[VGM]X-Ray ,the Lead of Nirvana left

x-ray2“Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?”
I want to keep it short, I’m stepping down from the position as Nirvana Team Lead as well as from the VGM position itself.Originally it has been a way longer text, but who cares!? If someone tells you to watch out your health, you have to ask yourself what you gotta do to “fix”.(You can get a clue by reading my latest posts, but it ain’t be everything.)Nevertheless, it was nice to have met you Nate, Kane, Russell, Jones, Neverever (^^), Mods and VGMs I have talked to. A special thanks to Steve for your support though.I  am Sorry, sayonara guys & gals. See ya some days again (maybe).“Be well,do good work,and keep in touch.”
That was written in VGMs forum. We already are familiar with  Ray issues. vennus9d wrote about them. Seems this time he could not take anymore :
The cinic comment came from Serena ( she was one from the persons who wanted for Ray to step down) :
What!? you cant leave!! omg     you have to stay.. Crying or Very sad
Don’t go  come back!
Bye Bye.. Ray..
I will not comment , but all of you can do it !

20 responses to “[VGM]X-Ray ,the Lead of Nirvana left

  1. another one leaves, not because it is good in VGM team, but because it is how we all know : chaos and personal matters.

    sedbona you sow the post of myst on 9d boards :

    This topic has been locked. I didn’t delete it because I wanted to leave a note here for the general public to view.

    “This TrollBlog of sedbona’s is not allowed to be posted on the 9Dragons forum, whether to discuss its contents, run contests or whatever else people on it choose to do. Sedbona has been banned from the 9Dragons forums due to the contents of her blog (asking for personal information), and therefore the blog itself, link or content, will be deleted on the forum without notice the next time we see it on here.

    I advise (and by advise, I do mean this as an Official Warning) anyone who tries to act smart about this to re-think their actions the next time they attempt to post this blog on the 9D forums. Please remember that forum bans do extend to in-game bans as we see fit.”


    stupid and pathetic.

    • I sow it too. I spoke to sed 30 minutes ago and she said to me that she is tired of their trash and will not stand it anymore. She decided to write to a California lawyer, mystwyze make a stupid mistake and she will pay for it alone with Acclaim. It is well know that mystwyze is sick, that will be proven to trial and sick people can’t be in a moderator team. Also she start to threaten the others players that will be baned on forum and game if the link to this blog will be posted again.

      sedbona was baned unfair and we all know that and now it is time for that to be proven. The contest also don’t requier any private information and is held by fans. It is time for the trash to be reveal public in a trial. I waited long for this.

      I will go alone with what she decided, we on this blog will not take the trash from Acclaim and a kids team. It is time to take some actions. You all soon know what I talk about.

      • mystwyze is in contradiction of herself:
        sedbona has been banned from the 9Dragons forums due to the contents of her blog
        asking for personal information

        what a noob. how can you say something so stupid ?

      • Will be a time for everything. We will take it step by step. I want to say this : even mystwyze is sick and can be an emotional blackmail, the time of closed eyes finished. I am ready to take a new road and to make a precedent. Money are not a problem.

      • I remember I gave you some reasons Someone why they can’t ban you :
        1. They ban you on your personal account for something that has to do with VGM team (other issue).
        2. VGM team is not list in TOS as a 2th, 3th party of Acclaim.
        3. They don’t even respect their own rules, can’t ask others to do it… it is call “mutum consensum- mutum disensum”, controversy and consensus.
        4. Your VGM form is illegal because was not stamp by a notary, so you could lie about the identity of part and others aspects.
        5. They have to give you access to your mall items ( roars you still have, as an example), because we talk about a product you bought and can’t use it.

        You still have logs… so all it is in your advantage.

  2. Bye bye bye Ray. I really didn’t know you, but I think you made a good thing when you left. VGMs team will die soon, the game will die.

  3. They didn’t remove VGM Ray from 9dragons forum stiky topic. Serena reply is like 13 years old and mystwyze reply are just emty words. I think in front of a juge she will make in her pants.

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