VGM[Serena] : Raxion and Ray will be out

towarIt is not a secret for the people around this blog that VGM[Serena] can’t stand VGM[Raxion] and wants him out of official team.Lately, because of her age, she become paranoia and believes that VGM[Raxion] is leeching informations about her to the authors of this blog. The plan to get rid off Raxion is simple : VGM [Enishi] example. Because VGM[Raxion] is hot when comes to temper, they though of a forum scheme, using some alternative characters. Also, she is thinking of reporting one of Raxion friends (from Bardo) to be ban for hacking. At that point Raxion will jump ( she thinks) and will make a mistake. I believe this is a 5th grade plan, but you can’t ask more from Serena… ( I already got some mails about Raxion, Ray accounts, sharing, some reports and others stuffs).

In this plan, VGM[Kami] will come along too. Yes, another one is surfing for fame. It is well known that VGM[Serena] character is Shadowcat from Nirvana, a nuker that is a share character with a SF character, Shana. Well, Shana at a point got upset and reported to VGM[Kami] that Zhadowcat aka VGM[Serena] is using her for leveling and they are sharing Zhadowcat character . Kami was in doubt what to do, but in the final Kami talked to Serena. Serena, to hide this fact, promise VGM[Kami] the head of the VGMs on Nirvana server. That position is now occupy by VGM[X-Ray], another bardorian.The strategy to get rid of him will be same as Raxion one, but in  time, with the help of VGM[Bella]. Bella will start complain more and more about Ray and Raxion to GMs and will make them look bad.

The scheme will not stop only to Ray and Raxion, will extend to others VGMs, because Bella wants a new team, a new team of ‘puppets’ and ‘pets’ control by her only and is using everything she has now to do it.

Let’s see Serena what you will do next… if they unite all VGMs from Bardo and the main bands leaders, Bardo will become a hell for you and as you said, on Bardo, also sedbona plays.


30 responses to “VGM[Serena] : Raxion and Ray will be out

  1. VGM[Serena] will fail. if Bardo will be united she will be the one to be out of the team. anyway her thinking is kindergarten.

  2. TO WAR avatar is awesome. Now that her plan was expose, she needs to make another one. It is unbelievable how low the VGM team end up.

  3. sharing my picture : Shadowcat is already compromise on Bardo. many players read this blog and they can inform others about who is the lead of VGMs on their server. let the players hit the rock, all for best.

  4. Well ,[VGM]Serene …aka ocelot as his avatar on 9dragons forum or so called Zhadowcat not Shadowcat shared account with another player on Nirvana so called -Shana an Hermit SF Warrior , the funny part about all this is …that when Serene got selected as a VGM …the probation status for all VGM’s are 1 month some did even more , but she did only 2 weeks funny is it not…also 2 day’s later that she got selected for VGM she went and cryed to a GM that some one found out that he is aka Zhadowcat , and told the GM that other VGM told that persone , but ofc had no prof of only empty bullets ..epic fail and that VGM was gived 1 month extra probation time do to her lies..she was hoping he is gonna take down the other VGM’s possition , but failed …and soon she started to act like VGM Belle kissing azzes around to get higher and higher every thing he talked with other VGM’s reported to GM’s , if a VGM complained she just did like belle copy/pasted it to a GM , most of the cases tho reported to Acid to make sure that the job is done well …as for the new mr.VGM Kami …he is an azz , a greedy persone who only become VGM just to taist the

    • Shadowcat is testing her own conspiracy theory now. Till now, she wanted to give others lessons and try to conspire against some players, but now she became the subject of one, so no matter what…she will be caught in a web of lies. I only can watch and have a good laugh on her fate in VGM team.

  5. Sorry diden’t finish my previous post …well VGM Kami was cryen on and on about how he don’t like what he got for his basic VGM char that he diden’t get what he wanted , he is just like a little kid who needs to much , only joined the VGM team to taist the power of it and i wont give him 1 week until he starts to abuse his power and end up like VGM Carnage pking every one …also his communication to the players is of very poor reputation he has no clue how to talk with the players and making fun of them .
    He wa seen doing Dungeon run’s many times , probably with the excuse of testing bugs.

  6. Shadowcat, as we know her here lies when she opens the month. She is a monument of stupidity. VGM Kami will end bad. In the end is Acclaim fault. They choose these people. Kami has a low level character maybe, never sow in his life SRS so now tries to profit on what he has. I hope GMs will check the logs.

  7. A VGM must be an example, Shadowcat is the worst one. So many complications, my heard is hurting. Anyway, as I see, since girls came along all is more complicated. They dig each other and dig all.

  8. Zhadowcat, I know that nuker from Nirvana, the player has no skill on how to use it and pvp with her. It is a shadow.

  9. What sainX say it’s true she made a new char on Bardo , i talked with her 2-3 times
    on bardo and she told me that she is Zhadowcat from Nirvana .
    Well coruption in the VGM team as well as the Mod time is at the as far as it can be.
    Kiss some azz -Get a good possition.
    Fight for good -Get removed because you fight against what they want to acheave.
    And as for miss Belle is a VGM and Mod as well as Ivy aka Mystvise is supposed to be against MOD/VGM policy , eighter your a mod or a VGM , can’t fight for 2 .
    That is the rule but still they make some exceptions..

    I give this game until 2010 Jun-Aug and it will be closed.

  10. why Shana talked to the Kami about it btw?
    He’s still new VGM anyway
    still in the probation status, so after all being limited…

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