The complain event

loose-lipsYour avatar interacts with everyone else in a virtual world ( as 9dragons is ) and send a message in your behalf. Than explore and in the end, build. When you make something in 9dragons you will do it via your avatar. Same goes with chat. You voice your opinion through the avatar, through roars in this case. Roars are a proof of a customer (you pay money to get the roars, in most of the cases ). VGMs use roars as a tool to communicate with players, except that they don’t pay for them.

This communication method for many customers become a channel for complains. Today, I logged for Bardo event and my screen was invaded by those complains :

2 years ago, roars were only used as war cry, congratulations for leveling, B-days, trade and so on, now 80% are complains, 20% the rest. What is wrong ? Is this  a signal ? Somebody don’t communicate on the right channel ?

Also, impersonate a VGM? To use roars (which you didn’t pay for them – in fact the players pays even for your roars ) to impose something to a customer, that don’t exist, is stupid, in my opinion.  VGMs vs clients are “nula”, they don’t exist as a 3th part of Acclaim.They are not even mention in TOS, not that, will change something…

With time, the complain from forum were moved in game because on forum as we all know, complains are locked, delete or removed. I want to see how they will stop the complains in game, when you pay for roars. Chat ban ?… I doubt.


20 responses to “The complain event

  1. It is true, the complain extended to game and is not so funny. It is a reason why those complains are in roars. If this will go like this will ruin the game more.

  2. VGM job is hard, you have to shut up and get alone. lately we have many complains in game and we don’t know how to solve it. support for premium accounts is one of the reason.

  3. Having the pay support increase the numbers of complains. It is hard to have a great time in game when you heard the complains. After one day of work, you want to relax, enter game and receive what you hear in real life. The game is not perfect, have bugs but 3 years already passed and nothing has been done. Players are unhappy. They try to control the complains on forum, but in game will be hard. If all the complains will move to game will be a hell.

  4. If you say that VGM event suck you impersonate VGMs. From where this came from ? I have all the right to complain, if I believe it sucks, I say it. Yo Bella, are you in your right mind ? I impersonate you if I say your event suck? You can ban me…forgot I am not in 9d forum.

    • She was talking to the guy who said “I am VGM lary”. And I don’t see her going anywhere but up. You think if players don’t like her as much as warda something will happen to her? As far as I remember, despite being loved by players, warda left 9Dragons. Despite being hated by players, Raxion is still a VGM…

      • Where will go more up than this ? GM ? Will take drakenfyre75 place on 9d forum, because she is moderator too? Take warda place in PAB ? What more ?

      • The guy said a joke. myste if you said you worked in PR area, you should know that if the trends goes down you get sacrifice, always out there are better ‘STARS’.

  5. They know how to complain, when to do something to change, they are the same. Legend try to do something, but they keep on doing the same : complain, complain. You must realize – a complain will not solve much. You need some action to show you want a change.

      • …and not everyone really care about it.

        Everyone can complain, cause that’s easy. And the most of time they are bored. If you are tired of grinding, you mostly make a stand. But what to do while you have a stand as one of the most no-lifers? Complain, of corse.

        But if they need to stop to play, just to get it better, they don’t care anymore.

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