Apple of Discord : contest prizes

Eris_Discordia2_by_telthonaThe apple of discord ‘penetrate’ again in official team. This time is about contest prizes. They fight over Acclaim contests winners despise players rights. Acclaim tries to motivate VGMs to stay in the team giving them items, mall items, refine weapons, coins, in game money, things that others works hard to get or give money to buy. VGMs always said that there are no advantage to be in the team, but it is not true. There are many advantages and one of them are those items and money.

For the players a shame reality came to surface : a low form of manipulation in  favor of official team alternative avatars of contests in game or on forum. Most of the contests hold on 9dragons boards have same communist rule : only Acclaim official team vote. Why ? They vote each others. I will remember here VGM[Serena] aka ocelot190 win on 9dragons boards on signature contest despise her ‘not so aesthetic’ work. Her signature was ‘garbage’ from all points of view, still it win because official team vote it. Some of her mates inform me that her sister alternative avatar also win on fan fiction contest. On same signature contest the 3th place was win by the alternative avatar of head of VGMs on Nirvana in that time.

Players raise their voices against this kind of treatment, but like usual they were locked, delete, moved to ‘trash bin’. I remember my friend sedbona was one of the players who put a big question mark on this and try to fight it. Was a big scandal back than.

After things got exposed, they tried a new method : give the prizes of contest to their friends and share in half under the condition to shut it up. The same communist system of vote was ( and still is) maintain  because Acclaim could not took this toy from them.

Recently Lord Mara event brought a new fight in official team. We knew that the VGM who would kill most players would receive a +9 refine weapon. The contest was win 3 times by VGM[Bella] so, here we start :

  1. The GMs give Bella the +9 weapons.
  2. The event was stopped after Bella won it. The rest of us, had no chance.
  3. The GMs put a false score.
  4. The GMs gave Bella more skills than to us so she win it 3 times. It is not fair.
  5. Bella shared her loot with Serena, I know it. Serena took Bella side in this.

The others VGMs are not happy because they didn’t have same chances as VGM[Bella].What about players ? The players who got the refine weapons, all are closed to GMs and official team. It is a shame, I know it, but this is the reality : as a good player you always get a bad treatment. What we did as players to be cheated like this ? They share the prizes from our money because most of us we pays for mall items. If not for us they would not exist.

I believe the only contest who is not manipulate by them is ‘ The biggest spender’. They all live from our money so for us is left… only to spend.



29 responses to “Apple of Discord : contest prizes

  1. I remember the episode. I made a video for that contest :

    As you said vennus and I said it in many occasions that vote system is communist and only attracts injustice. Why not have a free vote system based on a poll ? ( not a poll on 9D forum if they don’t have many option, maybe a poll host on another web with a link)

  2. despicable. players are the ones who always suffers. i know that ocelot didn’t earn because of signature was good, but because were back-door arrangements. same thing happens now too. Bella… Gm let her won to motivate her, but was a bad example for others VGMs.

  3. rofl lmao, my sister won in the fan fiction contest? hahahahaha she doesn’t even play anymore, much of less goes to the forum LOL.

    hahahaha this is so funny to see how your make up story is going. So my signatures are garbage in all the points of you? Did you actually see sed’s signatures?

    I asked what signature won. And was this one

    So you tell me. It’s a martial art mmorpg, the signature is based on that and in the sin that was the theme. Is not my fault that “the VGM team from back then” chose it.
    Yeah I say back then because I see all the list from now is totally different.

    Oh and like you’re still saying Im serena bla bla bla, If I was serena how could I have won being serena if I won this in may and serena is a VGM since july.

    To bad the stupid contest thread was deleted so you could see all the signatures in there. First was sed complaining and whining that the “Official Team” was the one voting, then I made a thread in the forum so the rest of us [the community] could vote and see which signature was the most popular.

    Im sure it will be locked or any crap like that “because we cant revive all topics” which is crap. Anyways

    Good thing the loser’s video is still up

    All the sigs are there, video posted in May 12th, Thread asking the everyone to vote for the best signature posted on May 13th.

    So.. July 20? more than 2 months later?

    jeez told ya if you were gonna talk about me, give evidence of what are you saying.

    And if you are going to keep whining about the sig contest, have some dignity and don’t claim I won for being a VGM or at least if you are going to say so, make sure the VGM was there back then, because winning for been a VGM that joined “the vgm team” more than 2 months later after the sig contest was over is quite stupid IMO.

    Also I think giving VGM rewards or anything like that is a piece of shit. If the work is volunteer they shouldnt get any rewards. VGM are for “help” players, not to help and get good stuffs, other way everyone would apply for VGM.

    • Check your words Shadowcat, you say indirectly that you are VGM[Serena]. In the future, avoid to say impolite things to the players. You act like a scary cat. Who let the dogs out?

  4. Yours ‘lil smaky’ airs don’t work with me. If you was so stupid to blow yourself up was your own fault. The big picture : get more IQ next time when you want to compete with someone like me. Your explanations are in vain :
    1. Many from VGM team confirm that Serena is Shadowcat.
    2. You won because of your puppy behavior and licking – official.
    3. They don’t like you and your so well-know behavior so watch your back, you are followed.
    4. Everything you say can’t convince me, I know one thing : you did all to uncover the truth, get the consequences right.

  5. if you are not Serena, than I am not a VGM. vennus said your player avatar win the contest – ocelot190. you and Bella are a disgrace for VGM team. don’t hide yourself under the bush.

    you made that topic after all people complain about your ‘shiety’ signature. kizu complain first. Serena don’t try to convince more, you are a noob.

  6. lol Like I give a crap what “other VGMs” think, or either what you think.

    Ermm.. When did I say I wanted to comparate with you? You wish, keep dreaming lifeless old woman with nothing else to do. I mean since everyone is a kid, child or however you call it. Im guessing you must be 25+ Shouldnt you have a job, a real life even a BF? or GF? [lol I bet you go for “GF” cuz any guy would date you] or any other thing?

    Many VGMs say Im serena? proove it, you cant do that? shut the fuck up.

    Saint, lol Like I give a crap of what you think. I Am a noob? LOL looks who’s talking.

    hahaha is so much fun seen “Then am not a VGM” ok get this.

    I DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE OR NOT A VGM. You can kiss my ass if you are, or not. See how much I care.

    Its a virtual world, nothing here is real. Maybe for losers that cant do anything in real life, take this one to much serious like the author 🙂 and a few of the posters ;P

    you know what’s the most funny thing to see, How they actually have no personality. Every thread made, is claimed as “The true of god” So they dont actually bother to know if its real or not.

    Anyways, Im not gonna end up wasting my time like in here 🙂 Have fun with your stories, I’ll pass by some other day to have a good laugh like this one 😉

    • LIL GIRL got upset over vennus words. what a pity. you are really pathetic. you say others to get a life ? you lie when you sleep, when you eat, when you talk, when you write, you lie about everything.

      others have dignity.

    • VGM[Serena] thanks for showing your real you. You don’t deserve to be a VGM, you are more like a noobish ghetto girl. From now, I hope you will enjoy your stay on Bardo server.

    • “lol Like I give a crap what “other VGMs” think, or either what you think.”

      Perfect person for VGM job. Acclaim just choose such people.
      People, which don’t care about the players and just want their own profit.

      Oh no, I forgot… We are all liers here…

    • Only this you can do ? Show more, I start to be amazed. All I can say is to take a mirror, look in it and see what face you have – ‘rooten’ (from urban dictionary ) apple as many of VGMs called your face. At least I did not post my picture on the forum so you have no idea who I am, how I look, how old I am. You did so I can comment you. You don’t look like a girl at all, you have nothing feminine in you. Your advice with bf , take it for you, at your look nobody will ever want you. I think you never had a date in your life or sex, that is why you give such lame advices to others.

      If you make it personal, I take you back personal.

  7. i give you some facts Serena, I see you are pissed :

    VGM Zion added you in his MSN when he enter the team
    it is Acclaim policy to add all VGMs
    VGM Zion exit the team and give all VGMs contacts
    one of that contact was you
    after you got discover you erase your picture, the same you gave him
    you threaten VGM Zion over Bella
    he left because of that
    he remembers you because you act like a kido

    look at your behavior Serena is the same you had when you threaten Zion. get a life and don’t call others what you are…

  8. Serena has a panic attack. jump in. don’t blame vennus that she has the brain you don’t have. i fell sorry for you.

  9. A LA ACCLAIM ! What else is to say ?
    VGM[Serena] needs a clinic, she has double personality . God, take a look in the mirror and see what you become.

  10. A sad reality from my point of view. If you are not in their ‘graces’ you will get 0. Acclaim must do something about this. Why they keep this situation ? Thanks for another great subject.

  11. some of the Vgms wants to change this. i will focus in the future on Bella and Serena and I will let you all know when they make a scene. I hope they both will be out of Vgm team soon and we can focus more on changing things in good for players.

  12. Well that Bella had the most skills isnt true. I had the most skills for the VGM pk events.

    But we couldnt use them.

  13. I thought it didn’t matter what skills a VGM has since you were killing with poison and not pking us, as it was supposed to be. I even remember Zion got in trouble, because he wanted to be fair to players and went to pk maps(hat down for that, Zion, you were one of the best VGMs)

  14. Quote: I hope they both will be out of Vgm team soon

    I don’t think they will =S

    btw Zion gave away all vgm contacts then why only females are being exposed here?

    • I told you and vennus not to post it on 9Dragons boards, it is a bad idea. They are like that, can’t stand that someone else can do something better than them and use their own money to do it.

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