope you stick around and try to share with us your experience, what you sow, what you did, how many “frogs” you had to swallow to keep up with Acclaim, why you locked, delete or moved the players complaints posts .
Comment now! Was the hammer too big ? Wink.

17 responses to “margeman2k3 : Hey guys, I’m done.

  1. marge left because of moderators- VGMs problem. he apply to VGM position and was not choosen. only the ones who kiss GMs @ and still do it are very good puppets, the rest, God have mercy!

  2. I’m happy he’s gone. One of the most arrogant people in the moderator team. He will also never be on “our” side.

    He talk about how acclaim abuses its customers, but he was one of those who just deleted and locked complains. He also did not followed their own forum rules.

    I’m really sorry for this, but I am happy he’s gone.

  3. he didn’t enter in VGM team like Bella and myst. he is not the only one who is not happy about the situation from moderator team.

  4. we will see bad changes, the people who are now in official team can’t do nothing good for the game and community, except 2-3 of them.

    i didn’t love margeman2k3 so much, but he said 2 things :

    “It’s been fun, but I can’t devote any more time or energy into a company that:
    a. Abuses its volunteers
    b. Abuses its customers”

    and it is true.

  5. chaos in the official team XD. it is like bingo. firt you want to play to get the big money, than become addicted, after you did a lot of bad things to get the money to play, you realise it is a big lie : the game makes money for the hosts.

  6. Well i didnt dislike Mike (thats his real name btw).

    He was always helpfull to me in my time beeing VGM and he was honest towards us and didnt hang us out to dry, like draken did with a certain VGM.

  7. Marge was almost fanatical in defending Acclame time and time again. I don’t trust people that change sides after they were up to their neck in filth. He would have stayed behind if he would received more power i think… What can i say, an Acclame puppy grew fangs, tisk tisk…

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