The future of 9Dragons

9 dragons malkoThis blog post is about the future of 9Dragons. These are my own opinions and not an opinion of a group. I will tell you, as my last post on this blog, what I think will the future of 9Dragons be.

To tell the opinion about the future of 9Dragons is not easy. 9Dragons is not just the US & EU version of the publisher Acclaim. While the Korean version will probably always have a lot players, the Japanese 9Dragons version will close on November the 30th.

The fact, that the japanese 9Dragons version will close, is very sad. This was a very good version. They had new items, which we never had in our 9Dragons, Acclaim’s version. If somebody was tired of Acclaim or even just wanted to grind peacefully, because especially on events you just can’t grind in peace in our version, then he moved there. I will never forget that the japanese version was always the place where people could take refuge. The people, which moved there, were happy about the better stat system and PvP, about the peace there, about the interest from the japanese GMs which always made nice and awesome events, and of corse about the simple fact that the people never have to see the stupidity of Acclaim. And I will never forget these pictures, which an old veteran from Acclaim’s 9Dragons posted:

Facts speaks louder than words. All those Acclaim guys and Acclaim followers always ask for “facts”. But what facts they need more? Disappointed veteran players from Acclaim’s 9Dragons which moved to another 9Dragons version just because of the publisher, laught about Acclaim on their new “home”; Angry people on the Project AI blog which have war against Acclaim, because they want a revolution and change Acclaim’s mind to a better way; Flaming people on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum, even complains by people which just joined a few months ago… For me, it seems like these Acclaim guys and Acclaim followers don’t want a fact, but just ignoring them and don’t know anything more to say than “show me facts” – even if the facts are already there, since long time.

The Korean version of 9Dragons, how I said, will always have enough players to survive. They probably got even too much players. This is the version number 1, because they will always have new content as first. Rumors tell, they just get the Advanced Clans today, or some days, or weeks ago. I don’t know if this is true, but this reminds me on my own post, on the Vagabond Army forum:

(Take the next part as sarcasm or not, I don’t care)
Screenshots of players on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum showed already, that our dear indian friend and GM Ravenclaw was a member of The Union of Noble Families, and Acclaim also already said, they were testing the Advanced Clans. So it really seems like there is something on the way. But I, for my part, still think, the world will go under earlier before Acclaim’s version got the advanced clans for their players…

And now my opinion about the US & EU version, Acclaim’s 9Dragons. Well, every person with a common sense can see the facts, that Acclaim’s 9Dragons never will have a future. Well, there are many details for this. The Volunteer Game Master (short: VGM) system was never really a good thing. Already on the first days of 9Dragons there were corrupt people in there, even if almost all were more helpfull and had more knowledge about the game and were always nice to their players than today. And today, well, in contrast to the first days of 9Dragons, back then we had the Golden Age, while we have today the Dark Age.

Today the VGMs can’t help the players. They don’t know facts and don’t have the knowledge. If you ask today a VGM anything… let’s say you ask about details of an event, they have to ask a GM first. If you ask them some system questions, let’s say what kind of content a patch will bring, or what’s on the way for our version, they just don’t know it. They can’t: Just GMs know those facts. VGMs are more like babysitters, which shall take care of something, but not really have the knowledge about it. But even if you ask a symple question… some question about the game, which a veteran player knows for sure, don’t know, let’s say a question about a dungeon or about a quest, or about what attribute gives what kind of advantage, then a VGM almost always will fail, unless it is a veteran 9Dragons player. BUT, for sure, Acclaim would not hire them. The veteran players got the knowledge about Acclaim, about how they handle their things, and so on. These kind of people Acclaim will never hire as VGM or moderator, and when they do, they will kick them out very soon. People, which don’t have the problem to tell Acclaim what they think, and what Acclaim does wrong, will always be kicked out of the Acclaim Staff. And after that, some people will try to make them leave the game. They do that also on normal players which say what they think.

The situation of the forum moderators are a bit different. While the most VGMs are busy with flirting with GMs or get their own profit, the moderators just are there to moderate the forum. Actually. But that’s not what moderators of Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum do. The most of them are no-lifers. You will not get a good feedback there by doing a qualitative good job. But you even will become the Leader of the moderators by making a quantitative good job. That means: You just have to be as long as possible online on the forum and to work on the way your bosses would like. So if somebody complain about Acclaim on the forum, the moderators will lock or delete the whole thread. Many people think, as moderator of a forum you will have the power to make different things, like just deleting the flaming post instead of the whole thread, move off-topic posts to the right topic instead of lock or deleting the whole, and so on. But that’s not the case of Acclaim’s forum moderators. They seems to not have these powers. And yes, that was sarcasm.

Well, the Game Masters (short: GMs) might have powers ingame, but they don’t have any powers on Acclaim itself. You could actually complain as long as you want on a GM, but the only thing he can do is to tell it to the Game Manager, TheHistorian. And if he just don’t want it, then he don’t want it. Period. They can’t vote for something. They are just cheap indians which Acclaim hired for doing a lot of work for less money. But well, there seems sometimes like there is not a lot work to do, at least they got the time to flirt with VGM girls (yes, girls, not women).

The Game Manager is David “Historian” DeWald. He lifes in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a 45-49 years old and divorced man which were not able to manage his own childs. But he is also the Community Manager of 9Dragons. That’s quite ironic. Or in other words: That’s retarded. That can not work.

His actions spoke and still speak for themselfes. If you think you can talk with them, explain them where’s the problem, and get some decent answers, then you are wrong. Many people tried that, already some years. But “Acclaim” is like a 12 years old child. I think, it’s not necessary to explain that. Every sanity person which is not blind knows why.

And last but not least, our dear and wise Hermit. Yes, it’s true that TheHermit is the storywriter of Acclaim’s 9Dragons story, Steven-Elliot Altman. He got a common sense and is a sanity person. But he does not have the powers in Acclaim. He just works for this company.

The only person which could change our 9Dragons version is The Hermit. He changed already a lot, but he will never change it for all. If the Acclaim bosses say “No support for non-paying players”, then everyone in the staff have to accept it. Yes, he is the only one who could change the whole thing. He could make 9Dragons to one of the best and most popular MMORPGs out there. He could even make Acclaim to a good and respectable publisher. But he will never do it.

The reasons are simple: Steven-Elliot Altman is “just” a storywriter. He writes stories. This is his full-time job. But he is not a Game Manager. And he is also not a company leader. He works for Acclaim when he got time. And rumors tell, he don’t even get payed by Acclaim for his work.

To change the doomed future of Acclaim and their 9Dragons version he would need to make it to his full-time job. But that would not be enough. He would need to get passion for what he does. He would need to put his heart blood into this game. And he even would need to use his free-time to think and decide about the game. And every realistic person will see, he will never do that. He got a life, a job, and his own hobbies and passions. Just a crazy person would give that up just to save this version of 9Dragons.

Yes, I am pissed off the last days. Ingame I am aggressiv against Acclaim and even swear sometimes. I am at the point, where I can’t go further. All this time I tried to make it better. But instead of that it become worse. As strong voice I tried to gather all players together. I started the demonstration against Acclaim. The players had the chance to show Acclaim “STOP! We want a change!”. But the most people did not participated it. Yes, I am pissed off about it. So many people complain about Acclaim, but just a few got the courage to make actions.

My road of the Voice of the 9Dragons Players end here and now. This is my last post in this blog. I will not help anyone anymore on Acclaim’s 9Dragons forum. I will just tell them my own opinion if I’m in the mood.

In a few years, if Acclaim is still alive, 9Dragons still running, and I still playing this game, we might meet each other again on the same side, fighting for the same goal. Until then, take care, good luck and farewell.

Legend, The Vagabond


19 responses to “The future of 9Dragons

  1. it is a complete vision of 9dragons and it is true, but leaving will not make a difference. you should stay and fight. i know you are piss like i am but after you calm down, till 9dragons will closed choose to fight. i got tired too, but i always think it is much bigger than me.

      • All of this is about to get used with the fight feeling and the condition of battle. Legend feelings are perfectly human, but I am sure he will pass this step and will come back to us.

  2. give up and you give them satisfaction, that is what they want. the future don’t look so good, but i think together, little by little we can change it.

    • Sometimes you get tired and disappointed, but it is only a temporary stage, the more you fight the more you get used and become an habit, so changing together will give a feeling of collectivity and not loneliness. Legend is kinda the vaga in the story now… traveling the land with mind and soul, having questions where to go from now on, what to do, how to help. He is on a road and I am sure he will see that helping others means a lot of sacrifice and sometimes means a lot of pain.

    • Mmmm…Legend take a break, depart a little far and come back to us. I like your style a lot, don’t give up and don’t say bye now. I see you in the future.

  3. The screens are epic, the description of facts and reality is very clear, an awesome post. Thanks for sharing your point of view Legend, I think the same.

  4. I like the screen-shoots too, they are amazing, reflects Acclaim reality. All the themes, ideas, messages and words that Legend wrote are a part of many of us who writes and read this blog think and feel, are things that the veterans of 9Dragons express in many posts on forum, in many roars in game. I don’t know why Acclaim is not taking them in serious and reconsider their position, I am afraid it become a way to live, express and feel for them. A game is a wonderful place to have fun and enjoy, but to have that kind of atmosphere you need to love it too, the people who runs it must love it. Many of them instead have others motives, few only have a real passion for this game.

    Acclaim failed in selecting the people with that passion and will fail in the future, because the people behind it don’t want to select the best from 2 motifs : money and competition.

  5. Intelligence it is a bliss but a burden also. The word’s getting around! Acclaim have control of the game in a bad way. Many people who surrounds Acclaim suffer from emotional disorder ( you guys know what I mean )…they live in a imaginary world with no connection with the outside world.

  6. sely post the link to this post on 9d forum boards, after few time mystwyze erase it like always. they had a debate…leave it or erase it. mystwyze return to her older selfish and doggy style and erase it.

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